Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holiday Basketball Tournament Directory

(Last updated 1/3/10)
I figured I would take all the info on the big holiday tourneys and put it all in one place. I will continue to update this post with final scores from all of the games as reported or seen so keep checking back to this.

Queen City Invitational Basketball Tournament
Location: Memorial High School

December 26
Game 1: Merrimack 60 Bow 33
Game 2: Dover 50 Exeter 48
Game 3: Trinity 64 Central 61 (OT)
Game 4: Memorial 48 West 37

December 27
Game 5: Exeter 58 Bow 50
Game 6: West 59 Central 55
Game 7: Dover 69 Merrimack 66
Game 8: Memorial 69 Trinity 57

December 28
7th-place game: Central 57 Bow 51
5th-place game: West 57 Exeter 47
3rd-place game: Merrimack 52 Trinity 45
Championship game: Dover 69 Memorial 30

2009 Chick-fil-A Holiday Basketball Tournament
Location: Nashua High South
Web site

December 28
Game 1: Campbell 57 Alvirne 54
Game 2: Thornton Academy (ME) 52 Hollis-Brookline 47
Game 3: North 60 Moore Catholic (NY) 55
Game 4: South 73 Bedford 70

December 29
Game 5: Alvirne 48 Moore Catholic (NY) 45
Game 6: Bedford 58 Hollis-Brookline 38
Game 7: Campbell 77 North 66
Game 8: Thornton Academy (ME) 58 South 47

December 30
7th-place game: Moore Catholic (NY) 48 Hollis-Brookline 26
5th-place game: Bedford 56 Alvirne 54
3rd-place game: North 60 South 51
Championship game: Thornton Academy (ME) 68 Campbell 55

2009 Cheshire Tire/Ted's Shoe & Sport Holiday Tournament
Location: Keene State College, Spaulding Gymnasium
Web site

December 26
White Game 1: Mascenic 77 Newport 47
White Game 2: Hinsdale 58 Fall Mountain 36
White Game 3: Goffstown 71 Stevens 59
White Game 4: Plymouth 48 Con-Val 39

December 27
Red Game 5: Lebanon 52 Smithfield (RI) 38
Red Game 6: Milford 77 Coe-Brown 49
Red Game 7: Souhegan 61 Monadnock 36
Red Game 8: Conant 45 Keene 36

December 28
White Game 9: Hinsdale 50 Newport 44
White Game 10: Stevens 62 Con-Val 50
White Game 11: Mascenic 60 Fall Mountain 46
White Game 12: Plymouth 64 Goffstown 62 (OT)
Red Game 13: Smithfield (RI) 52 Coe-Brown 47
Red Game 14: Keene 75 Monadnock 56
Red Game 15: Lebanon 55 Milford 53
Red Game 16: Conant 70 Souhegan 61

December 29
White 7th-place game: Con-Val 61 Newport 30
White 3rd-place game: Goffstown 52 Fall Mountain 32
White 5th-place game: Stevens 63 Hinsdale 38
Red 7th-place game: Coe-Brown 64 Monadnock 22
Red 3rd-place game: Milford 64 Souhegan 47
Red 5th-place game: Keene 49 Smithfield (RI) 43
White Championship: Plymouth 49 Mascenic 43
Red Championship: Conant 58 Lebanon 48

Oyster River Holiday Classic
Location: Oyster River High School - Durham, NH

December 28
Game 1: Spaulding 69 St. Thomas 39
Game 2: Sanford (ME) over Timberlane
Game 3: Winnacunnet 47 Portsmouth 40
Game 4: Oyster River over Traip Academy (ME)

December 29
Traip Academy 61 Portsmouth 60
Oyster River 73 Winnacunnet 62
Spaulding over Sanford (ME)
St. Thomas over Timberlane

