Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Fitting End to a Memorable Season of Basketball in NH

2 Great basketball games over at Lundholm today, a fitting end to a great season. Milford wins the Class I title with a 52-46 win over Pembroke. And in Class L Pinkerton beats Winnacunnet in double-overtime 61-59. Two amazing games, especially the Class L game. This post contains recaps of both the Class L and Class I title games!!

Hate to Say I Told You So, But...
I've aready mentioned this in other posts in the past couple weeks, but it bares repeating. Days before the Class L and Class I tournaments began I was producing a high school hockey game on WTSN, and between periods I went on the air to talk high school hoops with Andy Schachat. He asked me point blank, to pick the team I thought would win the Class L and Class I championship. Right away I said Pinkerton and Milford. And this was before the tournaments even started. I have it on tape if you don't believe me!

Pinkerton 61 Winnacunnet 59 (2 OT)

"This is one of the greatest state championship games in a long time" exclaimed Pinkerton coach Pete Rosinski, who was all smiles after the win.

It was back and forth all game throughout, with neither team leading by more than 5 points

It's Official: Zach Mathieu SHOULD Be Player of the Year
Now that the last game of the season has ended, it is now, and only now that it's ok to do any voting for Player of the Year and All-State awards. Senior center Zach Mathieu put the Astros on his back, just like he did vs. Dover in the semis and just like he has done all year long. Last night he had 37 points, about 20 rebounds and 5 blocked shots. Mathieu had 37 points. No other player who played in the game scored more than 12. Watching this game was like watching 1 college player playing with and against a group of high school players.

"He's got over 80 blocks" said a proud Rosinski. "I don't know anyone who's had over 80 blocks in a season. Plus he's scored 1,000 points"

There is no question in my mind Mathieu could play ball at the Division II level, and be a scholarship player. He is now the #1 ranked senior player in NH. This is all astonishing to fathom, because in this age of AAU and kids playing basketball year-round, Mathieu only plays hoops four months out of the year and that's it! And he's an even better baseball player. I have already mentione dthis before on this site, but the kid has a full ride to play baseball at Franklin Pierce. He's had scouts from the Arizona Diamondbacks looking at him, and he may get drafted in a couple months by a Major League team.

Gould Was Clutch for the Warriors
If you were at the game last night you might wonder why I make this statement. Afterall, his 3 point attempt at the end of the second overtime that would have won the game for Winnacunnet barely grazed iron. And he also airballed a 3 in the first overtime that if it went in then Winnacunnet would have likely won it and there wouldn't have been a second overtime. However, Pinkerton would have won this game in regulation EASILY if it wasn't for Gould.

Here's a funny story. Early in the fourth quarter I actually wrote in my notebook, "tough game so far for Gould." I wrote this because had some tough foul calls on him, had a bunch of shots rim out on him, and had some turnovers. It was early in the fourth and Winnacunnet's leading scorer only had 2 points. But IMMEDIATELY after I wrote it, Gould nailed a three to tie the game up at 30 with 5:53 left to play. Then right after that he hit another 3, this one giving the Warriors the lead 33-30 to complete an 8-0 Winnacunnet run.

Then just 13 seconds after Chad Park hit 2 BIG free throws to give Pinkerton a 38-35 lead, Gould came right back down the court and hit ANOTHER huge three to tie it up with just over a minute left in regulation.

Then in the second overtime there was once again just over a minute left when Mathieu had a big and-one play to put the Astros up 3. Just when it looked they really had the momentum on their side, Gould does what? You guessed it, he drills yet another clutch try and ties it up 56.

That's FOUR threes for Gould either tied the game or gave Winnacunnet the lead, all coming in the 4th quarter or in overtime.

How Far They've Come!
Here's a little perspective on just how far these 2 teams have come to get where they ended up: Less than 3 months ago both Pinkerton was playing in the Lawrence Holiday Tournament...IN THE LAST PLACE GAME!! Winnacunnet meanwhile only made it to the 5th place game in the Oyster River Holiday Tournament, and that tourney didn't nearly have the talent that the Lawrence one did.

