Thursday, July 23, 2009

Prep School Basketball Tourney

All of the playoff football games have been moved to Sunday. The RAC Tournament has been cancelled. So what to do on Saturday? Why not check out the NH Prep School Boys Basketball Classic at Pembroke?

Pembroke Academy will be the host site of a 4-team Boys Basketball Prep School tournament this weekend.

#2 Nationally ranked Brewster Academy (Wolfeboro, NH), #4 Nationally ranked Notre Dame Prep (Fitchburg, Ma), Ocean Academy (Deal, NJ) and Rise Academy (Philadelphia, Pa.) will participate in a 4 team tournament that will begin at 6: p.m. on Saturday.

The schedule is:
Saturday, November 14
6:00 p.m. Brewster Academy vs. Ocean Academy
7:45 p.m. Notre Dame Prep vs. Rise Academy

Sunday, November 15
1:00 p.m. Loser bracket game
2:45 p.m. Championship game

This 4-team event will feature some of the best prep school players in the country, with commitments to schools such as Memphis,Oklahoma, Syracuse, Rutgers, Providence and UConn. This tourney also has some local interest with former Pembroke Academy player Jon Grenier (Notre Dame prep), and coaches Ryan Hurd from Bow (Notre Dame) and Jason Smith from Penacook (Brewster).


  1. What time are the games - any nh players?

  2. read above... John Grenier is on Notre Dame, Jared Fahmy is on Brewster.
    Not sure if either of them will get minutes but they are on the roster.
    If your a hoop fan you need to see these games.

  3. Good games - speed was at another level - grenier played good minutes for notre dame.

  4. Grenier typically does not play much, but his coach made a nice gesture by starting him and letting him run in what was a homecoming of sorts.

  5. Will Barton and his Brother Antonio are incredible players. Memphis will be a real fun team to watch in a few years.
    They will be on the same floor tomorrow at 2:30. Should be a great game with plenty of highlights reel dunks and 3's.

  6. Check out the Video!

  7. #2.

    Jared draining threes...

  8. Jared must be having a lot of fun up there. Should be interesting to see how improved a player he is when he comes back for AAU

  9. did anyone see anali okoloji from ocean prep play??

  10. I seen Ocean play but not sure which guy he was... You know his number?

  11. Can you post up info about the Christmas tournament sponsored by Chick-fil-a?