December 30
7th-place game: 4 PM Portsmouth vs. Timberlane
5th-place game: St. Thomas 50 Traip Academy (ME) 46
3rd-place game: Winnacunnet 62 Sanford (ME) 51
Championship game: Oyster River 62 Spaulding 61

2009 Farmington High School “Mike Lee” Holiday Basketball Bash

Location: Farmington High School

December 26
11:00 AM Sanborn vs. Raymond
2:00 PM Concord Christian vs. Fall Mountain
5:00 PM Nute vs. Pittsfield
8:00 PM Farmington vs. Newmarket

December 27
Game 1: 11:00 AM Epping vs. Newmarket
Game 2: 2:00 PM Fall Mnt. vs. PCA
Game 3: 5:00 PM Concord Christian vs. Raymond
Game 4: 8:00 PM Farmington vs. Nute

December 28
Game 5: 12:30 PM Loser GM1 vs. Loser GM2
Game 6: 2:00 PM Loser GM3 vs. Loser GM4
Game 7: 5:00 PM Winner GM1 vs. Pittsfield
Game 8: 6:30 PM Winner GM2 vs. Sanborn

December 29
3:00 PM Loser GM5 vs. Loser GM6
4:30 PM Winner GM3 vs. Winner GM5
6:00 PM Winner GM4 vs. Winner GM6

December 30
7:00 PM Winner GM7 vs. Winner GM8

IAABO Board 95 Holiday Boys Hoops Tournament
Location: UMass Lowell, Costello Gymnasium
Web site

December 26
Game 1: 1:00 PM Acton-Boxboro over Londonderry
Game 2: 3:00 PM Lowell over Lincoln-Sudbury
Game 3: 5:00 PM Chelmsford over Pelham
Game 4: 7:00 PM Westford over Dracut

December 27
Game 5: 1:00 PM Lincoln-Sudbury 63 Pelham 53
Game 6: 3:00 PM Dracut 76 Londonderry 53
Game 7: 5:00 PM Acton-Boxboro 78 Westford 75
Game 8: 7:00 PM Lowell 46 Chelmsford 38

December 29
Game 9: 1:00 PM TBD
Game 10: 3:00 PM TBD
Game 11: 5:00 PM TBD
Game 12: 7:30 PM Championship Game

Lawrence Christmas Tourney
Location: Lawrence High School

December 22
Game 1: 6 PM Salem over Greater Lawrence Tech
Game 2: 7:45 PM Central Catholic over Methuen

December 23
Game 3: 6 PM Andover over North Andover
Game 4: 7:45 PM Lawrence over Pinkerton

December 27
Game 5: 2:30 PM Methuen 59 Greater Lawrence Tech 57
Game 6: 4:15 PM North Andover 58 Pinkerton 50
Game 7: 6 PM Central Catholic 73 Salem 46
Game 8: 7:45 PM Andover 85 Lawrence 73

December 29
7th-place game: Pinkerton 60 Greater Lawrence Tech 51
5th-place game: North Andover 58 Methuen 35
3rd-place game: Lawrence 80 Salem 77
Championship game: Central Catholic 59 Andover 44

BABC/Chelsea High Holiday Classic (sponsored by Chelsea HS)
Location: Chelsea High School (299 Everett Ave., Chelsea, MA)
Contact: Frank DePatto (AD) 617-466-5015

December 28

(New England Division)
GAME 1 - Bishop Guertin 81 LaSalle Academy 64
GAME 2 - Sabis over Cambridge

(Metro Division)
GAME 3 - Everett vs. Brookline, 3:30
GAME 4 - St. John’s Prep vs. Wareham, 4:45

(Class A Division)
GAME 5 - BC High vs. Springfield Central, 6:00
GAME 6 - Lexington vs. Windsor (CT), 7:15

