Sunday, November 22, 2009

All-Star Showcase - Player Confirmation List

(Last updated 3/9/10)
My other site, the Mass & NH High School Basketball Report, is putting on a Showcase Event for the top hoops prospects in Mass and NH boys and girls for the classes of 2011, 2012 and 2013. The event will be held on March 21 at the Rockingham Athletic Club in Plaistow, NH. I began sending out invitations to players for the event this week. Many players have already made commitments to come and play in the All-Star games. Below is the list of those players.

I will update this list as other players RSVP in the coming days and weeks. Players check your e-mail to see if you got an invitation. If you did RSVP as soon as you can. If you haven't received one yet it doesn't necessarily mean you won't get one. I'm still tracking down players and e-mail addresses. But I have a lot of them, so I wanted to start getting the invites out now.

(Players are listed alphabetically)

Kenaan Al-Darraji - Dover High School - 2011
Jeff Amazan - East Boston High School - 2011
Curtis Arsenault - Berlin High School - 2012
Riyadh Asad - West Springfield High School - 2013
Mike Auger - Hopkinton High School - 2013
Zach Auguste - Marlboro High School - 2011
Anthony Barry - Milford High School(MA) - 2011
John Basile - East Long Meadow High School - 2012
Tony Beaulieu - Alvirne High School - 2012
Joe Bramanti - Andover High School - 2011
Alec Brennan - Weston High School - 2013
Mack Burt - St. John's Prep - 2011
Isaac Carp - Hamilton-Wenham High School - 2012
Donald Celestin - Greater Lawrence Technical School - 2011
Mike Colby - Londonderry High School - 2011
Derek Collins - North Andover High School - 2013
Pat Connaughton - St. John's Prep - 2011
Dimitry Coronel - East Boston High School - 2011
Matt Daniels - Chelmsford High School - 2011
Travis Descoteaux - Trinity High School - 2013
Kyle DiCesare - Portsmouth High School - 2012
Caleb Donnelly - Alvirne High School - 2011
Sam Dowden - Andover High School - 2013
Josh Downes - Sandwich High School - 2012
Tevin Falzon - Newton North High School - 2011
Dimitri Floras - Merrimack High School - 2013
Morgan Faustino - Dover High School - 2011
Joe Gallant - Salem High School - 2011
Ryan Gauthier - Nashua High North - 2012
Donald Celestin - Greater Lawrence Tech - 2011
Ramon Gibbons - Charlestown High School - 2013
Devin Gilligan - Souhegan High School - 2012
Patrick Gooden - Belchertown High School - 2011
Connor Green - Bishop Guertin High School - 2011
Stephen Haladyna - St. John's Prep - 2012
John Henault - St. Bernard's High School - 2011
Ben Hill - Pittsfield High School - 2011
Jamie Holder - Milford High School - 2011
Brad Holler - Exeter High School - 2012
Bryan Hurley - Boston College High School - 2011
Zach Hurynowicz - Burlington High School - 2011
Jameilen Jones - Boston College High School - 2013
Kaleb Joseph - Nashua High South - 2013
Zach Karalis - North Andover High School - 2012
Logan Kesty - Trinity High School - 2012
Cedric Kuakumensah - Worcester North High School - 2011
Billy Lane - Portsmouth High School - 2012
Mike Lombard - Pelham High School - 2011
David Madol - Trinity High School - 2011
Joey Maher - Bedford High School - 2011
Connor Mahoney - Boston College High School - 2011
Aaron Martin - Manchester West High School - 2012
Timmance McKinney - Milton High School - 2013
Mike Mitchell - Milford High School - 2011
Skyler Mitchell - Coe-Brown Northwood Academy - 2012
Josh Morgan - Campbell High School - 2011
Shomari Morgan - Manchester Memorial High School - 2011
Sean Moyen - Alvirne High School - 2011
Anthony Muccioli - Nashua High South - 2012
Joe Mussachia - Manchester Essex High School - 2011
Kevin O'Connor - Stevens High School - 2011
Mike O'Loughlin - Milford High School - 2011
Alex Patrikis - Pinkerton Academy - 2012
Justin Perron - North Attleboro High School - 2013
Ryan Perron - North Attleboro High School - 2011
Luis Puello - Central Catholic High School - 2012
Brima Rogers - Concord Carlisle High School - 2011
Wayne Selden - O'Bryant High School - 2013
Theo Speas - Keene High School - 2011
Steve Spirou - Pelham High School - 2011
Patrick Talentino - Saint John's Shrewsbury High School - 2012
Jules Tavares - Wareham High School - 2011
Jacquil Taylor - Cambridge Rindge and Latin - 2013
Maurice Taylor - Cambridge Rindge and Latin - 2012
Jim Tomaswick - Alvirne High School - 2012
John Wickey - Manchester Central High School - 2011
Javon Williams - Nashua High North - 2012