Now, let's go even further back. I went to summer league games, fall league games and preseason scrimmages. I probably saw about 50 Class L games before the regular season even started. Yet in my Class L Season Preview, I had Pinkerton ranked #11 and Winnacunnet ranked #13...ouch! Two things need to be said here. One is that I owe both teams an apology for severely understimating them. And the other is that ir really goes to show you how far they have come over the course of the season. It wasn't just me, preseason nobody was talking about either of these teams as contenders. All of the talk was about BG, Trinity, Merrimack, Dover, Memorial and even Alvirne and Salem.

Now, let's go even FURTHER back, to last season. Pinkerton had much more talent last year than they did this season. Colby Verge and Beau Cassidy, a pair of All-State guards graduated. Scott King, a 6'8" forward, transferred to the Holderness School. The Astros also lost a pair of solid role players in Alex Rees and Brendan Peguero. They lost all of that talent, and that was off of a team that got blown out on their home floor in the prelims last year! They went from that to champions...what a story.

As for Winnacunnet, their off court distractions of last season have been well documented. They were team turnoil last year. They also lost 4 very good senior in Jared Gillis, Ryan Dubois, Nate Vincent and Nathan Roe. Plus they had that 6'5" kid who was pretty good who didn't play this year either (I know all of the Winnacunnet people are sick of hearing about him so I won't mention his name). Not only that, but Jack Ford's passing during the season was also very tough on this team emotionally. So for them to make it as far as they did as a HUGE accomplishment. You have to give Coach McKenna and his players a TON of credit.

Milford 52 Pembroke 46
The big story going into this game was the suspension of Milford star point guard Mike Mitchell. These were no doubt the two best teams in Class I. I think most would agree that with both squads at full strength it would be pretty much a tossup, with Milford being possibly slight favorites. So with Mitchell, who is at times Milford's most valuable player, being out for this game and Dalton Cheney back in the lineup for Pembroke after he was suspended for the Oyster River game, you would have to think that Pembroke should win this game.

But Milford played some excellent basketball. You would think that playing without a kid who handles the ball 70% of the time for you would hurt quite a bit. But Mike O'Loughlin and Jamie Holder handled the ball well, they ran the offense effectively along with Kevin Cyr and Jovi Philbrick on the perimeter and you could count on one hand the number of turnoevrs they had.

It was a team effort for Milford. Holder, O'Loughlin, Cyr, Nelson, Philbrick, McCallum and Desmarais all played good, solid basketball. Nelson had some big blocks late in the game. And you have to give Philbrick credit. Here's a kid that was playing JV and not even getting varsity minutes for the first half of the season. But he kept working hard and got the start yesterday in place of Mitchell. He played some solid ball out there too, especially for a kid who's only a sophomore playing on the UNH floor.

Odd First Quarter
Neither team scored any points in the first 3 minutes or the last 2 minutes of the first quarter. That's 5 minutes of scoreless basketball in 1 period of play. In the other 3 minutes however, there were 18 total points scored - go figure! Also, neither team attempted a free throw in the first quarter.

O'Loughlin and Holder Have Scholarship Potential
Division II St. Anselm's is showing strong interest in Holder. O'Loughlin has been getting a ton of interest from D-III schools, but judging by the way he is playing right now he will also be getting D-II interest. O'Loughlin has a very solid frame and the ability to drive and score on anyone. He plays hard on both ends of the floor. Holder is explosive to the hoop, and has an improved outside shot. He just has to get bigger.

