Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Class of 2011 Article Up on NERR

I did a follow-up article for the NERR about the NHIAA's top players in the class of 2011. Check it out here:


  1. Jeremy great article. I am a Pelham fan and it is great to see the kids from smaller divisions getting recognition. This used to never happen. I have seen most of these guys play and you have hit them right on the money as players. Hopefully you can catch the Pelham, Milford game this year. It should be a good one with all of the kids on this list.

  2. That really is a nice game to see this year. Match up of opposite strengths. Pelham has a matchup issue for Milford in Spirou and Lombard and Milford will be a tough match up for Pelham. I cannot wait to watch it either. Game dates are 1/8/10 and 2/9/10...Milford at home for the first one then to Pelham for second matchup. Is it December yet?

  3. Jeremy, with all the NH kids going to Prep schools and some of the most talented prep schools in the country right here in New Hampshire will you be updating us on them this year as well?

  4. jeremy when are you going to put one up for the class of 2012?

  5. I'll try to check out some NEPSAC games this year. The only school that is close to where I live is Philips Exeter, so I'll try to go to a few of their games, especially when they play Brewster, New Hampton, Tilton, Holderness, etc.

    Not sure if I'll do a write-up for Class of 2012 yet. Most of those kids haven't even played any varsity ball yet. Only one in the top 7 who got decent varsity minutes last year is Javon. I might wait a little while first.

  6. muccioli got decent varsity minutes

  7. Jeremy - nice job on the 2012 players. It wouldn't hurt to do 2012 and 2013 from what you've seen this past year. It would give some New Hamphshire kids more exposure. You have seen players from both of these classes play in AAU, BST and some have been to the recent elite camp at bu and a few other camps. Once again, nice job on 2011 and 10.

  8. Hey Jeremy,
    Since you stopped by BG tonight were there any surprises or new players to add to the list?
    Just Curious..

  9. 2012 and 2013 list i shwat you should do next. then nearing the end of the season do a recap

  10. Yes, the kid from Keene. I have to add him to the 2011 list. Mitchell, O'Loughlin and Green were all very imporessive and I think they played the best. Others who played well were McClung, Holder and Gilligan. And Spirou played well, didn't stand out too much but he does all the little things well. Nothing flashy about his game, but a good, fundamentally sound, tough player.

  11. Why do people get impressed by Mitchell, he turns the ball over so much. I just do not get that. Green and O'Loughlin are good players. What kid from Keene?

  12. I say if a kid travels an hour and a half for open gym he deserves a spot on the blog. That is just crazy. Does Keene not have any open gyms to get to?

  13. The kid from Keene is Theo Speas, a junior. He's 6'2", maybe 6'3", very athletic. A good slasher, decent jumper, tough playerand a good defender. He was on the team with Mitchell, O'Loughlin and Matt Daniels that won about 6 games in a row tonight.

  14. NEPSAC...Hey Jeremy the 4 team you mentioned have more D-1 Players on each team than the rest of the whole NHIAA...

    Brewster: Will Barton, CJ Fair< Melvin Ejim< richard Peters, Maurice Walker, Austin Carroll

    Holderness: Alex Francis, Imoh Silas, Zach Hurynowicz

    New Hampton: Evan Smotryc, Dartaye Ruffin, Brady Heslip, Kyle Cain, Jordan Leguere

    Tilton: Gerard Coleman, Ryan Canty, Goodluck Okonoboh

    Tilton & Holderness only have 3 tell me 3 D-1 guys in the NHIAA....David Madol and ????? can't think of any...lots of great HS players, but the talent at those preps is special. If anyone gets a chance you should go see Brewster , Barton will be in the NBA someday.

  15. yes, 12:01, there is no doubt that NEPSAC has tons of talent. Probably the best "high school" league in the country. They pay these kids to come there from all over the country (or at least give them free rides). But even mentioning them in the same breath with NHIAA teams is stupid. Two different worlds.

  16. It is great basketball in the NEPSAC. No doubt the list or alumni alone is something to shake your head at. Players that played within driving distance of us NH people is incredible just in the last 4 years. Here is a list of my favorite players from NEPSAC and PREP schools that play in the Northeast.

    Brewster Academy
    Craig Brackins now at Iowa State
    Emmanuel Negedu now at Tennessee
    Mark Lyons now at Xavier
    P Allen Stinnett now at Creighton
    Dolgus Balbay now at Texas
    Chad Millard now at Creighton
    Notre Dame Prep Fitchburg Mass
    Michael Beasely now with Miami and Betty Ford lol
    Terrence Jennings now with Louisville
    Lazar Hayward Now at Marquette
    South Kent in CT
    Isiah Thomas now at Washington
    Jin Soo Choi now at Maryland
    Tilton NH
    Alex Oriakhi Now at UCONN
    Jamaal Combs Now at UCONN
    My other favorite is actually from American in Pennsylvania
    Tyreke Evans..

    The talent is incredible and the prices to see these games are very cheap. Most are free and even the tourneys where you can see games for entire days is less than 10 bucks. What a deal.

  17. That's a great list, and you're rightbehNEPSAC has amazing talent. ut this is a New Hampshire site, none of those players are NH natives. This site is about high school football and basketball players from NH, and for the players, parents, fans and other media members of NH.

    You're right though, you can see some great action without driing too far or paying a lot of money. I encourage everyone to get out and see some NEPSAC games, if you don't live to far from Philips Exeter, Tilton, New Hampton, etc. At the same time, although the NH public schools don't have as many kids who will play D-I ball, there are still a lot of talented players here, and they all work vey hard, many play ball year round.

  18. There are several from Nh as well.
    Jon Pike,Joe Fremeau,Luke Apfeld,Simon McCormack,Chris Lutz,Chad Millard, Pat Sounders, 2 guard from Exeter someone help me on his name please its killing me.
    I am sure there are tons of others but NH does put kids into that system as well.
    Currently enrolled
    Showley Nicholson
    Ben Bartoldus
    Jared Fahmy
    Kaleb Tarzcewski
    Alex Stoyle
    Will Bayless
    George Tsougranis
    Scott King
    Jordan Laguerre
    Jon Grenier

    Nice list of good players I would say.

  19. Eric Dean BBALL and Football ,Chris Green (Football)

  20. Plus John Boyatsis and Brady O'Neill.

  21. Jeremy - were you going to do a report on the 2012 & 2013 group?