Monday, April 20, 2009

Football Power Poll And Thoughts - Week 8

I didn't change much from my rankings last week.

1. Bishop Guertin...They put to rest any questions about whether the winner of the Salem/North game would be the new #1 if they lost to Catholic Memorial. By winning 52-13, they further cemented their status as #1 in the state. I'm hearing more and more rumblings about them going D-I and West moving down to D-II next season...

2. Salem...Give the Blue Devils credit, they've had a very tough schedule so far this season and have beaten everybody. And other than Timberlane, they've beaten teams easily. Yes, North having Andre Williams in the lineup probably would have made a difference, but it was the Titan defense, not the offense that struggled vs. Salem

3. Exeter...Last year in the regular season Timberlane beat Exeter by 2 touchdowns. This year the Blue Hawks won by 28. And yes, The Owls' starting QB missed most of the second half, but Exeter didn't have either of their top 2 QB's the entire game.

4. Nashua North...They shouldn't drop any lower than this, because although they lost it was to the state's 2nd best team and they were without their Williams.

5. Pinkerton...This Saturday's game with South should tell us a lot about where these two teams are at right now.

6. Nashua South...See Pinkerton.

7. Plymouth...This is a good team, but the 7 spot is as high as I can put a team that lost most of its starters from last year and only has one quality win.

8. Souhegan...I think the loss to Milford got them refocused. One more loss and they're out of the poll. They have way too much talent for that to happen, though.

9. Londonderry...The Lancers and Little Green are both good teams. But I just can't rank Central higher after they lost to Londodnerry 31-20 a couple weeks ago.

10. Timberlane...Their only D-II losses were to BG and Exeter. And they played the Blue Hawks even in the first half until QB Nate Lawrence got hurt and missed the rest of the game. Their other two losses were last minute defeats to South and Salem. C'mon people, this is still a top 10 team. They'll need Lawrence healthy this Friday night though, when they play a good Winnacunnet team. The winner of that game will be in my top 10 next week, the loser likely won't be.

On the cusp: Manchester Central, Trinity, Winnacunnet, Portsmouth


  1. Here we go Jeremy...who was Plymouth's one quality win against? Laconia or Milford who as you remember beat your, at the time, 5th ranked team. Lots of teams graduated starters so to pin it on Plymouth is a little strange.

  2. Right on Jeremy - good poll. I agree, under the current system BG should move up and West down although I think the entire system should be reviewed. Six divisions in NH is ludicrous. But, if travel costs are a concern keep the six but only crown three champions. Combine the top four, or two, teams from each Division and play cross over playoffs with D1 vs. D2, etc. If that doesn't fly, got back to the Class L, I, M & S format. Too many divisions, too many "champions" and too much talk about who can complete with whom.

  3. Plymouth was better last year than they are this year, and I had them ranked 8th at the end of the season. The highest anyone had them was 7th at the end of last year. The 7 spot is nothing to sneeze at, Plymouth fans.

  4. Portsmouth is on the cusp but not Laconia?

  5. Does anybody know how BG is doing in football this season?

  6. We will when Exeter beats them down!
    Go Blue Hawks!

  7. I really think NH football should adopt the English Soccer division format, two bottom teams move down while the top top teams move up. That can be done year to year.

    If BG falls on hard times after Johnson leaves then they soon will be back to D 2 or even 3.

  8. Actually (to the first kid), Jeremy had Souhegan at number 3 before their loss. Either way, I honestly think they just came out flat and off guard for that Milford game and never recovered. I still say that they're better talent-wise than Plymouth (whom beat a Milford that was missing 11 starters) and most of the teams on here, but you can't lose like that, ever. However, this is overall very good. I'm not some Souhegan fan that is begging to have the Sabers high either. They're right where they belong for now, until or rather if they beat Milford in the playoffs.

  9. Think about it people...why would BG want to transition to a weaker division. Because Division I is a weaker division.

    Think about it. The Number # 1 team in Division I barely beat the Number # 4 team in Division II when Salem beat Timberlane 35-34.

    Truthfully, Exeter should be the Number #2 team in the rankings. Defensively, they are head and shoulders above Salem.

    Furthermore, I don't think BG will have it's way with Exeter the way they have manhandled everybody else. Bill Ball will have one heck of a game plan in store for the Cardinals. I think BG will win both regular season and the state championship, but, it won't be without one heck of a fight from the Blue Hawks.

    BG transition down...C'mon.....why ????

  10. the exeter BG game will appear closer than it really is. The exeter offense will chew clock as it always does. BG's D will get the stops but the offense will get less touches so the score wont be 50-0. i think 30-0ish is more like it

  11. Exeter will beat question.

  12. Anonymous 8:23...

    I respect your opinion. I guess we won't really know until they play in a few weeks. As far as the "no question"...Disagree strongly. There is a big question as to how Exeter will move the ball against the BG defense.

    If Exeter cannot control the ball....they will be in huge trouble. Because BG will score at least 30 points against Exeter if the Blue Hawks have (6) 3 and outs. Exeter is a group of tough kids...and great coaches with Ball and Swiezynski. But they are somewhat predictable.

    Their (2) trick plays are that inside counter and that play action Tight end fade they throw on 3rd and long. Also an occasional draw. Beyond is between the tackles smash mouth football. A game they cannot win against the BG defense.

    Will it be a good game...yes...An exeter victory "no question"'re dreaming !! I mean have you seen BG play ? Even Ball walks out of BG games shaking his head.

  13. I think BG will Blow out Exeter first game then Ball will come with it in championship like last year. can not see Ball putting all out effort against superior talent until all the money is in the pot. Ball not stupid, BG loaded and more experienced, but like last year he will have an all out game plan to try and win it when it counts most 2 weeks later. They will show but if game slips away quickly he will let Johnson have his way then study the hell out of all the body better at getting the most out of'll see

  14. yeah ball is good at that, last year was example losing horribly in the last game then 2 weeks later almost pulling the win 14-7