Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2010 WGAM Mr. Basketball Award

The 2010 WGAM Mr. Basketball Award will be given out tomorrow night - May 13, 2010 at the Radisson Hotel in Nashua. All of the finalists for the award and their coaches will be on "The Home Team" from 5-6 on WGAM, with the award ceremony beginning at 6 PM.

What is unique about this award is that ANY player, regardless of which year they're in in high school, or which division/class their school plays in; ANY player in the NHIAA is eligible to win this award.

The award was voted on by various members of the state's high school hoops media, including members of WGAM's Friday Night Light's broadcasts. The FNL crew came up with a list of about 20 candidates. From there the various members of the media voted on our top 5 players from the list. From that voting, the 5 finalists were decided as well as the winner. The 5 finalists were released weeks ago. The winner will be announced tomorrow night at the ceremony.

Here are the 5 finalists:
(alphabetical order)

*Alex Burt, Dover High School, Sr.
*Alex LaRosa, Salem High School, Sr.
*David Madol, Trinity High School, Jr.
*Sean Martin, Conant High School, Sr.
*Zach Mathieu, Pinkerton Academy, Sr.


  1. Scott St. Lawrence of Bishop Guertin should be on this list along with every other list that recognizes the best players in the state.

    St. Lawrence led the state in double-doubles this year and ran the point in addition to playing the post for the entire season.

  2. Who were the other twenty under consideration Jeremy?

  3. This was the full list of candidates, which were chosen by the Friday Night Lights staff.

    Alex Burt-Dover
    Cormac Fitzpatrick-Manchester Memorial
    Dimitri Floras-Merrimack
    Jesse Gould-Winnacunnet
    Connor Green-Bishop Guertin
    David Madol-Trinity
    Alex LaRosa-Salem
    Sean Martin-Conant
    Zach Mathieu-Pinkerton
    Tommy McDonnell-Oyster River
    Sean McClung-Bishop Guertin
    Mike O’Loughlin-Milford
    Coleton Neely-Pembroke
    Stephen Spirou-Pelham
    John Wickey-Manchester Central

  4. I personally think Sean Martin should get this award. I know that he is on class M but he led his team 4 times to the state title, was the leader and best player on his team and at some point someone needs to honor what that Conant team did the last few years. This award would be a great way to tell class M and the smaller schools that they to can get some state wide credit.

  5. Led the state in double doubles? Where do you get a stat like that? Where is that tracked and verified? Don't make ridiculous comments. He's a terrific player on a good team but you sound silly with comments like that.

  6. Completely agree on Martin - an outstanding career that should be honored.

  7. Where is Sean Martin playing basketball next year?

  8. So I guess that means Class I was terrible this year, not to have one of the top 5? At least three of the Class I kids should be on that list over LaRosa. Mike O'Loughlin brought his team to a state title. LaRosa was on an 11-7 team. And if the argument is that LaRosa was so important for his team to win 11 games, then how does his stats match up to Stephen Spirou's? He was the leading scorer in the whole state, any division, and he's being held back because his team was not as good. Looks like a double standard, popularity contest to me.

  9. Thursday, May 13, 2010 12:53:00 PM EDT

    O'Loughlin brought his team to a state title? Yes i agree he shoots the ball a ton but that doesn't make his team win a state title he had two other all star player's on that team that made it work. one was mitchell who helped run the team the whole year and do the small stuff that people always seem to over look like take a charge or score when needed or keep the team stay calm ect. And then you have Holder who seems to be the most underated kid out there. He played both ends of the court better then any other kid i have seen this year and even ended up taking over for mitchell in the finals and getting milford off to a huge start against Pembroke never mind single handedly winning the portsmouth game for them. Not to mention Kyle nelson who was a beast for you guys and the rest of team for showing up in the playoffs. So i have to totally disagree with you with the talent and depth on that team anyone can shoot the ball a hundred times a game but it takes more then that to win championships and player of the year awards.

  10. I disagree, Mike O did not shoot the ball all the time and anyone who says that must not have seen many games. While it is true Milford had better balance than many teams Mike O was our most consistent scorer. I do not care about this award but your opinion of what Mike O meant to Milford is way off. He was our go to guy both offensively and many nights on the glass. And when we got to the state tourney he showed he can share the ball as well. In the Portsmouth game he had 5 assist in that second half.

  11. 3:20
    You can see how it is, depending on who you ask, there is always someone left out. Even on your own Milford team, there is doubt as to who was most important. There is no way to do these kinds of things flawlessly. Your perception of your player might not even come close to matching the next guys. Not too sure why you picked Larosa, but without him the Salem team might not win one. While the football players played very well and Gallant is the real deal, he was the key.

  12. Sorry but every time i saw him play he shot the ball much more than anyone else on the team and dribbled with his head down and out of control with complete tunnel vision while other people were open.

  13. May 13, 2:30:00 PM

    I completely agree with your points mitchell made that team run smoothly and knew when to pick up the pace and do the little things to help that team win. And with what Holder proved in the playoffs and after seeing him play i would take him on my team way before O'Loughlin because he brings so much more to the table and seems to have much more talent and upside then O'Loughlin does.