Friday, April 3, 2009

HS Football on a Thursday Night!

Exeter defeated Alvirne tonight, 21-0. It was scoreless at the half. Carson Cross had a 55 yard TD run, and Jason Monroe ran for the other two TD's. Monroe now has five rushing TD's in three games. James Holler, who played for Exeter's soccer team in Exeter at 4 PM, somehow got to Alvirne in time for kickoff at 7, and kicked all three extra points for the Blue Hawks.


  1. Exeter requested the change to avoid playing on Rosh Hashanah.

  2. Exeter really pushed Alvirne around in the second half..could of scored on all 4 second half possesions if Ball didn't continue to show his class by taking a knee. Alvirne Played tough in first half but wilted badly in the second half. exeter's adjustments? or Alvirnes not in shape! Exeter didnt seem to do a whole lot different other than maybe block better and want it more..billy ball run run and more run and he gets it done. Alvirne has size and numbers but seemed to lack confidence and creativity and definetly slowed way down. Exeter is good (i will use guardingly) but has yet to be tested...jury is out on how good, They start real slow then bang a few in, Offense seems very avg at times , except for Monroe who is a work horse, Defense decent and does just enough...waiting to see some better skilled teams play the hawks before i jump on band wagon..definetely some big holes....RIVALRY WEEK: EXETER vs. WINNI

  3. Good post, 9:23. I was really impressed by the speed Cross showed on that long TD run. I'm looking forward to the Winnacunnet game as well, however I'm not sure how much better they are than Alvirne. THe Broncos and Warriors, as well as Dover and Keene all seem to be pretty close, and that 4th playoff spot is there for the taking for all four teams. Heck, if two of those four teams get hot and can beat Timberlane, you never know maybe the Owls will be on the outside looking in come playoff time. I don't think that will happen but it wouldn't surprise me either.