Sunday, November 22, 2009

"We Would be 0-8 Without Chad Park"

Those are the words of Pinkerton Head Coach Pete Rosinski. After listening to the coach interviews on WGAM's Saturday morning edition of Friday Night Lights this weekend, this is the quote that stood out to me the most. Quite a bold statement by the coach of the 5-3 Astros, and a nice compliment to his junior point guard Park.

All season so far, anytime someone has mentioned Pinkerton they seem to only talk about the two big guys, Ben Proulx and Zach Mathieu. So it's nice to see one of the role players getting some recognition. Park is a solid player. He's only about 5'7", but he's quick and has a motor that never stops. He knows his job is to put the ball in the hands of Mathieu and Proulx, but Park also has the ability to score if the defense pays too much attention to those two. He's a good ball handler and has a strong build for a kid his size.

Rosinki also said in his interview on WGAM that it can't be just one player handling the ball the whole time, you need depth at the guard position. That is the area where the Astros are a work in progress. In games that I have seen Pinkerton play, Park has done a nice job running the offense. But the team has struggled when he is on the bench. With him out of the game they really struggle against a press, getting the ball across half court, getting into their offense and not turning the ball over against defensive pressure.

Mathieu and Proulx get all of the headlines. But guard play, and limiting turnovers will determine how far Pinkerton goes this season. Chad Park has done a nice job so far. If players like Steven Curry, Kevin Colbert and Chris Light can step up the Astros will be very tough come tournament time.


  1. I think you are right Jeremy, come playoff time they will be one of the teams that will be capable of winning the four in a row needed to become state champs. They will be a tough matchup for some of the better teams out there.

  2. One man does not a team make....just saying! Go Astros!!!

  3. Love Chad Park he is great teammate...