Give Credit to Pembroke
These guys gave Milford a good game. They battled hard, but they just couldn't keep O'Loughlin and Holder in front of them defensively. But when you think about it defense wasn't their problem, because they held a Milford team that routinely scores in the 70's to just 52 points. The problem was on offense. 46 points for a team is fast and skilled as Pembroke shouldn't happen. Coleton Neely and Sheldon Benson carried the load. But they didn't get enough help from the rest of the team. Overall, they just didn't click offensively the way they usually do. They tuurned the ball over more than they normally do. And for them to put up a lot of points they need more production from guys like Cheney, Maher, Riel and Persons. That being said, these guys gave it their all and lost to a Milford team that was just a little better. Still a very good season for Pembroke.


  1. Who were the MVP's of both class L and class I Jeremy?

  2. Jeremy,whose favored next year in class L?

  3. Congrats Pinkerton. You did it with class. You never bragged. You stayed under the radar. Let you be a lesson to the loud abrasive teams. Great Job!!

  4. Jeremy... picked up the Concord Monitor this morning and looked at All-state picks. Class I boy's in particular!!!!! My first thought was, is this a type-o????? Sheldon Benson, Pembroke 1st team, Coleton Neely, Pembroke 2nd team???? You got to be kidding me!!!! Where did these high school coaches have their heads all year???? What games were they watching all year??? A kid who constantly out-played opposing guards all year, averaged 17 points a game for the regular season and 22 points a game in the play-offs and he is relegated to the 2nd team???? Another very good reason why these picks shouldn't be made before the entire season is finished!!!!! All I read all year was Benson is a 4 year starter, Benson has to guard bigger players, etc. etc. etc.!!!!! Look at the facts, look at the stats!!!!! How many points did O'Loughlin score against Benson in the final??? 23, so much for defense!!!! That 2nd team selection was an insult to Neely after the year he had!!!!

  5. Whats scary to me is the fact that this kid Mathieu was able to do what he did with a very imcomplete game, i realize hes a baseball player and thats great but if this young man was to have gotten some personal training, Ie: footwork,body positioning, ball position,etc. he would have set all time records for the game of basketball in NH, and thats a scary thought. He is a D-2 scholorship on upside alone. Congrats to Zach and his Pinkerton family/teammates a job well done!!!!!

    Congrats to the Milford team and their community, Holder and Mike O stepped up big in the loss of their teammate, showing great resolve for young men. Special shout out to coach Murray, a good guy who has done a great job of maintaining a team balance and commrodity that can be very hard to do at the high school level. congrats to Pembroke as well as they came a long way in a short amount of time, great basketball, fun to watch, the future is bright for both of these programs, looking forward to seeing the progression!!!

  6. Jeremy - I want to say THANK YOU for your non-bias opinion, for always telling it like it is. Pinkerton had many people believing they wouldn't get to the playoffs never mind thinking of a State Championship! You should get some award for your GREAT writing and love for this sport! Looking forward to next year!

  7. 12:18. unfortunatley thats the political crap that comes with being in NH. The reality is they both should have been first team, as the roles these two kids played, positioned Pembroke to be in the Championship game. i dont think knocking Benson for giving up 23 is the right way to go about proving your point for Neely, Benson has sacrifised alot this year as a player to give his team the best chance to win, not many high school kids that are willing to make that commitment and sacrifise. unfortunatley that sacrifise is all year is probuably what hurt him in guarding Mike O as adjusting from guarding bigs all year to guarding an athletic swing man can be a tough adjustment. But its the full body of work and sacrifice over the season, not one game that makes Mr Benson a first team selection. So, though i agree Neely got robbed and in my book he is first team, Benson got at exactly what he deserved, congrats to both of them on a great season and playing the game the way its meant to be played!!!!!

  8. Neely is a nice player but is always looking for his own offense. He takes more shots by far than anyone else for Pembroke. He was out of control most of the 2nd half against Milford, even trying to dribble between two defenders instead of making the right play, passing ahead to an open player. That's what I saw.

  9. Congrats to Milford and Pinkerton great wins. Now it is AAU time. Any word on where the top players are going to play this year?

