Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Football Power Poll and Thoughts - Week 5

1. Bishop Guertin...It wasn't surprising that they beat Timberlane, it was surprising that they won 47-6. Holding Furey to under 30 yards rushing is unheard of. They have Dover, Winnacunnet, Keene and Alvirne next 4 games. Should be interesting to see if any of those teams can make it a game.

2. Salem...They proved that they're for real with their 24-7 win this weekend against Pinkerton. They get the nod, just barely over the Sabres. They can solidify their #2 ranking wit a win this weekend at Stellos against Nashua South.

3. Souhegan...They've given me no reason to move them down. Even though they're D-III, they have the size, strength, athleticism and skill that is matched by very few teams in the state. Big game with Portsmouth this Friday night.

4. Exeter...Winnacunnet made them look vulnerable last weekend. They exploited their defense a little bit by going shotgun, 5 wide, empty backfield and moved the ball very well. And the Warrior defense held the Blue Hawks scoreless in the 2nd half and stopped their run. If they didn't shoot themselves in the foot with turnovers and penalties they would have won. That would have put them back in the poll, and would have dropped Exeter down. Instead, Exeter won, and South and Pinkerton both lost, so the Blue Hawks stay in the number 4 spot.

5. Nashua South...You have to drop them in the poll, at least a little. Even though they barely lost, they still lost to a team that lost 24-0 to North the week before. This weekend's matchup with Salem will have a big bearing on next week's poll.

6. Pinkerton...Yeah, they have 2 losses. But they're two the top two teams in the state. This is still a good team, and the big Londonderry game is coming up this Saturday.

7. Nashua North...They stay in the 7th spot, where I had them last week after an easy win over Concord. After all, I can't put Central over them after they beat the Little Green two weeks ago.

8. Manchester Central...Big win over Nashua South gets them back in the poll.

9. Plymouth...We still have to wait another week for their Laconia game. Hanover should be a good tune-up for them this weekend.

10. Timberlane...They stay in the poll, even after their blowout loss to BG. Why? They pushed South to the brink in week 1, beat Dover and blew out Merrimack. However, the schedule does stay tough on the Owls - they travel to Keene, then play Salem, Exeter and Winnacunnet. We'll see what they're made of in the coming weeks.

On outside looking in: Trinity, Winnacunnet, Dover, Laconia, Portsmouth, Londonderry, Keene, Alvirne, Bow, Pelham


  1. Jeremy, Fell right into Bill Ball's trap Just like winny ! Exeter Played a very very soft zone second half (21 - 0) as they let Winny have everything underneath moving the chains and burning big time clock as they waited for Winny patience to run out (which it did) and pick Cronan off deep (which they did). After fortunate first half opportunistic exeter cashed in, Game was never in doubt in Second half it took Winny 8 min. to move 30 yards at one point late in 3rd as exeter only rushed 3 and sat in zone giving winni 3 and 5 yard gains in the middle of the field. 21 - 0 halftime lead at this level changes the game plan and I think Ball was masterful in his defensive sets in second half, if Winny was threatening dont you think he would of blitzed at least once? (zero blitzes). Although exeter was fortunate that Winny had turnover after turnover you still have to take advantage of. Winny shot themselves in the foot all day, (ex.fumbles/INT'S, 3 extra point tries and still cant convert.)Wish game was better but after first half game was never in doubt.Whether Ball has the possesion or not he's going to burn clock and winny played right into the soft zone between the 30's. Exeter did nothing offensivey second half agreed,(burned clock/no passes) but dont feel they've really done much yet, looked out of sync. as in prior games.Keep up the excellent job calling the Games and your blog.Both professional and Knowledgable.................

  2. All good points. And that's what makes Exeter such a good team. You know, I say, "IF Winnacunnet didn't turn it over and commit penalties..." but they DID. And other than that one uncharacteristic fumble by the Blue Hawks, the don't make those mistakes. They're not the most athletically gifted team or the most exciting team to watch. There's nothing flashy about them. But they don't make those silly mitakes, the penlties, the throwing the ball into coverage, etc. because they're so disciplined. And when you give them good field position, they take advantage of it and make you pay.

  3. The pinkerton londonderry game has been moved to this aftenoon at 4 for anybody that is around and wants to catch it

  4. Thanks for the heads up. Although from now on only check my blog and not Marc Thaler's j/k.

    On another note, my ballot for this week's Power Poll must be pretty good if no one has anything to say about it!

  5. No worries about that Jeremy - you're blog is my go to when it comes to NH sports. My son gave me the heads up about the change yesterday. Would have posted sooner so your blog could have had the scoop if I thought about it earlier. Will remember to post any updates I hear about asap to further cement your blog as the one stop shop for all things NH high school sports related!

    Speaking of NH high school sports (and on a completely unrelated matter) - I heard Varsity magazine folded -that's too bad. I enjoyed reading through each issue - especially good previewing the upcoming seasons for all sports. It was very well done and a great way for NH athletes to get some recognition. Any idea what happened? I'm guessing it was probably expensive to produce which made it difficult to turn a profit without a large enough circulation. Really too bad.

  6. I'm not sure about Varsity magazine. Unfortunately, this darn economy seems to be putting a lot of good folks out of business.