Caitlin Ackerman - Nashua High South - 2011
Gretchen Anderson - St. Thomas Aquinas High School - 2012
Lizzy Ball - Manchester Essex High School - 2011
Ali Beauregard - Portsmouth High School - 2011
Madeline Blais - Exeter High School - 2011
Lindsey Bolduc - Londonderry High School - 2012
Sam Breslin - Pinkerton Academy - 2013
Tori Brillaud - Central Catholic High School - 2011
Maggie Brown - Wilmington High School - 2012
Kelsey Brown - Oyster River High School - 2013
Savannah Butterfield - Londonderry High School - 2011
Olivia Catano- LaCroix - Manchester Central High School - 2011
Ashley Clough - Keene High School - 2012
Alex Cohen - Bishop Guertin High School - 2012
Whitney Comeau - Essex Aggie High School - 2011
Sarah Cote - Pinkerton Academy - 2013
Amber Dillon - Brookline High School - 2011
Danielle Fletcher - Manchester Memorial High School - 2013
Melissa Frase - Kennett High School - 2011
Susie French - Portsmouth High School - 2011
Ashley Giampetruzzi - Manchester Central High School - 2012
Madison Gibbs - Bishop Guertin High School - 2013
Meghan Green - Bishop Guertin High School - 2013
Alexis Hankerson - Weymouth High School - 2011
Allie Hartford - Manchester Memorial High School - 2013
Megan Hartnett - Winnacunnet High School - 2012
Nikki Hayner - Bishop Guertin High Schol - 2013
Nikki Heavern - Hull High School - 2011
Kristen Hrubowchak - Campbell High School - 2011
Kayla Janowski - Exeter High School - 2011
Cheyenne Jennings - Wachusett Regional High School - 2011
Danielle Kimball - Pinkerton Academy - 2011
Caitlin King - Amesbury High School - 2013
Elizabeth Laing - Pinkerton Academy - 2013
Morgan Lumb - North Andover High School - 2013
Allie Mahan - Dover High School - 2012
Katie Matatall - Timberlane Regional High School - 2011
Maggie McGown - Bedford High School - 2013
Casey McLaughlin - Central Catholic High School - 2013
Ceara McNamara - Souhegan High School - 2012
Melissa Miller - Central Catholic High School - 2011
Dina Pitsas - Milford High School - 2013
Gabbie Polce - Central Catholic High School - 2011
Deanna Purcell - Alvirne High School - 2011
Emily Rose - Timberlane Regional High School - 2012
Mikaela Rowell - Pinkerton Academy - 2013
Lexi Sells - Lasalle Academy - 2012
Brooke Stewart - Masconomet Regional High School - 2012
Jasmine Theroux - Trinity High School - 2011
Aly Towle - Spaulding High School - 2011
Allie Wagner - Kennett High School - 2011
Danielle Walczak - Oyster River High School - 2011
Jane White - Souhegan High School - 2012

A reminder, this event will have 8 different All-Star Games. They are scheduled as follows:

5:30 pm
NH Girls Underclassman
NH Boys Underclassman
MA Girls Underclassman

7:00 pm
MA Girls Juniors
NH Boys Juniors
MA Boys Underclassman

8:30 pm
NH Girls Juniors
MA Boys Juniors


  1. How many boys freshmen and sophs did u invite

  2. So far 17 sophomores and 5 freshmen have been invited.

  3. Are the top 5 for sophmores invited?

  4. I think everyone would like to see the top two freshmen vs. the North guards. Even though Kaleb and Javon have not showed much as expected.

  5. How are teams picked? Like for example a underclassmen game, about 22 players are picked but how are they sorted? Really curious?

  6. The top 17 sophomores and the top 5 freshman have all been sent invites. So far out of those 22 I've gotten RSVP's back from 8. Still waiting to hear back from the others. If some of them can't make it I'll send out other invites.

    As far as sorting the teams...I'll see who the 18, or 20, or 22 players are for each game and then figure it out. I'll try and separate the players into teams based on size and talent. So it won't be the 10 best vs. the other 10 or the 10 tallest vs. the 10 shortest.

    It would be fun though to see Floras and Joseph go against Williams and Gauthier. My first thought was to split up Floras and Joseph and have them go against each other, but we'll see...

  7. Jeremy - you might want to list the invitees on this blog with your email address and have them respond back to you whether they can attend. You might have old email addresses for some players.

  8. Jeremy - any thoughts about having NH vs. Mass matchups. That way the NH kids would play together vs. the Mass kids. Might make for some very interesting games - would be interesting, nonetheless, just to see how NH talent stacks up vs. MA when they go head to head.

  9. Any kids from Bedford or Souhegan invited? Are you trying to get representation from as many schools as possible?

  10. jeremy what e-mails are you still tracking down

  11. About the Mass vs. NH thing...if we did that then instead of 20 Mass. kids and 20 NH kids getting to play it would only be 10 from each, meaning less players come come and play. That's the only drawback there.

  12. How were the kids chosen? Did you pick them?

  13. im pretty sure patrick talentino is in the class of 2012

  14. there is a hoop mountain showcase the same day from 9-2 for the girls in Boston - might be why the rsvp for the girls is not higher

  15. billy lane...really? glad to se he's doin well

  16. Why isn't Cordts from Souhegan on this list?

  17. I see 13 class of 2011 NH players. No McClung,Faustino,Darraji,Lombard,O'Connor,Gallant,Colby or Hill.
    If you invited your top 20 Theo Speas is at 22. What am I missing?