  10. I think if you asked coach Alosa about Neely you'll find that Mr. Neely did what was asked of him all year. I saw Pembroke play about 5 times this year, and every game Neely got his points in the flow/structure of the offense they run, and yes Neely does get more shots, as thats the way its designed and as far as him makeing some mistakes in the championship game, thats the X factor with high school kids, i dont think in his(Neelys) mind he was thinking selfish, i think most likely he was a senior realizing the his career was coming to an end and he was gonna go down fighting and try by all means nesscary to find a way to pull off a W. Playing is learning and kudos to Neely for playing and fighting to the end.

  11. I said it from day one that it is very rare for a team to get two kids on first team. Look at Milford. They didnt so Pembroke wont either. It is all about who the coach promoted to the other coaches. My guess is Benson was promoted more. Not to say neither one was deserving thats just how it goes.

  12. Sunday, March 21, 1:02 PM..... Better remove your blinders!!!! I don't know what game you were at, but it wasn't the same one I was at!!! You obviously didn't observe the assists that Neely dished off and the other passes where his team-mates didn't complete the play!!! As far as Neely taking more shots than anyone else, Benson made three shots to start the 2nd half and then continued to take probably half the teams shots throughout the entire 2nd half!!!! If you profess to know anything about the game of basketball, you would certainly realize that Neely is always looking for the open man and usually hits him. As far as being out of control, he was trying to draw fouls, which he did and proceeded to convert 8-9!!! THATS WHAT I AND HUNDREDS OF OTHERS SAW!!!!!

  13. Wow, some angry parents in Pembroke. And yes it couldn't be more obvious to be parents. PA had a great season, Matt A did a great job. Why would you say something bad about Sheldon to promote Colton??? sorry 1:35 both kids did a great job. You should be proud of both of them.

  14. The all state teams are so political it is not even funny. Coaches make deals with other coaches and that is how players get on. Look at Class L, Coach's son 1st team and Central kid. Only way those two get on is because of deals there coach's made. Two very well connected coaches making deals for their players.

  15. I disagree with what i've heard about the player of the year award. I've heard that David Madol of Trinity has won this award. I agree that he is a good player, but the statistics tell another story. The player of the year award, like MVP, should be based on all of the following: How valuable a player is to his team and how he contributes to the teams success. I would have to say that Zach Mathieu deserves the player of the year by far for what he has accomplished individually and how he was helped his team thorughout the year. Zach's individual stats have surpassed all. He had 3.4 points more per game than Madol and 1.1 points per game more than anyone. He also has 126 points more than Madol and about 45 points more than any other player. He has more rebounds plus over 80 blocks! Without Zach, I don't think Pinkerton Academy would have made it to the Championship game. This year was Mathieu's year and he led his team to the State title. Player of the year is all of those things combined and Zach deserves this honor with all of his accoplishments this season. I don't believe that Madol has been as important to him teams success. Yes Madol is very athletic and a talented player, but Zach upended him in the head to head mach-up at Pinkerton. I think Zach deserves the player of the year award especially since he only plays basketball four months out of the year. His senior season went out with a bang and he proved to everyone that he is the most important player to his team and the best player in Class L. Although he isn't continuing basketball after high school Zach is a tremendously talented player and knows how to handle the pressure! I believe you can only vote for the player of the year after the championship is over! Watching what Mathieu accomplished throughout the playoffs, carrying his team to the title and setting two NHIAA records plus his milestone of over 1,000 points for his career and breaking his own school record for blocks with over 80 says it all! He deserves this award period! I'm sure that he will have just as much success with his baseball college carreer with Franklin Pierce!

