Saturday, April 4, 2009

Football Power Poll and Thoughts - Week 3

I just posted this on the Friday Night Lights WGAM page. But I liked it so much I figured I would post it here as well.

1. Bishop Guertin...I don't think there's anyone who doesn't have them #1 right now. It sure would have been fun to see BG play South last year so we could have crowned a true "State Champ."

2. Nashua South...Keith Farkas is for real, arguably the best QB in the state as a junior. Petropulos is right in that discussion too. Their defense is also for real. They'll need both to continue to produce to offset the graduation of Zocco.

3. Souhegan...Sure would be fun to see how these kids would fare if they were in D-I or D-II. Most people had them ranked around the 5-7 area at the end of last year, and there's no question this year's team is better. Their QB is 6'2" 210 lbs, their RB is 6'2" 235 lbs, both might be the best in the state at their position. Two of their top receivers are 6'2" or bigger, plus both of their lines are big.

4. Exeter...A good win over Central, and a blowout of Spaulding. Possibly the best coached team in the state, they flat out don't beat themselves. They're not flashy, they don't have anyone who's going to win Mr. Football, but they get the job done. Good, solid fundamental football.

5. Pinkerton...Yeah they got blown out vs. BG. But it's one game, it was week 1, and it was against the consensus best team in the state. Before the season, many had them ranked #1. They still have a ton of returning talent on both sides of the ball.

6. Salem...I see that I have them ranked lower than some others. Why? Well I really don't think they're very far behind Exeter or Pinkerton at all. They've blown out their opponents in the first two weeks, but neither team they beat is a top ten team. They lack playoff experience, and their offensive line and defense aren't as good as Exeter's or Pinkerton's. That said, the Blue Devils do have a very good team, and a #6 ranking is nothing to sneeze at, especially for a team that didn't make the playoffs last year.

7. Manchester Central...Lost to Exeter by 10, only beat Alvirne by 5. Not to mention losing 34-0 to BG in the Queen City Jamboree. Not exactly how Coach Ray expected this season to start out. But this team lost some quality players in the off-season, particularly O'Neal, Parenteau, Tatro and Tremblay. They have a lot of speed and athleticism in their RB/WB corps though, led by Mike Cavanaugh, and an improving sophomore QB in Jared Chandler. They'll have to do a better job in defense and limiting penalties in order to move up the rankings, however.

8. Plymouth...It's a shame they're no longer in the same division as Souhegan. They lost a lot of good seniors off ANOTHER unbeaten team last year. This program doesn't rebuild, they reload.

9. Timberlane...They looked suspect against Memorial in the Queen City Jamboree. But they won a game they were supposed to win vs. Dover, and were one play away from beating the state's 2nd best team. Plus they have possibly the best RB in the state in Derek Furey, and they were mere plays away from the D-II title game last year. That's a recipe for a top 10 team if you ask me. They did however lose some key guys off that team including QB Erik Hatton, WR Matt Caiazzo, and OL/DL Brian Nicoll.

10. Winnacunnet...I actually had them ranked #4 preseason in D-II based on returning talent. They beat a team they were supposed to beat in Manchester West. Then last week they blew out Keene, who not only made the playoffs last year but beat Londonderry in week 1.


  1. You missed Lebanon should be in the top 10

  2. South is better than BG,

    They are deeper, bigger, faster, and stronger.

    I love how the locale sports guys do not realize that D 1 coaches show very little verse d 2 teams in week one cross over games.

    Why would any coach worth a salt want to put anyhting on tape in a meaningless exhibition game.

  3. exhibition games ???? wow big mouth coming outta south eh? whether out of division/conference/planet.... first week football games are as important as any game in instilling confidence,team,momentum,running your offense and defensive sets to get it started, work out kinks, see what does and doesnt work, coaches work for month's and months, players as well to play for 9/10 weeks, they want to win and get there program off on the right foot......'ANY COACH WORTH HIS SALT" wouldnt give a damn what he puts on tape anytime !!! you still have to stop it. no difference between D1 and D2 in this state you still have all the same players playing in class L for the other sports. South can barely compete against the D2 Athletes in L in other sports. South has an excellent football team and program going currently as does BG, EXETER,PINKERTON, ect. South is bigger, stronger, faster and now stupidor than the rest....High school football !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Have to love what Phil Croasdale wrote in this week's Greater Manchester Sports:

    "As long as Tony Johnson continues to go deep into Massachusetts to recruit, does anyone else really have a legitimate shot in this state? The NHIAA allowing BG to blatantly recruit is like MLB allowing Albert Pujols to take PED's while feeding the rest of the league salt."

    "BG will finish undefeated in the State and #1 in the Power Poll. BG will have a walk through the schedule now that they got by the Astros. Johnson doesn't have the guts to schedule a top Massachusetts opponent to challenge his "planned(new BG synonym for recruited) team. Give O'Reilly credit at Pinkerton. They schedule Mass Div 1 powerhouse Brockton every season."

    Nice writing Phil Croasdale....and so true.

  5. 4 best teams in the state are BG, South, Pinkerton and Souhegan. Everyone else is a notch below (at least). BG dominated Pinkerton but if someone where to say that they would only rush for 80 Yards on the ground against Pinkerton and win they would have been crazy...

  6. I'd love to see BG's defense swarm South's spread! There's so much team speed on BG's D it is ridiculus. Just like vs PA, they'd fire those gaps of South's huge line before those fatties could get out of their stance. And with the speed to blanket the receivers, it'd be a massacre. You have to actually see BG's speed to believe it!

  7. The two towns most heavily represented on BG's football team are Bedford and Merrimack...that's Bedford, NH and Merrimack, NH. Not somewhere out of Mass. Why are these kids going to BG?

    Just an educated guess, but I'd say it's because:
    *they have a chance to play in a good program that gets them looks at the next level
    *their own high schools don't offer what they are looking for academically, athletically and perhaps socially.
    *they want to get away from the politics are parents pushing their kids.

  8. Salem will have something to say about who the the four best teams in the State are as they line up against Pinkerton and South over the next two weeks. Salem has defintiely one of the best offenses in the state and thier defense has surpised holding opponents scoreless for almost 9 straight qtrs. Looking forward to some great HS football

  9. Actually, I'm not a classless BG fan. I have nothing to do with BG whatsoever. I'M JUST A REALIST!!!

  10. Good point aqbout Salem. Exeter is in that discussion too. To me, there are 6 teams head and shoulders above the rest in the state in BG, South, Souhegan, Exeter, Pinkerton and Salem.

    It should be noted that I made the above top 10 before this weekend's games. After seeing yesterday's North vs. Central game, it's a pretty safe bet that the Little Green are no longer in the top 10.

  11. I have updated my top 10, in my "Football Team Rankings" post. You'll see there's still only one Manchester team in the top 10, and it's probably not the one you expect it to be.

  12. Jeremy, I have seen South, Salem and Pinkerton play. Salem is capable of beating either of the other two but if the games go according to plan salem will probably be 2 and 2 after playing the both of those teams. Salem does have the "big play" capability but think they are a year away still.

  13. Cannone and Jacques are both only juniors. Next year Salem could be scary good.

  14. 10:34, I think Jeremy has a point that Salem could be very scary next year, but Cannone and Jacques are both candidates for the top at their position this year. If the defense of the blue devils hold up, they might have what it takes.