December 29
GAME 7 - (BG/LA loser vs. Cambridge/Sabis loser), 1:00
GAME 8 - (Everett/Brookline loser vs. SJ Prep/Wareham loser), 2:15
GAME 9 - (BCH/SC loser vs. Lexington/Windsor loser), 3:30
GAME 10 - Sabis over Bishop Guertin
GAME 11 - (Everett/Brookline winner vs. SJ Prep/Wareham winner), 6:00
GAME 12 - (BCH/SC winner vs. Lexington/Windsor winner), 7:15


  1. What about the seacoast one.

  2. Best X mas Tourney around is the one down in Lawrence.

    Lawrence Christmas Tourney

    (all games at Lawrence High)

    Tuesday, Dec. 22

    Game 1: Greater Lawrence vs. Salem, 6 p.m.; Game 2: Central Catholic vs. Methuen, 7:45 p.m.

    Wednesday, Dec. 23

    Game 3: Andover vs. North Andover, 6 p.m.; Game 4: Lawrence vs. Pinkerton, 7:45 p.m.

    Sunday, Dec. 27


    Game 5: Game 1 loser vs. Game 2 loser, 2:30 p.m.; Game 6: Game 3 loser vs. Game 4 loser, 4:15 p.m.


    Game 7: Game 1 winner vs. Game 2 winner, 6 p.m.; Game 8: Game 3 winner vs. Game 4 winner, 7:45 p.m.

    Tuesday, Dec. 29

    7th-place game: Game 5 loser vs. Game 6 loser, 1:15 p.m.; 5th-place game: Game 5 winner vs. Game 6 winner, 3 p.m.; 3rd-place game: Game 7 loser vs. Game 8 loser, 6 p.m. Championship game: Game 7 winner vs. Game 8 winner, 8 p.m.

  3. Jeremy, not that many people from NH will come down to watch, but keep in mind that BG is playing in the Chelsea (MA) Holiday Tournament on December 28th and 29th. BG plays Lasell Academy (RI) on the 28th, and the winner of Cambridge Rindge and Latin and Sabis School(Springfield, MA) on the 29th. Sabis has a player named Kamali Bey that plays for BABC and is a legit D1 prospect. The last time a NH team played in this prestigious tournament was the great Bishop Brady team with Billy Collins, Marshall Crane, etc.

  4. wat about the keene state tourney

  5. oyster river tournament who is in that

  6. I know Spaulding is in the Oyster River tourney, not sure about anyone else.

  7. why is bow in the tourny?how cool would it have been to have bg playing merrimack.

  8. what tournament is bg playing in? any one know where

  9. BG is playing at Chelsea High School outside of Boston. They play LaSalle Academy of Providence, RI at 1:00 on Monday the 28th and either Cambridge Rindge Latin or Sabis Charter School of Springfield, Ma on Tuesday the 29th. It is the tournment that is sponsored by the BABC AAU program.

  10. Is BG playing in Mass. because it's closer to home for most of their players?

  11. No because they don't feel like being around the haters in NH, especially since they only have 1 kid from Mass on their team.

  12. Oyster River last year had St. Thomas, Winny, a team from R. I. , Portsmouth, York and Kennebunk, Me and Spaulding.

  13. What about the holiday tournament at Umass Lowell?

  14. why wouldn't BG want to play in the Chelsea Invitational? It attracts some of the best high school teams in New England. A heck of alot better than playing in Keene, NH vs. Conval or Victory Baptist.

  15. If it is true that they are playing in chelsea they will get killed. does anyone know for sure where they are playing?

  16. what team would make you better by playing them cambridge Latin,or Bow?

  17. They are playing at the Chelsea tourney, looking to face a higher level of competition.

  18. As I said in an earlier post, it is a lot better to get away from the haters during the holiday season than to stay around here and have to play the same teams that they play during the regular season.

  19. Salem and Pinkerton are both playing in the Greater Lawrence Tourney. Salem crushed Greater Lawrence Tech by 30+ and Pinkerton lost a heartbreaker to Lawrence High School by 3 after leading the whole game. Here are the links to the stories:

  20. proulx was a monster in last nights tourney game. Astros are legit for a huge season in class L. excited to see them progress.