  16. Sorry 3:38, but I don't believe Coleton's mom posts on here and I know it was not me. Do I believe Coleton was first team, with out a doubt. With that said I would never knock Sheldon or anyone else on here unless I was willing to sign my name to it. Both sheldon and Coleton had great seasons and have a lot to be proud of. I would like to Congratulate Milford on their win. Your kids showed a lot of class. Mike O great job!What a difference a day makes, it was nice to see a smile back on Coleton's face after the Granite game tonight. Coleton played very well and had a team high 24 pts. and more than held his own against Burt and Larossa.

    Bill Neely

  17. MA & NH All-Star Games – Event Recap
    March 22nd, 2010
    New England Recruiting Report
    The Rockingham Athletic Club hosted the best underclassmen and juniors in the MIAA and NHIAA.

    The Rockingham Athletic Club and MA & NH High School Basketball Report hosted the first ever MA & NH High School All-Star Games on Sunday night. The event featured eight different games featuring underclassmen and junior games for both boys and girls in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Here is a look at who set themselves apart:

    New Hampshire Underclassmen Standouts

    Javon Williams, Nashua HS North – Williams has physical tools beyond the rest of his peers with a powerful body and explosive athleticism, and he made some big time plays on Sunday night showing a euro-step move in the open floor and heating up from behind the three-point line including one from NBA range. He scored a team high 29 points

    Kaleb Joseph, Nashua HS South – Joseph’s body isn’t anywhere near as developed as Williams but once his long frame fills out he is going to be a major player. There wasn’t much he didn’t show from a skill standpoint as he handled the ball, showed a good looking jumper, and played extremely unselfishly throughout the game. He scored only six points but he and Williams were the top two prospects without question.

    Demitri Floras, Merrimack HS – Young guard showed great feel for the game to go along with well developed skill set. He handled and passed in the open floor, took the ball off the defensive glass and led the break, and was very crafty getting to the rim.

    Devin Gilligan, Souhegan HS – Scored a game high 30 points by dominating on the interior. Whether it was catching the ball deep or going hard to the rim, Gilligan was consistently able to get to the rim and finish plays.


    • Ryan Gauthier (Nashua North) was good with the ball and made some nice finds
    • Jim Tomaswick (Alvirne) is a big man who is long and mobile
    • Curtis Arsenault (Berlin) dropped 21 points on a series of strong moves
    • Mike Auger (Hopkinton) has a strong body who goes to the rim like a bull
    • Brad Holler (Exeter) shot it well and made the extra pass with intelligence
    • Anthony Muccioli (Nashua South) elevated for pull-ups & went to the cup for 16 points
    • Skyler Mitchell (Coe-Brown) ducked into the post well and scored inside for 11 points

    New Hampshire Junior Standouts

    David Madol, Trinity HS – He’s grown into his body since the last time we saw him and was definitely a step quicker. He was the game’s high scorer, making a variety of athletic plays to the rim and finishing several with dunks including one tremendous tip-dunk when jumping from the opposite side of the rim. Madol was also handling in the open floor, a threat from the three-point line, and all over the offensive glass.

    Mike Mitchell, Milford HS – If assists were being counted he would have been the leader by far. He seemingly had eyes all around his head and was just as effective finding teammates in the open floor as he was the half court set.

    Connor Green, Bishop Guertin – He knocked down a couple of open shots from long range and made a few dribble drives but did his best work on the offensive glass, showing some great body control on a couple of crafty put-backs.

    Jamie Holder, Milford – Saved his best for last, knocking down back to back three-pointers to seal the win for his team and top the 20 point plateau. Holder also made some nice cuts away from the ball and showed some deceptive athleticism.


    • John Wickey (Manchester Central) rebounded in high volume and showed skills
    • Steve Spirou (Pelham) played unselfishly and made a variety of nice finds
    • Shomari Morgan (Manchester Memorial) made a number of strong drives
    • Morgan Faustino (Dover) got second chance points, and finished with both hands
    • Joey Maher (Bedford) rebounded in traffic & scored with both hands at basket
    • Ben Hill (Pittsfield) has made considerable strides on both ends of the floor

  18. Did Al-Darraji play? Seems when that kid wants to play he is great.

  19. Yeah people should stop arguing about all-state. Jamie Holder only made honorable mention so that just go to show you that all-state is not a true measure of how good these kids are. Holder is easily right up there with Sheldon Benson from Pembroke if not better so all-state in my opinion is a load of crap.

