Sunday, November 22, 2009

Looking Ahead to the 2010-2011 Hoops Season...Division III and Division IV

Yesterday I took an early look at next year's hoops season in D-I and D-II. Next up is D-III and D-IV.

Notice instead of Class L, Class I, etc. I'm saying Division I, Division II, etc. Starting next season, this is how the NHIAA will be structuring its divisions for ALL sports. Which I suppose makes sense. Why have "Classes" in some sports and "Divisions" in others? Why not just have all sports use one or the other? That is what the NHIAA has done. And it's a good decision.

Ok, enough of that tangent. Now on to the early look at next year's D-III and D-IV season...

Division III

Early Favorites

Berlin...I made a lengthy post about this a while back. This was a very good Class M team this past season, making it to the championship game and giving Conant all they could handle. Next year they return their top 3 players, 4 of their 5 starters and 6 of their top 7 players. Only one who graduates is Robert Mercier. Curtis Arsenault could win Class M Player of the Year next season as a junior, and the Mounties also return Jeremy Michalik, Sam Aldrich, Zach Donaldson, Tyler Baillargeon and Jake Drouin. These guys have scorers and they're very good defensively.

Bow...The Falcons are moving up to Division II next season, after spending the past few years in Class I. Berlin has some very good talent returning, but no other team in the division has a trio of senior like Bow will have. Guards Connor Hill and Erik Michaud, and 6'4" forward Josh Faber will be very tough for the other D-III teams to handle. Then you also have another senior, 6'1" wing Ryan Hill who is also a solid player. Losing Tom Poitras to graduation will hurt. But moving down a division will help. They would probably be ranked somewhere in the 4-8 range next season if they stayed in D-II (formerly Class I). But down in Division III (formerly Class M), these guys are one of the top 2 teams.

Other Contenders

Conant...The Orioles graduate their "Big 3" of Sean Martin, Jimmy Peard and Kemph Kim. Normally a team that graduates their top 3 players, and returns so few contributers off the previous year's team you wouldn't consider them a potential contender. But this is Conant we're talking about. They breathe basketball over in Jaffrey. They had a VERY good JV team and also had a couple of role players who will be back to take on larger roles next season.

Mascoma...These guys return a few of their key players off a team that only lost to Conant by 3 in the semis. The most notable returner of course, is 6'4" forward Conner Torrey, who will be a senior next year.

Somersworth...The Hilltoppers had a good team this year, and although they graduate 3solid players (Matthews, Cunningham and Denn) they return some solid talent in Matt Fauci, Bobby Shatinski, Pat Lavin, Brody Hornung and Dylan Lanctot. All 5 of these kids got some big minutes last year, that looks like a pretty good starting lineup to me.

Campbell?...Josh Morgan will be one of the top players in Class M next season. But Morgan is the only one of Campbell's top 6 players from this past season who is returning. Campbell did have a couple of role players from this past season who will be back, and they also had a good JV team.

Hopkinton...These guys were only the #16 seed in Class M last year. But that's deceiving. They had a ton of injuries, including their best player, freshman Mike Auger, who missed 4 games with an injury. He returned towards the end of the year and torched my Sanborn team in the last game of the regular season for about 20 points and 10 rebounds. The Hawks were a young team last year, and return a bunch of other solid players in addition to Auger.

Division IV

Ok, I'll admit I haven't seen many of these teams play. What I do know is that this division will be home to 2 VERY good players, Pittsfield's Ben Hill and Newmarket's Adrian Edgerly. Both will be seniors next year. However, I would not be surprised if Hill transferred elsewhere, as he is one of the top 8 college prospects in the Class of 2011. Wilton-Lyndeborough should also be decent, with a pair of talented senior in guard Aaron Davis and center Steven Heck.


  1. Has the NHIAA posted the teams by Division yet?

  2. Hey Jeremy,
    Isn't there a Zach Drouin on Prospect Mountain and not on Berlin?

  3. So why did Bow move to D-III? if they can compete well in D-II then why switch...ahh yes it's about a better chance at a championship isn't it.

  4. School's get reclassified by size of enrollment. It goes in a 2 year cycle...then teams can petition up or down if they feel the need in a specific sport.

  5. Jeremy, don't forget about Prospect Mountain, they return a strong core of young players who gained a ton of experience this year, including Drouin...and they have an excellent incoming freshman guard who'll be an immediate help.

  6. 1:27 the post says jake drouin not zach drouin

  7. Berlin has a transfer from Delaware hes going to be a senior and is suppose to be a good ball player so he might play a roll for Berlin

  8. who ever moves into Berlin??

  9. Hey 4:04...Who is this guard that prospect is getting in? There were only 2 8th graders on the alton middle school team....that teams best players by far were 2 7th graders.

  10. itll be berlin, somersworth, conant will be okay good gaurds coming up mascoma will be good and raymond has a good young team. stevens will be allright they still have a good gaurd zach fitz something and some good gaurds coming up. Allthough oconnor is gone wish him luck great ball player

  11. one of the 7th graders was actually home schooled, and is of 8th grade age (he stayed back a few years ago when the family moved into town) he will be recognized as an incoming freshman next year by PMHS because that is his age...

  12. Raymond will have a peak year this year. Most likely having 5 starters that are seniors, and they had a JV team that went 20-3 counting tourny games. They also have 9 kids playing AAU ball, for mavericks, and spartans i beleive.. Prospect Mountain also wont be horrible and Farmington should be decent, Jeremey how come the only class M games you attended were Farmington vs Somersworth and Somersworth vs Berlin

  13. 2:27, if you are talking about Bell, that kid is unbelievable. Definitely will give PM a boost in ratings.

  14. rumor is morgans going to new hampton

  15. where'd u hear that, 8:21? Not so sure about him leaving...

  16. Jeremy, judging by how there are so many Farmington kids ranked as soph's and jr's, I expect them to contend for a top 4 spot next year? Even though none of them even came close to an all-state selection...or are they the only M team you saw last year outside of Sanborn and Somersworth?

  17. The Farmington kids who are ranked are all ranked pretty low. The Class M teams I saw this year are:

    -Prospect Mountain
    -White Mountains

  18. Jeremy, you should try taking a look at Raymond, Winnisquam and Inter-Lakes next year. Raymond will be good, Winni and Inter-Lakes will have a rough year. To be honest, im a little scared to see Sanborn in D2 next year because they do not have much success in Class M.