Sunday, November 22, 2009

Edgerly Leads Newmarket to Class S Semis

Adrian Edgerly scored 26 points, had 6 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals and 1 block as Newmarket defeated Wilton-Lyndeborough tonight 52-40. This was the 6th NH High School game I was covering in the last 6 days. I'll admit maybe I am a little biased towards Class L and Class I hoops. But of these 6 games, 3 were Class M and 1 was Class S. Wilton put up a valiant effort this evening, but Edgerly was the difference.

Well so much for that whole thing about no more neutral sites for quarterfinal games. This game was between Newmarket and Wilton-Lyndeborough...and it was held at my Alma Mater of Sanborn Regional High in Kingston. The reason for this is because Newmarket is the higher seed, so they were supposed to host this game, however their school still has no power in the building.

According to the NHIAA website this morning, this game was scheduled to be played at 3 PM at Newmarket High. I actually drove all the way there at 3, only to see a sign on the outside of the gym that read, "Boys tourney 5 PM at Sanborn." So there you have it, a neutral site game in the quarterfinals in Class S.

It was the #2 seed Newmarket vs. the #7 seed Wilton. Newmarket advances and they will play #3 seed Groveton in the Class S semi-finals on Tuesday night at 5:30 at Plymouth State. The other Class S semi-final is #8 Littleton vs. #4 Derryfield which will be played Tuesday night at 7:00 at PSU.

After covering mostly Class L and Class I games all year and then seeing this Class S game, there is definitely a step down in Class S as far as the depth of the teams, size of the players and overall talent of the teams. Lots of turnovers, missed free throws and missed layups.

"Due to the power outage in Newmarket, we've had to practice without the lights on in the gym for the past 2 days" said Hayes. "And we haven't had a full practice since Thursday, so I figured we would be a little sloppy today."

As for Wilton, they played hard till the end, but it just wasn't enough.

"We turned the ball over too much" said Wilton coach Sean Young. "But we have a kid playing out of position at the point, we only have 1 senior, and I had to let a couple of players go at the beginning of the season for disciplinary reasons. So we're actually surprised we made it this far."

All of that being said, these were two well coached teams who played their butts off and left it all out on the floor. There was also some pretty talented individual players.

*Newmarket's Adrian Edgerly - the 5'9" junior is the Class S version of Chad Park. For those who don't know, Park is the starting point guard for Pinkerton. Edgerly was able to do whatever he wanted out there tonight. Like I say at the beginning of this write-up, he finished with 26 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals and 1 block. Not bad for a 5'9" kid. That's 26 out of his team's 52 points, pretty impressive. He controlled the tempo all game long, made some big scores late including a reverse layup to put Newmarket up 9 in the 3rd quarter. Also hit big free throws down the stretch. Showed excellent ball handling ability and made some very nice drive and dish plays for his teammates. He forced a couple of shots but overall played extremely well, especially for a kid that I'm guessing most of the folks who read this site have never heard of.

*Wilton's Tory Rysnik - He was Wilton's star player today. Rysnik is the team's only senior, and the 6'1" forward flat out gave it everything he had today in his final high school game. He scored a team-high 13 points to go with a game-high 13 rebounds. He was a force on the boards all game, and scored to some big buckets to keep Wilton in the game. Tough competitor. At one point Rysnik and Edgerly were going back and forth, matching each other shot for shot, mano y mano. Two of of the best players in Class S playing at the top of their games in a shootout. It was fun to watch.

*Wilton's Aaron Davis - Davis was a little inconsistent tonight, but at certain times he showed flashes of brilliance. He has a good handle and can shoot the heck out of the ball when he's on. The 5'10" junior guard had 10 points, but averages 14 points per game on the season.

*Wilton's Steven Heck - Newmarket did not have much size. Their tallest player was the 6'2" Erik Schmidt, but he is more of a wing than a big. Heck on the other hand is 6'5" and gave Wilton a distinct advantage size-wise. He's a very active player on both ends of the floor, and despite his minutes being limited due to foul trouble he still finished with 8 points, 9 rebounds and 1 blocked shot. Heck is a junior this year and next season will again be one of the best bigs in Class S.

*Newmarket's Erik Schmidt - Schmidt plays forward for the Mules, but his he has the skill set of a wing. And considering he's 6'2", that makes him a tough player to match up with, especially in Class S. Schmidt had a very nice take for a bucket early in the 4th quarter. The senior finished with 11 points and 6 rebounds.


  1. Jeremy, after viewing a high tier class s game. how would a solid class i role player fair? lets say milfords Cyr or pembokes reil. would they dominate?

  2. That's an interesting question. On my way home I was actually trying to figure out how good of a player Edgerly would be if he was in Class L or Class I. I didn't think about it from the other way though, whether a role player in Class L or I would be a star in Class S. I think either Cur or Riel would definitely be top players in Class S. Edgerly and Rysnik were the two best players on the floor tonight. But after those two Cyr and Riel would likely be the next best players.