  20. Sorry but Jamie Holders team lost.

  21. Who won at the granite games up in NH I heard some kids did not show.

  22. in order to correct an inaccurate post and because there is so much conjecture on this blog let me give you the facts on mike o's recruitment efforts to date. no d3 schools have made any contact with him or his family. however 4 d1 and 1 d2 have come to see him play specifcally and have spoken to his family. normally i would not give out this information but since it was incorrectly reported on this blog i deemed it necessary.

  23. Jeremy I heard it was a great game can you give us any details of what happened and who did well?

  24. What happened with the Pinkerton coach and Proulx and Mathieu and Madol (POY) all no-shows at the game Sunday? Class L had 9 players which means no alternates were invited because NHBCO must have thought they would be there. Is this a Pinkerton statement of some kind? Seems like poor sportsmanship unless something unexpected happened. I'm sure there are 3 other class L kids that would have liked to play.

  25. Thats great news about Mike O, who are the D1 teams talking to him?

  26. Either you are blind or you don't know what he looks like but the P coach was there larger than life. Zach had to work to make up for the fact that he played basketball the night before.

  27. 2:36, No wonder class I won without those three there.
    3:10 Any offers yet?

  28. 4:46...FYI Madol is a junior...therefore not eligible to play in the Granite games (seniors only)...know your facts before criticizing a player.

  29. re:7:47pm d1's can't speak to a prospect other than a hello; they have spoken with a family member. i would be happy to tell you which schools just ask me in person next time we meet.

  30. Class I didn't win although the class I parents and fans really wanted them to and were really obnoxious.

  31. College coaches can speak with a player from March 16-March 22. It is a contact period, so they are able to say more than "hello". These contacts can occur off campus (such as at an event or a home visit).

  32. All State Selection. Do some kids deserve to be selected higher, sure. You know what, things aren't always fair. When these kids leave High School, they'll find that out real quick. Just ask, Brickley, Lutz and Bonner. How many times did they switch schools. I suggest that you get good grades, one blown knee and bye bye scholarship.

    To be picked as one of the 22 best in your class is an honor. You figure each team goes on ave. 8 deep, that's 180+ kids that actualy play and get minutes. They beat out 160 other kids for All State. You can go further and figure that close to 300 kids play Class I. For those that made all state and are upset they weren't voted higher, what about the kids that deserved to be named and weren't at all. There is always going to be something to complain about, is this one of them ?

    Play hard, play the game right and you'll get the awards and praise. If not from the NHBCO then from your family, friends and sites like these who's reporters are objective.

  33. 7:52 great point I am sure every team has argunment someone should have made it or been higher.

  34. Class I didn't win although the class I parents and fans really wanted them to and were really obnoxious.

    Monday, March 22, 2010 10:25:00 PM EDT

    Didn't win what? Could you clarify you post?

  35. 9:32 Madol was introduced to the crowd as POY. The audience applauded. No one stepped forward. Why bother if he's not going to show up. And if Proulx and Mathieu had other obligations why didn't class L have 2 other alternates playing? Didn't seem right.

  36. class l beat class i 103 to 94.

