Friday, April 9, 2010

BST Basketball Summer Programs: Buzz is at All-Time High

Once again, the buzz for BST Basketball's summer programs "NNE Summer Madness" and "Queen B Summer Showcase" has begun.

In just three years, these programs have quickly risen to the top of northern New England high school programs and is widely regarded by college recruiters as one of the better exposure opportunities. The programs are open to all NH, MA, ME, VT high school varsity teams. As of now the program primarily consists of schools from NH and MA, but they have plans to expand in the future to VT and ME.

"It's going to be another great summer, with the continued growth of the program" said Brett Sellingham, who is the owner/founder of BST. "My initial contact with coaches has been tremendous. Each year more and more coaches are realizing the importance of implementing their systems during the summer, allowing potential varsity kids to get up to speed, and get in tune with the existing varsity players" he explains. "Our main objective when creating this program was to improve the overall quality of TEAM play by providing an emotionally invested atmosphere for the summer, where kids are forced to think and play, not just play" he went on.

Personally, I am very excited for the start of this year's program, as I will be covering the games for the New Hampshire Notebook. Every night of the program I will be at one of the locations covering games and posting game recaps, players of the week, etc. You will be able to follow the program by going to the "BST Basketball Program" section of this site (which can be accessed via the sidebar).

The program kicks off the first week of June at Rivier College (Nashua), Southern New Hampshire University (Manchester) and starting this summer at the program's newest location, the Rockingham Athletic Club (Plaistow).

This is the third year of the program, and it has been a great success so far. It's a fun, intense opportunity to prepare high school teams for their upcoming seasons. Dover High won the 2009 "Tournament of Champions" league championship last summer by defeating Bishop Guertin. This year promises to present an even greater challenge as the stakes and bragging rights are on the line for 2010. I look forward to covering 2010 summer basketball.

So keep checking back to the New Hampshire Notebook for coverage of the BST Summer Program. And check out for more information.


  1. Who do like this year Jeremy?

  2. To win the league? I made a pot a week or 2 back looking ahead to next year's Class L and Class I seasons. I explained how there are a lot of ifs involved, but if Green, Madol, Valentin and Asselin all return to their respective teams, then BG, Trinity and West will be head and shoulders above the rest of the teams in Class L next season. Not sure about this year, but last summer all 3 of those teams were in the BST Summer Program. So those 3 could all be VERY good.

    Then there's Milford, who could possibly be the best team in the state next year, regardless of division, even if all of those players return to their teams. Milford also was part of the program last summer. However their "Big 3" rarely played in the games over there, instead practicing with their AAU teams. If Milford has all of their top players playing all summer in this league they would actually probably be the favorites.

    Bottom line, if those guys all come back for BG, Trinity and West, those teams and Milford will be the top 4 teams in NH next season.

    You could see all 4 teams playing in this league. If that happens you would likely see all four make it to the program's "Tournament of Champions" at SNHU in early August.

    That's a lot of ifs...but if it all works out that way this league will be "must see stuff" this summer.

    Regardless of all of the ifs, all 4 of those teams will be tough. Not sure exactly which teams will be in the league, but just assuming all of the teams from last summer will be back, the other top teams will be Central, Dover, Merrimack, Souhegan, Nashua North, Alvirne and Bedford off the top of my head.

    Then the wild card in all of this teams that will play their games at the RAC. In the "tournament of champions" you could see someone like Central Catholic, Haverhill or Andover making it to the finals and playing someone like BG or Milford. How fun would that be? Sure Central catholic won't have Desrosiers anymore, but they've still got plenty of talent. Andover has Joe Bramanti and Brian Miller who will both be seniors next year, and Haverhill has Noah Vonleh, the area's best freshman. How fun would be be to see Vonleh and Dimitri Floras squaring off? The best freshman in Mass vs. the best freshman in NH, former AAU teammates facing off, etc.

    Ok, enough about Mass. teams. This is the New Hampshire Notebook afterall!