Sunday, November 22, 2009

NH Notebook Game Ball

(Last updated 3/21/10)
After each game I go to I will award a game ball to the player I choose as the MVP of that particular game. I will provide a rationale for why I selected that particular player to give the game ball to in the comments section. Additionally, I will continue to update this post, editing in each new winner for every game I go to. So keep checking back, because I go to a lot of games!

3/20/10 Winnacunnet vs. Pinkerton...Zach Mathieu
3/20/10 Milford vs. Pembroke...Mike O'Loughlin
3/17/10 Bishop Guertin vs. Winnacunnet...Winnacunnet
3/17/10 Pinkerton vs. Dover...Zach Mathieu
3/16/10 Milford vs. Portsmouth...Jamie Holder
3/16/10 Pembroke vs. Oyster River...Coleton Neely
3/13/10 Exeter @ Dover...Kenaan Al-Darraji

3/12/10 John Stark @ Milford...Mike O'Loughlin and Jamie Holder
3/10/10 Londonderry @ Merrimack...Dimitri Floras
3/6/10 Mascoma Valley vs. Conant...Sean Martin & Jimmy Peard
3/6/10 White Mountains vs. Berlin...Curtis Arsenault
3/5/10 Winnacunnet @ Alvirne...Harry Knowles
3/4/10 Kingswood @ Oyster River...Tommy McDonnell
3/2/10 Trinity @ Pinkerton...Zach Mathieu
2/28/10 Wilton-Lyndeborough @ Newmarket...Adrian Edgerly
2/27/10 White Mountains @ Somersworth...Evan Haskins
2/26/10 West @ North...Alex Pratt
2/25/10 Prospect Mountain @ Somersworth...Matt Fauci
2/24/10 Farmington @ Campbell...Josh Morgan & Shawn Henriquez
2/23/10 Pembroke @ Coe-Brown...Coleton Neely
2/20/10 Winnacunnet @ Dover...Kenaan Al-Darraji
2/17/10 Kearsarge @ John Stark...Cam Heffron
2/12/10 Salem @ West...Richard Valentin
2/5/10 Trinity @ Dover...Kenaan Al-Darajji
2/2/10 West @ Winnacunnet...Jesse Gould
1/29/10 Merrimack @ Bishop Guertin...Dimitri Floras
1/27/10 St. Thomas @ Dover...Alex Burt
1/26/10 Lebanon @ John Stark...Jake Woodward
1/22/10 Merrimack @ Dover...Dimitri Floras & Anthony Floras
1/20/10 Farmington @ Somersworth...Bobby Shatinsky
1/19/10 Pelham @ Souhegan...Steve Spirou
1/15/10 Trinity @ West...Richard Valentin
1/14/10 Dover @ Bishop Guertin...Connor Green
1/12/10 Portsmouth @ Pembroke...Mike Barton
1/8/10 Dover @ Salem...Rory Duffy
1/5/10 Merrimack @ Exeter...Tucker Munroe
12/30/09 Oyster River vs. Spaulding...Alex Hennessy
12/30/09 North vs. South...Javon Williams
12/30/09 Timberlane vs. Portsmouth...Mike Barton
12/29/09 South vs. Thornton Academy...Kaleb Joseph
12/29/09 North vs. Campbell...Kiel Canada
12/29/09 Hollis-Brookline vs. Bedford...Mike Marinelli
12/29/09 Alvirne vs. Moore Catholic...Sean Moyen
12/29/09 Pinkerton vs. Greater Lawrence Tech...Alex Patrikis
12/28/09 Milford vs. Lebanon...Jake Woodward
12/28/09 Dover vs. Memorial...Alex Burt
12/28/09 Trinity vs. Merrimack...Dimitri Floras
12/28/09 West vs. Exeter...Greg Asselin
12/28/09 Bow vs. Central...John Wickey
12/27/09 Trinity vs. Memorial...Shomari Morgan
12/27/09 Merrimack vs. Dover...Alex Burt
12/27/09 Central vs. West...Richard Valentin
12/27/09 Bow vs. Exeter...Tucker Munroe
12/27/09 Pelham vs. Lincoln-Sudsbury...Steve Spirou
12/26/09 Memorial vs. West...Shomari Morgan
12/26/09 Trinity vs. Central...Zach Stevens
12/26/09 Dover vs. Exeter...Alex Burt
12/26/09 Bow vs. Merrimack...Eric Watson
12/26/09 Londonderry vs. Acton...Mike Colby
12/23/09 Bishop Brady @ Merrimack Valley...Kevin Cressy
12/22/09 Berlin @ Somersworth...Curtis Arsenault
12/18/09 Milford @ Oyster River...Mike Mitchell
12/18/09 Manchester Memorial @ Trinity...David Madol