  37. re 12:45 mike o. is a jr.;no off-campus contacts during jr. year & only 1 phone per month until 7/31

  38. Alright I have been very quiet but after the attack of the You will never be D1 guy I have to make a little statement.
    After the Middle School season in 2007 I was made aware of the first blog that was full of trash talk. I read it and I remember like it was yesterday. I posted that MIlford would be very good and have a chance to get a title in 2010 and 2011 and I was blasted from everyone. Seacoast people said Milford would never be a good program or win anything,Northern teams said Hanover and Lebanon have always dominated Milford and they would always do so.
    During freshmen year when our program split guys onto three different teams Milford was trashed again. We tried to explain that the talent was spread out and once they were all together you would see how good they can be. Once again we were mocked and made fun of.
    Sophomore year the group were together with a very good player in Handanovic and a decent season was had by the very young team and they were a few points from going to the Final four. Still the boys were bashed and talked about.
    Coming into this season every newspaper and website had MIlford being the favorites and still there were doubters and northerners and seacoast guys were saying we couldn't do it.
    Now three years after the first post this group of young men have done exactly what I predicted three years ago. No one is on here bashing them anymore so I guess they have proved their point. Oh wait, no they haven't none of them will play above D3 and blah blah blah.
    Keep doubting them and all you do is motivate them. Fact is if they end up playing D3 ball,get great degree's and go on to coach or work great jobs they will have a lot of great memories to look back on and all you will have is the memory of writing a anonymous post that did nothing short of keeping these guys working hard and thus probably hurting your teams chances of winning next year. Oh yes next year. See next year is even more fun,we are already back at work. Monday eight of our returning players were back in the gym. Jayhawks and Rivals practices have already started and the boys were there. So for those that doubted us,thanks. Those of you still doubt us thanks.
    You keep doubting,we will keep working and we will see which process is best come March of 2011.

  39. if it takes a blog (no disrespect Jeremy) to motivate a player, something is wrong. It should just be that they would like to perform every minute of every game to the highest of their potential. Not what people are saying, or not saying, about them.

  40. Every great player has a story about someone saying they were not good enough. Names like Russell and Jordan come to mind.

  41. Now if someone reads what people write about them and that motivates them that is wrong? What about if it was in the paper would that be wrong to use as motivation? Have you ever heard of bulletin board material? As far as D1s talking to recruits personally, that can not happen until the summer live period. They can make a phone call I believe once graduation has occured(I believe they have a designated date that they consider graduation)

  42. That has to be a record for the longest post by anyone other than Jeremy - easy big fella, I think 99% of everyone on here knew Milford would win. But why have 99% of everyone here root against you next year.

  43. Recruiting Guidelines:'s%20Basketball%20Guide.pdf

    Forgot he was a junior, but any on campus visits consist of more than the casual "hello".

  44. Everyone tries to say that Milford would flop and Milford wouldn't win.. How is that not motivation? Anything negative would motivate any player. Have you ever played a sport at a high level?

  45. GRANITE GAMES: DUNN 3-4, NELSON 6-10, PRATT 5-11, BURT 7-13, HAYDEN 0-1, MUNRO 8-10, FITZPATRICK 3-10, LAROSA 5-9, ST. LAWRENCE 2-8, BENSON 0-4, LOVERING 5-9, NEELY 8-14, CRESSY 5-13, MARINELLI 1-2, O'NEIL 3-4, POITRAS 1-3, SMITHWOOD 1-1, WOODWARD 3-6, HEFFRON 1-1, PENNEY 1-4, NADEAU 1-1. CLASS L 39-77 (51%) CLASS I 30-63 (48%)

    3 POINTS SHOTS: DUNN 0-1, NELSON 0-1, PRATT 2-4, BURT 4-10, FITZPATRICK 2-7, LAROSA 2-5, ST. LAWRENCE 1-3, BENSON 0-1, LOVERING 3-4, NEELY 5-8, CRESSY 1-2, MARINELLI 0-1, O'NEIL 0-1, WOODWARD 0-1, HEFFRON 1-1. CLASS L 11-32 (34%), CLASS I 10-19 (53%).


