Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thoughts After Watching Hanover/Lebanon

I wasn't able to see this game in person, but I just finished watching it on the NHIAA website. I was interested to see this game, because I hadn't seen Lebanon yet, and only saw Hanover in their scrimmage vs. BG before the season. Here's my take on the game:

So, Lebanon wins this one at home 49-40. It was actually 49-38 but Hanover got a late bucket at the end when the outcome had already been decided. Lebanon really heated up offensively in the second and fourth quarters. The Raiders scored just 3 points in the first quarter. That's right, THREE points in the first quarter. A layup by the 6'5" Jimmy Kane and a free throw by the 6'5" Jake Woodward and that's it. It was 9-3 Hanover after one quarter, and 11-3 Hanover early in the second. Then Lebanon got hot, scoring 22 points over the final 7 minutes of the second quarter. Lebanon went on a 8-0 run in the second to tie it up at 11. The run was led by Kane, who scored 8 of the Raider's first 9 points. Lebanon ends the first half on a 22-6 run, and leads 25-17 at halftime.

The third quarter favored Hanover, with the Marauders outscoring Lebanon 17-9, and it was tied at 34 heading into the fourth. The only two players who I thouht played well for Hanover were Sam Carney and Daniel Gorman. Gorman did well on the boards and scoring inside, while Carney did a little bit of everything, rebounding, defending, scoring and passing.

The bright spot in the third quarter for the Raiders was freshman guard David Hampton. Hampton really started to heat up in the third, and he also carried that over into the fourth quarter. He hit two three's in the span of just a couple minutes, with one of the three's being a nice pull-up jumper off the dribble.

So it was tied at 34 heading to the fourth quarter, but then Lebanon took over once again. Hampton continued to have the hot hand, finishing with a game-high 18 points. And yes, he is only a freshman. Folks on here keep telling me that I should have him ranked and whatnot, and today he certainly showed he belongs in the top 10 for freshman. He hit four three's, 18 points, and 14 of which came in the second half. He also did a solid job of ball handling against Hanover's pressure defense, especially when they started pressing every possession late in the game when they were down. Woodward also did a nice job in the fourth quarter. He scored some points, finishing with 15 on the game. He also did a real nice job on the boards rebounding the basketball, plus he had a very nice blocked shot coming over from the weak side. I also liked the hustle of Jayson Martin, diving after a loose ball. It was a team effort for Lebanon, as they win it 49-40 over Hanover.

I can see why Hanover has struggled against good teams, though. They're offense is very limited beyond Carney and Gorman. Plus their whole offense is basically just giving the ball to Carney and having him try and go one-on-one and make something happen. The other players for the Marauders are decent defensively but they need other players to step up offensively. Also, Keegan Dufty was a non-factor once again in this game, just like vs. BG. Dufty is 6'7", but he sat out a lot, and without him in the game Hanover really lacks size.

One thing I'll say about this game as a whole is that it was a very clean game. There were not very many turnovers at all. Carney and Sam Gest handled the ball for Hanover and for Lebanon it was Dillon McCarthy, Martin and Hampton. Both teams did a good job of protecting the ball and running their offenses without making silly passes or turnovers. At the same time, there wasn't a lot of intense, in your face defense, which is more apt to cause turnovers for the offense. Shot selection on both sides could have been better, but overall wasn't too bad, and both squads made nearly all of their free throws. These aren't the fastest, most athletic teams in the state that's for sure. But both teams are hard nosed, tough, scrappy teams and more importantly they're disciplined.

Lebanon has good size with their two big guys who played most of the game, plus three good scorers in Woodward, Kane and Hampton. The Raiders did however, start off VERY slow in this game, scoring just 3 points in the first quarter. This team will be one of the top 5 or 6 teams in Class I all year barring injuries, but if they ant to beat teams like Milford or Pelham come playoff time they have to come out of the gates sharper. Give Hanover credit though, they took two charges off the bat which really set the tone early on. Lebanon is definitely a half court team. I don't think they had any fast break points this whole game, maybe they had two but that's it.

Hanover only had 4 fast break points themselves, they're also a half court team. I think for Hanover to be more successful, they'll need to get more of a contribution out of Dufty, and also run more offensive sets in the halfcourt instead of Carney isolation plays.

Overall though, a decent game between two Class I rivals. I would have liked to have been there, but I have to thanks the NHIAA for putting the game on their website so I could still watch it without having to drive an hour and 45 minutes north.

Ok, NOW I can finally get some sleep!


  1. one thing is for sure, hampton had a good half of game, but the kid really isn't as good as some people think.

  2. i agree he had one good half. thats it

  3. Man ignorance is abundant in this state, doesnt matter what part you come from. I dont know anything about either of these teams, nor do i really care too, but it dosent matter what part of the state your reading about,true basketball minds are very sparse. The kids a freshman, thats referred to as "upside" in the basketball world. If the kids still is'nt getting it done with proper coaching when he's a senoir then fine, talk all the crap you want,but for know let him try and grown into his potential. 2013 lets talk again!!!!!

  4. How many other freshman have scored 18 points in a game for a winning Class L or Class I team so far this season? Give Hampton some credit. Watch the film of that game like I did, it's right there on Then tell me he's not a solid freshman player. After I watched it I felt foolish that I didn't have him ranked on here already.

  5. Jeremy good Point. The answer would be one Rene Maher. That's it. David Hampton is one of the top freshmen in the state. He plays for Frank Alosa so you know he will be getting better and for Lebanon who is good every year.

  6. david hampton is so overly highly rated. he should be like 17th