  1. David Madol (Trinity) - Madol had a dominating game in the opener vs. Memorial. He finished the game with 26 points. He shot 12/14 from the floor, grabbed at least 6 rebounds and also had a couple blocks. He set the tone right from the start of the ballgame. Trinity went on a 8-0 run to begin the game, with Madol scoring all 8 points. He also had some big buckets down the stretch.

  2. Curtis Arsenault (Berlin) - The sophomore forward was very impressive tonight. He was a very tough matchup for Somersworth, due to his combination of size, strength, quickness and skill. He finished with a game-high 18 points on the night. He was a menace on the offensive boards, and many of his 18 came on second chance points. He plays all-out every minute he's out there, and plays with a ton of energy and intensity. This resulted in a collision he had near the end of the game with Somersworth's Shante Cunningham. Arsenault clearly suffered the worse end of the hit, coming away with blood all over his face. He should be fine to play in Berlin's next game, but you hate to see an injury like that, especially where Berlin had a 15 point lead late in the game at the time.

  3. Jeremy, you're doing a great job with this site, always coming up with new ideas. We really appreciate your efforts.

  4. Thanks. And as for tonight's winner, Kevin Cressy. Tonight wasn't the best game I've seen him play, but he still did a lot of nice things out there and continues to show tools that make him a college prospect. The four plays he made tonight that stood out the most.

    1) A huge blocked shot on Tyler Penney. It came when Bishop Brady was making a run. He also had another big blocked shot in the first half, this one came in transition when it looked like Eric Feehan had an easy layup.

    2) A nice drive and finish at the rim. He caught the ball in the left corner, drove baseline and finished off the glass with his left hand against two Brady defenders. He got from the 3 pt. line to the bucket very quickly for a 6'7" kid

    3) He led a 2 on 1 break. Just like a guard, he made the defender commit to him, jump stopped and made a bounce pass to a teammate, hitting him right in stride for a layup. A play like this would be no big deal for a 5'10" guard, but for a 6'7" it was impressive.

    4) He knocked down a key three pointer during MV's second quarter run. Again, not a big deal for a guard, but for a 6'7" to shoot it like that it is.

    He still could have played better. He had about 3 or 4 jumpers in the first half that he missed. And on these jumpers, he had no arc, they were totally flat. Once he got some arc on his shot he started knocking them down.

  5. I agree with 9:35 this site is much appreciated for the kids and people who like this excitment. Also another good idea is to have the leading scorer's through-out the season like a top 15 that's only if you can get the diffrent teams, players points. Just another idea if it's not to hard becasue i don't know any website that does posts leading scorer but if you do can you reply back thanks.

  6. I think NH Sports Page keeps track of leading scorers. It's tough to get them for all of the teams, though.

  7. I gave out 4 more game balls today.

    Eric Watson - The difference in the game between Bow and Merrimack was the 14-2 run that the Tomahawks started the game on. Watson had the majority of the 14 points. He continues to show toughness, and a good inside-outside game.

    Alex Burt - Not one of his better games, but he still hit some big shots down the stretch.

    Zach Stevens - I thought about giving the game ball to Wickey, because even though his team lost he had an outstanding game. But Stevens is also had an excellent all-around game, plus he hit the game winning three. Stevens had a nose for the ball, getting a lot of his 21 points off put backs and loose balls. On a day where so mjany players missed layups and couldn't seem to hold onto the ball in the paint, he always seemed to convert the easy ones. And it doesn't get much bigger than hitting the three to win the game with 2 seconds left. He wanted to take that shot and he nailed it.

    Shomari Morgan - He's on my list of the most underrated players in the state that I made before the season started, and in Trinity's first two games he's shown why. Cormac and Couture get most of the limelight, but Morgan was Memorial's best player tonight. He now is an excellent ball handler and was always attacking and taking the ball to the hoop.