    F/T'S CLASS L 14-20 (74%), CLASS I 24-40 (60%)


  46. 99% say now Milford would win. I am going back further than you obviously. Three years ago, no one gave them a chance. Three years ago middle school meant nothing,three years ago Mitchell was too small,Jamie wasn't good enough to even play JV and Mike O'Loughlin was slow and not very good. The problem with the blogs then and now is we cannot hold people to their words because they are always anonymous.
    I would love to know who the anonymous Milford bashers back then were it would be great to hear what they say now.

  47. I wouldn't they are not even worth listening to in the first place.

  48. I think all you kids out there will like this link its a story about a kid that was never good enough in certain people's eyes and through hard work and determination and not listening to the naysayers of the world he goes farther than the naysayers would ever say he would. So if you do happen see some poster's that think they now it all about where any of these kids are going just remember this story it is real unlike the poster's and naysayer's that say this can't be done enjoy.


    1.) High school basketball team members (gd 9, JV, V)= 500,000 plus

    2.) College players at all levels (JC - NAIA - NCAA Div 1,2,3) approx. 27,500 of which 4500 are D1. (less than 1% of all players that were HS players at any one time).

    It's great to dream, but education should always come first, and if a player can get their education paid for or partially paid for by playing at a D3 there is no shame in that. Unless you are in the consensus top 1/2 to 1 percent in America, D1 simply isn't for you

    It's great to dream, but the numbers dont lie. This is specifically in response to March 23 4:30.

  50. Well anybody can clearly see and not deny the facts of this story and the fact of the matter is This kid who was barely making it as a junior college kid never gave up and never bothered to listen to the negative people out there he just kept working hard and it paid off now that's a fact. So again say what you want to about these kids that are working thier butts off to to become the best they can be and nobody i mean nobody can tell me where all these kids will be a few years from now. I know the naysayers who have thier own insecurities and motives think they know it all but again that story spits in the face of you and your words and that's a fact.

  51. The link to the story from the Seattle Times if we are thinking about things clearly and without bias proves nothing - except that the kid was good enough and he became part of the 1/2 to 1 percent that I mentioned earlier.

    The only "facts" in this debate are the numbers which I listed earlier. Is there a "chance" that a HS basketball player can get a D1 scholarship. Absolutely. However, as proven by the numbers, only the top 1/2 to 1 percent of all players in any given year are selected for D1. Do you get that yet? No one from NH is in the Rivals Top 150 for 2010, 2011, or 2012.

    That is why these kids or any that are moving on to college ball at any level must be thinking about the quality of education that the institution delivers first and foremost. They want to be set for life with a degree in their pocket before they leave, and they should decide for the school that best gives them the chance to do just that. I haven't heard a whole lot about education in your posts (that are weak on facts), just a lot on how the kids you support will "make it" in basketball.

  52. I was not the one bashing the dreams of these kids when it comes to basketball.And yes your right i am not talking about the education part here because you never asked me about it. Do i think it's important of course in fact a lot of these kids keep their grades up because of basketball so without it you can only imagine what their grades would be. But for you to try and steer this away from the facts which are this kid played junior college and went d1 by working hard and achieving his goals all while not listening to the naysayers out there is just pretty sad on your part. We are two different people your the type who's glass is half empty and mine is half full and so is the kid that is playing d1 ball now.

  53. March 30 12:41 You really need to go to Jeremy's thread on "O'Connor goes prep" (which I have not posted on)and read how many posters are saying the exact same thing I am on how difficult it would be for Milford's big 3 or pretty much anyone in NH high school ball at this time to get a D1 ride. Four or five logical well constructed posts that state the reality of the situation as opposed to talking about weird concepts like "dream shattering" and "half empty half full"

    I'll save you reading them - the consensus on that thread is that Holder and Mitchell are D3, and that the only way O'Laughlin could climb into high level D2 consideration is if he grows 2-4 inches and puts on the required strength to match in the weight room. For these kids to play scholarship basketball is a fantastic thing - I believe they all will and congrats go to them. However, It is pretty much a consensus understanding that D1 is not in the cards for these 3.