  21. Nice to see Salem had a blowout win, but Greater Lawrence Tech is not very good. I saw them scrimmage Winnacunnet, and they looked really bad. Winnacunnet was playing without Gould, Knowles and Oweifie. All they had was Dunn, McGrail, Rahn, Cronan and Munson. Not exactly a star studded lineup. But they were pressing Greater Lawrence Tech the whole game, and they kepy turning it over with their weak guard play and giving the Warriors easy layups. Winnacunnet probably won by 30 in that scrimmage, so Salem simply took care of business by beating them by 30.

  22. Hey Merry Christmas to all, hope this years Holidays are the best ever!

  23. Anyone know who won the Pelham/Chelmsford game today in Lowell?

  24. Chelmsford won, not sure what the score was.

  25. Keene Holiday festival; Plymouth 64 Goffstown 62

  26. Oyster River Tourny; Winny over Portsmouth 46-40.

  27. Souhegan lost to conant, milford and souhegan in the consolation game it should be a battle

  28. Hard to believe Milford lost to a class I team. Should Jeremy switch Lebanon and Milford in the standings? How can you legitimately argue against that? Lebanon #1, Milford #2.

  29. Lebanon played the best they possibly could and Milford played horribly and was winning most of the game by 10 and still almost won at the end the game.When Milford plays them again at the end of the year Milford wins that game by thirty guaranteed. They were just plane flat the whole game it looked like they come to play no hustle not rebounding no moving on offense. It's a good lesson for them to learn. They need to play the whole game not half.

  30. Milford beat Conant easily in preseason so it will be interesting to see how Lebanon does against them.

  31. I see Conant winning tonight. Conants big guy will do a good job on the boards and that will be the difference. Lebanon is not a real good offensive team, they stayed close with MIlford last night because Milford was in foul trouble and settled for jump shots. I think the way MIlford played in the first half is far more likely to be the norm than the second half. Never seen so many good shots hit back rim. However it was nice to finally see a good game and I expect the next game will be just as good. Souhegan is big and strong and will cause the same issues as Lebanon. If Milford doesn't shoot better they will lose again.

  32. 12:03 Lebanon played the best they could? No turnovers, no missed shots, no missed rebounds? Come on Milford, give a team that beat you respect.

  33. The unthinkable happened. Milford got beat. There's a good string of excuses going already. I always love it when a team loses and says they will win by 30 the next time they play. Pretty funny.

  34. Oh how the Might Milford tumbles....

  35. I saw Lebanon vs Milford in Keene yesterday and the most telling stat was that Milford had two timeouts left at the end of the game and Lebanon had none.

  36. These Milford posts (post-game against Lebanon) do show a tremendous arrogance and disrespect for an opponent. It's great when you lose and then write "well the other team played the best they possibly could and all of our shots just happened to hit back rim". Milford will certainly win alot of games this year, but those kids (and parents, I suspect) need to learn a little humility and respect for their opponents.

  37. you suspect? as a parent that got on here yesterday and did nothing but praise the play of Lebanon I think you should realize that Milford has been labeled the team to beat by everyone in the state. That pressure forces a team to feel like they have to defend themselves at every move.
    Fact is this team is young and still maturing and you getting on here and talking down about them is more childish that anything they have done to this point. They are confident,they feel they beat themselves. Good teams often feel that way. Lebanon played good enough to win but Milford feels like they played their worse game to date and still had a ball rim out in the end that would have won the game. So their confidence is still strong and it should stay that way. Being good at anything you have to have some swagger. I would suggest you being a parent would know that.

  38. Campbell kicking butt on the class L teams!!!

  39. Conant beating up on class I as well. Conant just beat the so called #1 team in class I... by 10

  40. so it looks like Conant #1, Lebanon #2, and Milford #3

  41. sorry, forgot that Conant is Class M