  8. Lots of players received game balls today.

    Mike Mitchell - I wasn't at the game when Milford played Oyster River, but I watched the replay of the game on DVD, thank you to Mr. Mitchell. Mike Jr. gets the game ball for completely controlling the tempo of the game. What I liked most was that there was no hesitation or indecision in his game. When he has the ball he is able to be quick with it but also stay under control. And he is always very decisive with what he is going to do with it, whether it be shooting, passing or driving.

    Mike Colby - Londonderry didn't play great yesterday, losing to Acton by about 15. But Colby was the bright spot, displaying the ability to handle the ball and shoot it from deep.

    Steve Spirou - Pelham also had a tough game in the UMass-Lowell tourney, but Spirou was very good. He scored in a variety of ways and played solid defense.

    Alex Burt - He was streaky shooting it in the opener vs. Central and yesterday in the QCIBT vs. Exeter, but today he was on fire in Dover's big win over Merrimack. He hit 6 three's in the first quarter alone which really set the tone for the game.

    Richard Valentin - He had the game winning-and 1 runner, and also had a number of other amazing plays both scoring and passing. He also played outstanding defense on Central's Gabe LaCount.

    Shomari Morgan - He continues to make me look good for choosing him as one of the state's most underrated players a couple weeks ago. He has a great mid-range game with the ability to pull up off the dribble and stick the jumper, even with a hand right in his face. He also plays with a ton of injury and really stepped up with Couture out of the lineup.

    Tucker Munroe - It was a lot of fun watching battle it out with Bow's big man Tom Poitras. Munroe got the better of the matchup though, especially late in the game when he came up with some big scores and rebounds.

  9. pretty sure burt only had 5 three's for the entire game...and 4 in the first quarter.

  10. Jeremy don't brag about Shomari making you look good; you made a list of 10 players, and he worked out for you. The odds were in your favor.

  11. I'm giving out 4 more game balls following today's action.

    John Wickey - Played yet another great game today for Central. He has blossomed into an excellent rebounder, smart player, and can knock down outside shots well for a 6'7" kid. Other than Burt, he was the best player in the QCIBT.

    Greg Asselin - For someone has big as he is, he plays a lot of minutes and plays with a ton of energy the whole time he's out there. He took two big charges, and also attempted to take two othhers that didn't go his way. He also made a couple of big hoops down the stretch to help West get the win over Exeter.

    Dimitri Floras - In a game that lacked intensity, Dimitri was one player who brought it the whole time. He also brought a nice handle, hesitation dribble and the ability to pull up off the dribble and stick the mid-range jumper.

    Alex Burt - He's the leader of his team, controls the tempo and is an excellent shooter. He dropped 20 points in Dover's title game win over Memorial and also played some solid defense. There were A LOT of D-II and D-III college coaches and scouts in the stands for the game tonight. Many of them were there to see Burt, and he didn't disappoint them.

  12. There were at least three or four scouts in Keene last night. ok ok they were cub scouts but they did like the pizza and popcorn.

  13. Gore from SNHU was there but not sure he was looking at Burt. Probably looking at Madol in the semi-final game.

  14. SNHU, Rivier and UMass Lowell all had people there.

  15. A few words about tonight's game ball recipients:

    Alex Patrikis: An underrated player, very unselfish. Nothing flashy about his game, just plays hard. He played the entire game today, and he still had plenty of energy even in the last couple minutes. For this game ball it was either him or Proulx, and Proulx was on the bench for the last 4 minutes of a close game. Patrikis made 2 very nice passes which led to two of Pinkerton's biggest buckets of the ballgame.

    Sean Moyen - He played very well today for Alvirne, especially late in the game when he had a pair of clutch hoops. He also took a charge on defense. I've seen Alvirne scrimmage Londonderry and now play today. Both times Moyen has played big minutes, and continues to show that his knee is healthy once again.

    Kiel Canada - I could have given it to any one of Campbell's "Big 3", but I thought Canada had the greatest impact on the game. He played well not only offensively but defensively as well. He always guards the opposing point guard and often times defends him full court. Canada did a good job of controlling tempo, and made good decisions with the basketball on offense.

