Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where Are They Now - Basketball Edition

Last Year's Seniors

Going to college:
Christian Birt – University of Massachusetts (football)
Alex Blomeke – Indiana Institute of Technology
Tony Brownell –Ithaca College
Beau Cassidy – Colby Sawyer
Jason Chevrefils – Colby Sawyer
Matt Cloutier - New Hampshire Technical Institute
Nicco Demasco – Franklin Pierce College
Brennan Donnelly – S. Connecticut State (football)
Joe Elich - Cornell University
Dan Feehan – University of Connecticut (baseball)
Mike Fransoso –University of Maine (baseball)
Jasmine Handanovic - Fisher Community College
Erik Hatton – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Justin Hojlo – Plymouth State College
Josh Jones – Franklin Pierce College
Brandon Kuhre - Norwich University
Richard Madol – University of New Hampshire
Mike Polley – Rivier College
Nick Porter - New Hampshire Technical Institute
Besfort Syla - New Hampshire Technical Institute
Brian Troy – Rivier College
Colby Verge – Springfield College
Curtis Williams - Plymouth State College
Jamie Zajac - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Going prep:
Will Bayliss – Tilton School
John Boyatsis – Cheshire Academy
John Grenier – Notre Dame Prep
Brady O’Neil – New Hampton Prep
Alex Stoyle – Tilton School
George Tsougranis – Tilton School
Andy Vailas – Philips Academy Andover

Others going prep:
Jared Fahmy - Brewster Academy (Class of 2012)
Scott King - Holderness School (Class of 2011)
Jordan Laguerre - New Hampton School (Class of 2011)
Kaleb Tarczewski - St. Mark's School (Class of 2012)


  1. If there's anyone not on this listing that should be let me know, and I will add them.

  2. Jasmine Handanovic Fisher CC

  3. Is Tony Brownell playing at Ithaca? When I spoke to his parents last they said he probably wouldn't be trying out.

  4. From what I heard he's not playing. I think if he did try out though, he'd have a good shot at making the team.

  5. Jamie Zajac - BG going to RPI

  6. Curtis Williams is at Plymouth State. Tony Brownell will be playing on the club team at Ithaca.

  7. Joe Elich is club team at Cornell, if we're counting club teams...

  8. Just want to clear the air on the club team guys. There was a question about whether my son Tony was playing at Ithaca. I answered the question about whether he was playing and gave information that he would be on the club team. Believe it or not Tony and others are human beings first and basketball players second. Somebody might actually care what he and others they may have seen play are up to and I answered the question. It is his choice and others to not tackle the commitment of playing a college varsity sport and concentrate on school. He and our family think he could play for the Ithaca varsity but we commend his choice.

    Kevin Brownell- Tony's Dad

  9. Nothing wrong with playing on the Club team. And I will add club players to this list. The purpose of this post is to show where the state's top players have moved on to, whether that be prep, college ball, or college club team, etc.

  10. There are a plethora of players from last season and the season before playing at NHTI as well. Dont know if you wanted to add that though..?

  11. They haven't posted a roster yet for this season. Which ones from last season do you know of?

  12. I know that the kid from West is there now, Besfort Syla.

  13. Bestfort Syla from West
    Nick Porter from Pembroke

  14. that kid from groveton..jordan wheelock?

  15. matt cloutier from nute

    sorry for breaking these up they all kind of just came to me sporatically

  16. Brandon Kuhre - Lebanon HS to Norwich University

  17. Chris Green, former BG linebacker, now playing linebacker/fullback for Northfield Mount Hermon

  18. Jason Chevrefils is playing at Colby Sawyer I believe