Thursday, July 23, 2009

"This is the Worst Central Team in 15 Years"

Those were the words of someone within the Manchester Central football team, who will remain nameless. He said them to me during the 3rd quarter of the Little Green's embarassing 24-0 loss to Nashua North way back on September 19. Well, what a difference 7 weeks can make!

After that game, Central dropped its record to just 1-2 to begin the year. Since that point, they've won 6 of their last 7 ballgames, including a win over defending champion Nashua South. And in the last 2 weeks, they've beaten Pinkerton and Salem.

The Salem win tonight was by a 45-7 margin, with the only Blue Devil score coming in garbage time. And this was against Salem's starters!

How has Central turned it around? I asked Coach Ray that question after the game tonight. "We got healthy, our seniors became leaders, and we started to really get after it on defense," he explained.

There's no question the Little Green are heading into the Playoffs playing their best football of the year. They'll be a scary foe for whoever has to play them next Saturday.


  1. So Souhean stomps Central and Central turns around and stomps Salem, and people still don't give Souhegan credit. Yes, I know, a scrimmage, but that thing was total domination in every phase if you watched it this summer. So go ahead, atack this post now as it has become extremely predictable by now, but perhaps there might actually be a team or two under DII that can play with the big schools (think Boise). Let the attacks begin..

  2. Here is your requested attack. Pre-season scrimage vs Central. Loss To Milford. Go play your game today and focus on that.
    If you are so good why did you not petition to D-2 or D-1? And Leave Plymouth out of it. You guys always seem to go back to that. Petition up or shut up and play. Boise State has nothing to do with highschool football in NH. Wanna-bee

  3. No one would put down your program if you guys stopped bragging. Stop being so insecure. Pettiton up or keep the JV schedule.
    "No one cares about scrimmages"

  4. No one cares about Souhegan.
    BG beat Central 35-0 in one half at the Jamoboree. Do you really think they would beat them that badly now? Highly doubtful. Why, because Central is much better now than they were in August. That's why you play until November.
    Hopefully, Milford wins today.

  5. Well, your wish wasn't granted. A healthy Souhegan railed Milford 37-0. Now, I'm not saying Souhegan will always be great, because they are a small school, but this year they can play with anyone when healthy. Anyway, I'm real anxious about BG/Exeter results.

  6. Well this post was supposed to be about Central, and how they've turned their season around. Oh well...

  7. On the Central Note...

    They are my pick to win it all. They have concentrated on DEFENSE in a division where there is none. AND IT PAID OFF!

  8. That's not a bad pick, 10:02. No one else all year has done as well as the Little GReen at stopping the Salem rushing attack.

    My pick to win D-I is North. I saw them play Pinkerton yesterday, and they are a different football team with Rosenberg back. He is a beast and Gathright is also a beast in the Titan's defensive secondary. North and Central are playing in the semi-finals, but right now, those two squads are playing better than anyone else in the state not named BG.