Saturday, November 28, 2009

From here down is the team and player rankings portion of the page. These rankings are my opinion of the way things stand at any given time.

For the team rankings, I DO NOT just take the standings and copy and paste them here. The teams are NOT ranked in order of their record. Anyone could do that. I know that if people want to know the standings they'll just go to the NHIAA site. Instead, I look beyond just wins and losses. I take into account strength of schedule, injuries, what I thought of the team when I saw them play, etc. I also continue updating the team rankings even during the off-season. I go to summer league games, scrimmages, AAU games, etc. so they keep getting updated year round.

As for the player rankings, the players are ranked in order of how good of a college prospect they are. I know not all of the players who are ranked will play ball in college, but I go deeper with the rankings so more players get recognition. I go to games, tournaments, etc. year round to make them as accurate as possible and they are updated year round. When ranking the players, I take many things into account such as size, athleticism, quickness, strength, shooting, etc. It is NOT simply of listing of the leading scorers. If there are any players not ranked that you feel should be please let me know!