    Kaleb Joseph - With Jake Nelson on crutches, Joseph ran the point for South. Joseph has a great handle and is very tough to guard off the dribble. He made an amzing drive and dish play for a layup in the first quarter. Also played solid defense. Even though the purple Panthers lost the game, it sure as heck wasn't Joseph's fault.

  16. 3 more game ball recipients today:

    Mike Barton - Coach Mulvey played pretty much everyone today, with the bench getting a lot of minutes. So it was tough for anyone to really stand out. But the starters did play a lot in the second half, and that's when Portsmouth made their run. Leading the charge was Barton. The senior hit some big three's, nice passes for layups and played solid defense. There;'s nothing flashy about Barton's game. But he's a smart, unselfish, fundamentally sound player who does all of the little things well. His leadership and experience are invaluable on a Clipper team that has 6 sophomores on the roster.

    Javon Williams - After a disappointing game yesterday when he only played about 6 minutes due to foul trouble, you could tell that Javon was determined to play better today. He made shots, made good decisions with the ball, played great defense and played with a ton of energy. Gauthier had an excellent second half for North, but Williams was more consistent today, playing well from start to finish. He made a big bucket late then took a charge on the other end to seal the win for the Titans.

    Alex Hennessy - Tommy McDonnell had a tough game. Jack Nadeau probably led the team in scoring, but most of his points were mid-range jumpers that were uncontested as a result of dribble penetration. But Hennessey made the two biggest plays in the ballgame. And they both came during Oyster River's 15-4 3rd quarter run which was the difference in the game. On the first one he was caught on a mismatch and was covering Spaulding's point guard Justin Slattery. Slattery was bringing the ball up the floor when Hennessy deflected the pass. The ball went back into the backcourt. Hennessy dove on the loose ball, battling for it with a Red Raider player. He got possession of the ball while still on the flor, and without turning over and travelling he was able to pass the ball to a teammate for a layup. It was an unbelievable play, it was gutsy and showed a ton of effort and desire on his part. I wish anyone who says these holiday tournaments don't matter could have seen that play. The other big play by Hennessy came moments latter, when he made a huge blocked shot on Taylor Guillian of Spaulding on the fast break. It looked like Guillian had an easy layup, but Hennessy hustled back on defense and made the play to save two points.

  17. I love that you gave notice to a player that is a great passer. Most of the credit USUALLY goes to the person who scores the most points, which in my opinion doesn't make him the BEST player on the team. Congrats to Alex Patrikis.

  18. Tonight was the toughest decision I've had to make as far as who to give the game ball to. Merrimack won the game, but I feel like it was really an off-night for them. They played well in the first half, and led 34-18 at the break. If the game ended there, I would have given it to the Tomahawk's Travis Maser. Maser had 11 first half points and played a good all-around game. But in the second half the Blue Hawks played the better game, forcing overtime. Even though Merrimack pulled it out in OT, I have to give the game ball to an Exeter player. Why's that? Well Maser was excellent in the first half, but was VERY quiet in the second half and OT. Dimitri Floras and Eric Watson both had some big buckets down the stretch, but they, along with Anthony Floras, all missed some HUGE foul shots in the second half. If Merrimack made more of their foul shots it wouldn't have gone to OT.

    For Exeter, Tucker Munroe, Louie Vigars, Mike Fecteau and James Holler all played VERY well in the second half and into OT. But Munroe was the go to guy when it counted. He was their leader, and was an inside force, scoring the ball in the paint as well as controlling the boards. Munroe gets the nod.

  19. are you an assistant oah for sanborn Jeremy? and why did you choose Canada for the game ball? didnt morgan have 18 points that game

  20. Yes, I am an asst. coach for Sanborn. Morgan may have scored more points, but I just though Canada had a better all-around game.

  21. I like how Jeremy sees games. To much emphasis is put on the person who scores the most points. That does not necessarily mean he is the best player on the team. It's nice to let the players know that it's TEAM ball that prevails. Some players in class L should take notes.

  22. campbell against pelham tonight, should be a good game.

  23. you should get to some winnacunnet games we tend to have some thrillers

  24. Tonight's game ball is a tie between the Floras brothers, Dimitri and Anthony. Both players played excellent basketball this evening for Merrimack. They both shared point guard duties with Matt Hardwick sick and unable to play a lot of minutes. They both did a good job of controlling tempo and running the offense. Anthony played superb defense all game long on Alex Burt, holding him to just 5 points. And Dimitri had a game-high 19 points, including 10 points in the decisive third quarter when Merrimack beat Dover 25-2. He nailed two big three's that were daggers during that stretch.

