Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First Ever Baseball Game Write-Up

Yesterday I covered my first high school baseball game for the site. Goffstown was 7-1 going in, and they played at Trinity who was 6-2. So I was expecting a well played, competitive game. But Goffstown showed that they are a definite contender and possibly the favorite for the Class L title as they beat Trinity 8-0.

Why Baseball?
New Hampshire has some solid talent in baseball, with scholarship players like Zach Mathieu, Jake Woodward and Mike Montville. There also appears to be some interest, as I have gotten a number of e-mails from people asking for some baseball content. I'm not going to cover it as extensively as I do with basketball and football, with player rankings and everything. But yesterday I went to a game, and I plan on going to a few more games as well and covering them for this site.

I thought that Trinity and Goffstown would be a good game to start off with since you have the first place team and a team tied for second in the Class L standings. It was a great day for baseball. Now, on to the game itself...

Goffstown 8 Trinity 0
Goffstown got 2 runs in the top of the 1st, 2 more in the top of the second and another in the top of the 3rd for a 5-0 lead after 2 1/2 innings. They didn't look back, as they controlled this game from start to finish.

Trinity's Not Bad, Goffstown is Just REALLY Good
Trinity has some young pitching that had its ups and down yesterday, they made a couple of errors in the field which hurt, and they could only muster 5 hits on the day. A tough day for the Pioneers, but it came against possibly the best team in the state in Goffstown. For a team that is as young as they are however, Trinity is VERY good. The Pioneers have SEVEN sophomores on their roster, including both pitches from this game. Goffstown on the other hand has ZERO sophomores. They have 8 seniors and 7 juniors.

Mike Beaudet will definitely be a pitcher to watch out for in a couple of years. The sophomore has good speed on his fastball, and showed a nice breaking ball which really fooled some hitters later in the game. The top position players for Trinity are center fielder/leadoff hitter Connor Lyons and third baseman Dave Gagnon. Lyons, who was also the star halfback for the Trinity football team, will be playing baseball next year at Northeastern. Gagnon is only a junior, and for a kid who is only 5'5" he has some pop in his bat and plays a solid third base.

Goffstown Looked Very Good
Not only is Goffstown a veteran team with 8 seniors and 7 juniors, but they're loaded with BIG, strong kids who can all play. You usually see smaller players at shortstop and second base, but Goffstown is even big at those positions. Their shortstop Riley Palmer and second baseman Jacob Glauser are both at least 6'2" and they're very strong physically. First baseman Michael Bisceglia must be 6'4" at least, these guys are all very big. Plus they can all hit the ball and they play fundamentally sound, smooth defense. Goffstown scored 8 runs, and pounded out 11 hits on the afternoon. Pictured above is Grizzlies catcher Ryan Beal, who had a sacrifice fly and scored a run.

Smith With Impressive Pitching Performance
It's not all about the hitting and defense for Goffstown. In fact the best part of their team is possibly their pitching. Their ace Ryan Smith turned in yet another excellent start. He threw 6 shutout innings, scattered 5 hits, struck out 6 and walked 2.

The junior showed solid speed on his fastball and located it well, and he also mixed in a nice splitter which he threw later in the count after multiple fastballs. Smith also showed the ability to move change location with his fastball and still throw it for strikes. He also has a very deceptive pickoff move, and at one point he threw over to first base and caught Trinity outfielder James Horn in a rundown.

The closest Trinity came to scoring on him was in bottom of the 3rd. Smith struck out sophomore Jake Hamel to start the inning, then Lyons reached on an infield single. He stole second base, then moved to third on a balk call. So the Pioneers had a runner on third and just one out, down 5-0 at the time. Also, Gagnon was at the plate, and he smashed a double in his first at-bat. If Trinity was going to get a rally going to get back in the game it was then. But Smith beared down, and blew a fastball right by Gagnon for a strikeout, then got Trinity's #3 batter Nick Nalette to groundout. Inning over, and Smith gets out of it unscathed, and with the shutout still intact.

Couture Also Looked Good on the Mound for the Grizzlies
With the way Smith had been pitching, you got the feeling that Goffstown manager Matt Benson (who is also an assistant coach for the Trinity boys basketball team) would leave him in there for the 7th inning to go for the shutout. But instead he brought in Colby Couture, (another senior) to come in and finish off the game. Couture came in and took care of business, with a 1-2-3 inning. He only needed to throw about 10 pitches too. I was impressed with Couture's blistering fastball which he located well, and also by his curveball. When you have a starter that can go 6 strong innings, and another pitcher who comes in and doesn't miss a beat that's a good combination to have.


