Tuesday, June 22, 2010

BST Recap at Rivier

Last night I took my first trip of the summer over to Rivier where the BST League's Southern Division is being held. Nashua North beat Hollis-Brookline by about 20 and Milford beat Souhegan 48-41. Here's the full recap.

Game 1: North vs. Hollis
Right from the beginning of this one you knew who the better team was and that team dominated throughout. Hollis played hard and kept competing the whole way, I give them cedit for that. They just didn't have the talent to compete on the same level as North, who led by about 20 at the half and cruised to the win.

The Titans were playing without one of their top 2 players in Ryan Gauthier and still prevailed. They did however, have 4 of their projected starters there. They were Javon Williams, Anton Marinchik, Mike O'Connor and Jacob Mellin. All four players played well to lead the team to the win.

Depth could have also played a role in this contest. North played about 19 kids in this game, while Hollis played just 7 players. Incoming senior Matt Haight did a solid job on both ends fr the Cavaliers.

Even though it's just summer league still shake my head anytime I see a player miss a dunk in a game. If you're going to attempt a dunk you better make it. Otherwise you look foolish and you're just giving away 2 points, because you could have just taken a simple layup. Javon Williams is a very talented player and is able to play the game at a faster speed than most players in the state. But sometimes he tries to be too flashy.

That being said, with Williams, Gauthier, Marinchik, O'Connor and Mellin the Titans will have a very solid starting 5. I could see them getting a top 8 seed in Division I next year.

Hollis meanwhile, could have another tough season. Coach Soucy did a nice job with that team last year, though. He got the most out of his players and they got better as the season went on. Look for something similar again in the winter.

Game 2: Milford vs. Souhegan
Both games last night at Rivier were a little sloppy, but this game was definitely a more competitive, more intense ballgame. It didn't look like it would be that way initially, with Milford jumping out to a quick 14-2 lead. Everything went the Spartans way in the first half, and they had an 18 point lead early in the second stanza. That's when Souhegan, started to slowly but surely get back into the game. They started to play good team basketball, and cut the lead to just 7, with Milford winning it 48-41.

Both teams had some of their key players there, but both teams were also playing without key players as well. For Milford, they had Jamie Holder, Mike O'Loughlin and Scott McCallum there and played without Mike Mitchell, Kyle Nelson, Dan Desmairas and Jovi Philbrick. Souhegan had Seth Cordts, Jack Nelson, Jake Kennedy, Zach Simmonds and Brandon Len and played without Devin Gilligan, Ryan Redmond and Nick Hession.

The highlight of the game was a two-handed dunk that Holder threw down on the fast-break. Neither team was making shots from the outside, but both squads did a nice job of getting into the paint and out in transition to convert their baskets. Just like in last year's Class I Tournament, having both Holder and O'Loughlin on the floor is just too much for most teams to contain.

Both of these teams will look very different when the regular season rolls around. Still, this was a good chance for the players who were there to improve their clubs as they work towards the upcoming season.


  1. new coach at west, go to union leader.com,looks like a total cluster of a hiring.

  2. Finding any high school sports content on the union leader website is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack!

  3. I cannot find it. Who did they hire?

  4. I get the Union Leader on-line and there is a big article re West's new coach on the front page of Sports.

  5. http://www.unionleader.com/sports.aspx?channel=7331e28b-af03-4672-a7e3-5f1efa301efe

    That is the link to the Union Leader.com front sports page. There is zero high school content on there, let alone anything about a new basketball coach at West High.

  6. who do you see making a difference for their varsity squad in the sophmore casses for milford and souhegan, jeremy?

  7. I think Jeremy answered your question in the recap above by the names he mentioned from Souhegan and Milford. If he saw anything in the underclassmen I'm sure he would have mentioned. Maybe he doesn't know their names - or felt they didn't contribute enough to make a difference. After all, he mentioned all who were missing from both teams.

  8. I think Jarad Asselin could get some minutes and contribute for Milford next year as a sophomore. As for Souhegan, Simmonds, Len, Kennedy, McKenna should all battle for minutes as sophomores along with that other kid they had last night who was a bigger kid. Not a bad class for the Sabers.

  9. If you get the Union Leader on-line newspaper it is right on the front page of the sports section...not talking about the Union Leader web-site - the news there is very limited. Big article there this am.

  10. Jeremy, the other big kid from Souhegan your refering to is Sean McGrath.

  11. any scores from last night games?

  12. The analysis of the Milford and Souhegan teams are pretty easy - first, no division 2 team is going to be able to stop Milford's big 3 this season. A team that might be able to give them trouble is Bedford simply due to size underneath, but look for Milford to run the table and go back to back.

    Souhegan has the talent to make a run into the playoffs and has three legitimate scorers in Cordts, Gilligan, and Redmond. Would definitely have trouble with a team like Bedford and can't hang with milford, so may be a year away and most of rotation players and underclassmen.

    The 11-12 season raises serious problems for Milford as all five starters graduate and I haven't seen one underclassmen currently who can shoulder the offensive load (or the leadership load) for them - it will be a long season for them, making the playoffs might be tough. Teams like Souhegan and Bedford will have everything it takes (Gilligan a POY candidate) to position for a title with Milford's big 3 gone