Sunday, November 22, 2009

Headed to Pembroke Tonight

Tonight I'm headed to Pembroke to see the Spartans take on Portsmouth. I've already seen Portsmouth a couple times. And I saw Pembroke a lot over the summer, but haven't seen them since then. I'm very interested to see how this one turns out, and see firsthand how good Pembroke is. This will be my first chance to see Coleton Neely in a Spartan uniform. I saw him play for MV a few times over the summer, but he's getting a lot of hype from people on here so I'll see what he's really got tonight.

I know, Milford/Souhegan is the bigger game with two 4-0 teams and a big rivalry. But I've seen Milford a few times now. And next Tuesday I'll see Souhegan when they host Pelham. Pembroke and Souhegan are two teams that I really want to see, so this way I will see both in the span of a week.

And it's not like I'm ignoring Class L. On Friday nights I cover games for WGAM Friday Night Lights, and usually when that happens they send me to a Class L game.


  1. dover at bg thurs nite, should be a good 1.

  2. can't believe you wouldn't go to Souhegan @Milford

    oh well, 1 more seat has become available....

  3. you mean one more standing spot... seats are just for true fans.. lol

  4. If Pembroke loses this one then you can pretty much chalk them up as a tenth spot team. If it's close at all one way or the other then a six spot.

  5. Jeremy,

    You missed a dandy tonight in Pelham.

    Campbell 83
    Pelham 75