  18. I invited the top 22 juniors, because I figured there would be 1 or 2 that wouldn't be able to make it. McClung RSVP'd saying he can't make it. The others I haven't heard back from yet.

  19. How about an All-Star Team between Ma and NH for each division. It would be interesting to see how NH top players compare to Southern Ma top players.

  20. My daughter is participating in the hoop mountain showcase and is still playing in the all-star game, but that could explain why more girls have not responded.

  21. Is the boys list final yet or are you still waiting on a few? Are any more invites going out?

  22. Are you planning to invite more Junior boys? I can think of others, for example, Dan Lang from CBNA.

  23. I would say there are at least 10 guys that could be invited. Should be interesting to see who shows.

  24. The Mass vs. NH idea is a good one, but the only drawback is fewer kids get to play. Rather than having two different games (MA vs. MA and NH vs. NH) which would be about 40 players there would only be one MA vs. NH game and only about 20 kids would be able to play.

  25. Have you ever thought about watching Gilligan and Javon go against Floras and Joseph? That would be fun to see, I also wanted to say that you're doing a good job with promoting the kids in NH I cant think of another time that has strictly been for NH and MASS public school kids that NERR attended. Good job.

  26. Thanks. NERR will be there, there will be write ups and player evaluations done for this event on both NERR and the Mass & NH High School Basketball Report. I have also invited every college basketball coach (men's and women's) in Mass and NH to come to the event and scout.

  27. what colleges have accepted to go already?

  28. Coaches don't have to RSVP, they can just show up. But one that I do know of for sure that will be there is SNHU.

  29. Why is this event being held on the same day as the NH senior all-state games?

  30. Keyword there is senior. This event is for freshmen, sophomores and juniors. If a player wants to go to NHTI and accept an award and then go to this event they can. The Showcase Event games are later at night.

    This was the only day this event could be held. It's the day after the tournaments end in NH and Mass. And it can't be the following weekend because that's when AAU tournaments start.

  31. are you going to have something like this each year?

  32. you invited all top 15 mass freshmen but only 5 nh freshmen.?????

  33. This event should happen once a year. It should continue. Also if I were you I would make business cards advertising your sites, name and email so scouts could contact you.

  34. Yes this will be an annual event. This event is only the tip of the iceberg. There will be many more to follow.

    For the Mass. players, I knew that I would have to invite more of them. For NH, I invited 22 hoping 20 would be able to come, for Mass. I invited about 35 hoping to get 20 to come.

  35. How many nh sophs and freshmen did you invite

  36. I've already said this, but I invited 17 sophs and 5 frosh. Might have to invite a couple more players though, as some of them can't go.

  37. Is anybody from White Mountains Regional High School invited?

  38. Has anyone seen Ryan Redmond from Soughegan play? Had a slow start this season but is looking pretty good.

  39. Jeremy, I want to commend you on this effort. In only it's first year, and you got a tremendous participation rate from players. With players like Auguste, Kuakuhmensa, Conaughton, Green, Spiro, Madol, etc., you clearly have the cream of the crop. I wonder what kind of crowds you'll get for the two big games - NH Upperclassmen and Mass Upperclassmen? I know you are partnering with the RAC/Rivals on this, but I wonder if the RAC was the best venue to pick for these games. Something like SNHU, or UMass Lowell, might have given the event more of a "big time" feel. Just my two cents.

  40. Jeremy Gina Grimes from Pelham is a very good basketball player she is a freshman that averaged about 15 a game for varsity including a 21pt performance in her first playoff game against portsmouth. Definately one of the top freshman in the state.

  41. Also consider Dina Pitsas from Milford she has put up solid numbers all season including 19 and 15 against the #1 seed lebanon in the first round of the playoffs

  42. Jeremy, Is this the final list or are more still being added? Will you post when the list has been finalized?

  43. For the most part it's the final list. Only group that I still need another player or 2 if for Mass. girls and NH underclassman boys. Still waiting to hear back from Tyler Gendron, Tim LaRoche and Sylvere Aluko...

  44. I think you should Invite Kevin Cheam. He had a great year and was a stud in the JV tourney this weekend. Nobody could stay in front of him.

  45. I see the players on the list and I was wondering if some people like sammy abdalla, or seth cordts were invited, and if not, why? Devin gilligan is on this list who is also from souhegan, but cordts clearly runs the court for that team though he doesn't have that much help from anyone on that team. devin just does his own thing, but courts does the inside work, and can score for them.....sammy is also a great ball handler and point guard. though he doesn't score as much as some people, he is a great play maker.... unless this allstar game is just for the best scorers in the state?????

  46. The top 22 juniors got invites. Yes, there are some very good players who did not get invites. But I had to cut it off somewhere. Also, this event is only the first of many. So if you aren't coming to this one there will be others coming in the near future.