Friday, May 7, 2010

BST Announced Academy Invites For Grades 5-9

(Last updated 5/16/10)
From BST Basketball:
Below is the list of incoming 5-9th graders that have been invited to the BST-Advanced Summer Academy program thus far. We are utilizing the AAU circuit to evaluate and determine who we will invite, there will be more to come as we will be evaluating AAU Tournaments the couple weekends. If you are on this list and have not received your official invitation email us at and we will email you your invitation.

Incoming 9th Graders
Eric Gendron
Carmen Giampetruzzi
Tate Jozokos
Roger Larrivee
Dawson Dickson
Pat Keefe
Martin Toe
Manny Latimore
Jacob Capistran
Cameron Meservey
Tristen Theroux
Collin McManus
Brian Dworkin
Morgan Briggs
Patrick Glyn
Eric Nelson
Evan Todd
Brady Dodge
Mike Gallagher
Jesiah Wade
C.J. Boykin
Andrew Lechner
Seth Edwards
Rich Ruffin
Sam Knollmeyer
Chris Doyle

Incoming 8th Graders
Ben Judson
Ian Sistare
Jordan Lates
Rob Wilson
Conner Holland
Luke Rosinski
Austin Franzea
Joe Calabro
Ryan Brown
Amaru Kante
Alfred Nyonee

Incoming 7th Graders
Max Kirsh
Nick Bernard
Andrew Davidson
Wenyan Gabriel
Kabongo Ngalakulondi
Anothony Lopez
Marcus Downer
Giovanni Baker
Caleb Green
Jake Coleman
Evan Maravelis
Jack Briggs
KJ Matte

Incoming 6th Graders
Same Anderson
Mitch Phillips
Ben Olson
Clayton Crowell

Incoming 5th Graders
None at this time, as we have not evaluated any of this group yet at AAU tournaments.

The list for all grade levels will grow over the next couple weeks as we hit more AAU tournaments.

Any questions at all, just email us

Thanks, BST Basektball


  1. wenyen and kabango are both going into 8th grade

  2. oh i think you are missing a very good ball player in rich ruffin tiffanys younger brother will be going in to 9th grade

  3. Wenyen and Kabango are both going to be in coming 8th graders i think your also missing 2 very good players wade gabriel and Zach Jones both from Bishop Elite

  4. Wade GOP you mean not Gabriel

  5. who committed for the high school boys?

  6. Are there any commits all ready for the high school boys and also for this age group for the academy in the summer brett?

  7. I think that is made clear in the post at the top of the page by BST Basketball. Any questions, feel free to e-mail them at

  8. I apologize, i was just informed there is some questions on here for me, things are crazy as we are getting ready for the leagues to jumpoff. I will post tommorow (tuesday) who has commited to the Advanced Academy for both the
    5-8 grade session and the 9-12 grade session.
    As far as the selection of invitees goes, for the 9-12 grade group we did player eval combined with media resoureces and player evaluation sources MA/NH basketball report and the New England Recruiting Report, as for the
    5-8 grade group, the BST Academy team has been using the AAU circuit to evlauate and invite kids as well as taking recommendations from high school coaches.

  9. Here is the list of commits thus far for the BST Advanced Academy.

    CLASS OF 2011
    Greg Lebond (Stark)
    Ryan Redmond (Souhegan)
    Mike O'Loughlin (Milford)
    Seth Cordts (Souhegan)
    Jared Fahmy (Beford)
    Ezra Hodgson (Conant)
    Conner Torrey (Mascoma)

    CLASS OF 2012
    Logan Kesty (BG)
    Skyler Mitchell (Coe-Brown)
    Jack Nelson (Souhegan)
    Brad Holler (BG)
    Trevor Fahmy (Bedford)
    Richard O'Brien (Bedford)
    Christian Owiefie (winnacunent)
    Jimmy Tomaswick (Alvirne)

    CLASS OF 2013
    Steven Toscano (BG)
    Zach Simmonds (Souhegan)
    Will MCInerny (Bedford)
    Quentin Bullen

    CLASS OF 2014
    Andrew Lechner
    Jordan Lates
    Daniel O'Neil
    Pat Keefe
    Tyler Zorn
    Seth Edwards
    Sam Knollmeyer
    Dawson Dickson
    Carment Giampetruzzi

    CLASS OF 2015
    Brennan Morris
    Joe calabro
    Austin Franzen
    Ryan Brown

    Class of 2016
    Jack Briggs
    Josh O'Loughlin

  10. Wanted to take an opportunity to praise a fantastic player development program. The BST Advanced Academy is a tremendous opportunity for New Hampshire and Northern Mass high school basketball players to get a true feel for player development at the college level. This program has provided an opporutunity for kids that has not yet been provided, the combination of player position development combined with education and introduction of exercis physiology with the Boston College strength team is eye opening for kids. Looking fordward to this program.

  11. did rick gorman first start this program? i though i saw a bst thing a while back with an older website?

  12. Dont know who Rick Gorham is but if he just started his a couple years ago, then i would say not, if you read the BST website they were established back in the 1990's. I Check out the acdemy you are talking about with Rick Gorham, there is really know similarties in their programs.

  13. So there are more than 1 bst? So there are two bst's???

  14. It appears that way, BST in NH was established in 1997, BST in MA was established in 2008, if you read their websites. Though the difference seems, by reading their websites, that BST in NH is not affliated with AAU, the other one in MA is.

  15. So gorman does the mass bst??

  16. Yes, I beleive so, there is no affliation between their two programs, that i can see. Two different concepts, logos, and company owners/staffs.

  17. bst should make a contact us page on their website

  18. that is the other bst website i came across. any affiliation or anything linking these two????

  19. There is nothing on the above link, is the program even going?, advanced academy is the NH,MA program.

  20. what do u mean nothing on it. use the site menu to the right of the website. its bst

  21. My point was, even if you use the tool bar, you really dont get a feel for what the program is or does.

  22. I got my money on Oumaru kante