  1. Jeremy,
    If you can, catch a Salem game when Nick Poore is on the mound. He is a great pitcher. Here is an Eagle Tribune article on him. He commited to BC and is still a Junior.


  2. It's actually David Gagnon, and he is a beautiful child.

  3. Nice article. Goffstown is a step ahead of the rest of Class L. A few Teams are competitive with them. They were one of the best last year and returned virtually all starters. They have excellent coaching and feeder programs. Riley Palmer is a stud.
    Trinity is re-building after losing many key players last year, two of which are playing D-1 and one is in a strong D-2 school. Connor Lyons is one of the best all-around players in NE and Nick Nallette is a superb backstop. Overall, they are a bit too young and inexperienced to handle Goffstown. Depth is also an issue.

    Look for Trinity to make the playoffs and maybe host a home game.

    Look for Goffstown to win the regular season in Class L by a few games and the Championship unless the likes of Nashua N., S., Salem or Londonderry can pull an upset in the finals or semis.
    Nodody hits better top-bottom than Goffstown. They could be upset by a big-time pitcher like Salem's Poore in the playoffs. Otherwise....clear sailing. However, Class L playoffs have notoriously been unpredictable.

    More articles would be great!!!!

  4. I am glad to see that someone is starting to recognize baseball in NH! Although Exeter isn't amazing, you should see Carson Cross pitch because he is an amazing pitcher. He already committed to UCONN for baseball and is quite nasty!

  5. Nick Poore threw a no hitter his last time out.


  6. Ryan Smith for Goffstown is a junior not a senior

  7. if you want to catch a good game, go to the portsmouth/STA game on may 15, the two best teams in the state

  8. What's the difference between first and first ever?

  9. I think I read that STA was crushed by Bedford recently.
    2 Best in State? Come on people.
    I'll take Goffstown and some other teams ahead. Portsmouth & STA are good....but not that good.

  10. Jeremy if you get a chance to watch a single class I game this year make it a St. Thomas game or Lebanon game. Class I basketball player of the year Jake Woodward leads a good Lebanon team and those St. Thomas kids can hit the ball.

  11. sta was beaten by bedford because their pitcher was throwing in the 90s, and even if sta isnt in the top 5, portsmouth is definately number 1, they have won 50 games in a row, and 2 ACC scholarship players

  12. 50 Games Versus Who?

    Not much. That's who. And..........

    Hart, Fransoso and Welch (?) are gone.

  13. how about montville jones o'leary and mccann? they're kinda good, and it doesnt matter vs who, there are dealing with what they are given

  14. Agree, but it's a reach to label them The Best when there are 4-6 Deep Teams in Class L each of the past 3 years that would more than give them a run for their money.

  15. Lets not forget the little league team that made the little league world series in 2006. They are just now coming around to high school age.

  16. I forgot about that 2006 Portsmouth team, they were pretty good. Are they all still together there in Portsmouth?

  17. i dont get why such a random school like goffstown is so good at baseball.

  18. Same reason as Keene. Eat, Drink, Breathe baseball. All of the kids have been together forever. Most do not go to private school. The town loves Baseball. Good fields and excellent coaching (with no Bull-Crap) from T-Ball up. Add in a ton of Pride and there you have it.

  19. the team isnt still together, some moved away and their star pitcher jordan bean is at saint thomas

  20. ian seawards from dover high school is much better then montville

  21. Jeremy - the kid from bedford that shut down the mighty St thomas lineup was another basketball player from this site - Joe Maher. I guess this is why he does not play aau basketball. Word is there were scouts there at that game because he is throwing low 90's now so sounds like he will be playing D1 baseball in 2 years

  22. I'm glad Keene Eats, drink's and breathe's something out there because there Basketball program (and a boat load of others) is an embarassment, School Administrators a joke and parents do not get it. No Bull Crap ? Keene is full of bull crap Polotics, daddy's the coach so sons an all star ect ect ect.The parents of the children out there need to be responsible enough to develope good athletic programs from the ground up in all sports not just point fingers all the time.

  23. He's very good. I heard he topped at 89 but was consistently mid to high 80s with his fastball and 70s with his offspeed stuff, which is where you want to be.