    Congrats to both of the Floras boys. It's gotta be a blast for their parents to watch them out there together playing so well.

  25. Anthony Floras is the best Defensive guard in the state mark it down. Not only did Burt only score 5 but he also had a couple Air balls Anthony's defense was in his head the whole game and he did not attempt a single free throw now that is Defense. Merrimack is hungry after they really struggled the last couple years especially anthony who started for the past two seasons and played some as a freshman.

  26. Canada came off the bench in that Sanborn game, why him again?

  27. He still played most of the game, and he made the biggest difference for Campbell on both ends of the floor. He was a menace on defense, got about 6 offensive rebounds despite being the smallest player on the court and knocked down some three's.

  28. Burt got back in a rhythm shooting the basketball tonight. He had about 20 points, including 5 three's. This was big for him to get back on track, hit some shots and get his confidence back up. After three straight sub-par games and three straight Dover losses, this was big for Burt, and it was big for Dover. They'll take it, even if it was against a very weak St. Thomas team.

    Morgan Faustino once again played a very solid all around game for Dover, especially on the boards. He was a close second for tonight's game ball award.

  29. Should be an interesting game between Alvrine and Merrimack due to the fact that Baldwin, Everett and Moyen were suspended half the game for being late to school one day this week!!

  30. SALEM 56, MERRIMACK 55

    The host Blue Devils scored with three seconds left to hand the Tomahawks (8-1) their first loss of the year. Dimitri Floras led the Tomahawks with 16 points while Travis Maser added 14 for the ‘Hawks, who led 25-22 at the half. Alex LaRosa led Salem with 22 points.


    Alex Burt was the Green Wave offense on Tuesday night. Burt drained seven 3-pointers, all in the first half, on his way to a game-high 32 points in this 20-point win over the Panthers. Jake Nelson scored a team-high 12 in defeat, while teammate Kaleb Joseph chipped in with nine for South.


    Jamie Holder and Mike O’Loughlin scored a game-high 13 points and Dan Desmaris added 12 of his own to lead the Spartans past the Saints in Dover.


    The Titans fell to 5-4 after managing just 11 points in the first half, as the Pioneers hit for 10 3-pointers on the night in Manchester. Alex Pratt had 13 points and Javon Williams and Ryan Gauthier each had eight for the Titans

  31. Tonight was a tough choice for the game ball. Al-Darraji, Burt and Duffy all played well for Dover. Even Faustino could have won it. And Madol played very well to keep Trinity in it. But I give it do Al-Darraji. He played mistake free basketball on both ends. He hit some BIG shots in the second half, and none were bigger than THE game winning shot with 1 second left to give Dover the win.

  32. Why do you usually give the game ball to the player who scores the most points. Someone has to pass the ball to these players who usually shoot EVERY time they get the ball. We have a player on our team who shoots the ball everytime he gets it whether its a forced shot or whether he should have passed it to the open man. Lets count up the assists of these players, how many defensive rebounds they get or maybe how well they play defensively. I also noticed most of your top players are scorers on their teams. I wonder what kind of complete players they are? I only hope the POY chosen for this year is not just a scorer.

  33. Good point 5:52 but if you look down the list of names many of these players are very unselfish, team oriented players who do much more than score. Often they are not the leading scorers in the games Jeremy is watching, and they're not necessarily the leading scorers on their teams, but they are the most valuable player to their team in Jeremy's eyes on that occassion.

  34. I usually feel like the game ball should always go to a player on the winning team. But tonight there was no question. Anyone who was in Merrimack tonight knows who the best player on the floor was. It was Dimitri Floras. 25 points, 4 rebounds, 2 steals and 1 block.

  35. Before all of the questions come firing at me, allow me to explain why the game ball in last night's BG/Winnacunnet game went to "Winnacunnet." It's because these guys are a TEAM. There is not one single guy that stands out and takes the game over. I honestly could have given it to Knowles, Dunn, McGrail, Munson or Gould. Maybe even Cronan too. These guys flat out play team basketball. This makes it tough to single out one player to recognize. But I doubt the Warriors players care. It's obvious that these guys just care about winning basketball games and that's it.