Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BST Recap at SNHU

It is the last week of the BST regular season before playoffs get started next week. Last night there was a lot of depleted rosters going at it over at SNHU. Between players playing in national AAU tourneys, injuries and vacations, almost every team was playing shorthanded.

The games I took in were Trinity vs. BG (girls), Pembroke vs. Trinity (boys) and Dover vs. Goffstown (boys). Here's my recap of all 3 games, plus the schedule for the BST "Crossover Weekend" for both the boys and girls.

Game 1: Trinity vs. Bishop Guertin (girls)
Last week when I recapped Trinity's game it became known that Trinity star guard Jasmine Theroux suffered a torn ACL during AAU action and will need surgery. She will likely miss the entire season, but may come back late in the year. A tough break for the Pioneers, but they still have enough talent to be a good team. Proof of that is the fact that even without Theroux, Trinity still had the 2 best players in this game playing for them in Emily Marro and Emily Martin.

Marro and Martin were just too much for BG to handle (who was also missing key players) and Trinity cruised to a 40-15 win.

In addition to Theroux, Trinity was also playing without junior Lia Nawn, who has been out in D.C. for nationals with the Shooting Stars. Guertin meanwhile played without sophomore forward Meghan Green, sophomore guard/forward Nikki Hayner, sophomore guard Madison Gibbs, guard Lauren Stelmash and freshman guard Jamie Sherburne.

BG took a 4-2 lead early, but then Trinity scored 16 straight points to go up 18-4. From there Trinity would only increase their lead, and this game was never really in question.

Marro and Martin played very well to lead the way for the Pioneers. She forced a couple of shots, but overall played very well. Marro can shoot it as well as put the ball on the floor and score off the drive. Martin rebounded the ball well and also had a good rhythm offensively, hitting mid-range shots from the baseline as well as in the paint. Paige Heslin also played well for Trinity, providing good defense and finishing inside.

BG will of course be a different team with all of their top players there (not to mention their coach who was at nationals coaching the Crusaders). Still, they did get solid play from Jenny Fallon, Hannah Hyatt and Leandra Piercy.

Game 2: Pembroke vs. Trinity (boys)
2 more depleted teams going at it in this one. Pembroke only had 5 players, and Trinity only had 5 high school players. I say high school, because Trinity actually brought 4 middle school kids off their bench to play. That shows how depleted these teams were. Trinity won it 66-44, with Madol being the difference.

Trinity had David Madol, Jake Hamel, Hunter Viscarello, Pat Keefe and Dawson Dickson. Some of their players, including Sylvere Aluko, Mabor Gabriel and Travis Descoteaux were at national tournaments with the Bishop Elite and Rivals.

Madol had a big game, and he also squashed any rumors about him going to Vermont Academy. He informed me after the game that he plans on staying at Trinity. The game comes very easy for him, as Madol was barely even trying out there but still dominating.

Pembroke meanwhile was led by their sophomore duo of Rene Maher and Matt Persons. Despite losing by 22, both players were solid, especially Maher. He's a fearless player who goes to the rim hard despite his lack of size and also has a dangerous pull-up jumper that he can hit anywhere on the court 3 point line or closer. Persons had some tough luck, have a number of shots go in and out on him. He still had a solid game too though, showing the ability to shoot it or put the ball on the floor.

As usual, the freshmen for Trinity were very good. Keefe and Dickson are both very quick, explosive players who can get up and down the floor, defend and shoot. When you watch them play you would never guess that they just graduated middle school. Hamel shot the ball well and played a solid all around game, and Viscarello played his usual tough defense.

For Pembroke, 6'2" junior Kent Noyes had a tough game, but did well on the boards. The Spartans were missing key players Patrick Welch, Tyler Morrison and Jordan Williams.

Game 3: Dover vs. Goffstown (boys)
Here's another indication of how depleted these teams were last night. Goffstown only had 4 players! In order to avoid having a forfeit, Keefe, Madol and a couple of the middle school players that played for Trinity the previous game played for Goffstown in this game...yikes! With this lack of interest in basketball at Goffstown, it is a good thing they are moving down to Division II (Class I).

Dover meanwhile was the complete opposite of the other teams I saw yesterday. They brought 14 kids with them, and virtually ALL of their top players were there. It is nice to see the commitment that Coach Romps has instilled in his program.

Dover went up 7-0 early and never looked back, winning it 55-46 in a game that really wasn't that close. The Green Wave had a 39-25 second half lead, but they took their starters out with about 9 minutes to go. And then Madol started to heat up and get Goffstown back in the game.

Kenaan Al-Darraji had a quiet game for Dover, serving as more of a facilitator instead of looking for his shot. Doing most of the damage instead was Morgan Faustino, Jarell Mejia, Bubba Mahan and Mike LeBlanc.

A nice moment in this game happened for Dover early in the second half. Mejia took a charge and then immediately the entire Dover bench (including Romps) stood up clapping their hands. On the very next Goffstown possession, Mahan took a charge. Again, the entire bench including Romps stood up and clapped for him. Good stuff. On a day when the teams were so depleted, and the level of play in the games was less than stellar, it was nice to see one program making the most of their summer league games.

For Goffstown, they continue to be led by their senior backcourt of Brandon Shea and Ryan Lange. Two solid players with good fundamentals and both play the game hard.

Crossover Weekend Schedule
All games will be played this Saturday at the Rockingham Athletic Club in Plaistow, NH.

9 AM
Red Court - Derryfield vs. Windham
Blue Court - Raymond vs. Nashua North
Black Court - Alvirne vs. Merrimack

10 AM
Red Court - Bishop Brady vs. Sanborn
Blue Court - Trinity vs. Amesbury MA
Black Court - Dana Barros HS (Blue) vs. Manchester West

11 AM
Red Court - Bishop Guertin vs. Haverhill
Blue Court - Manchester Memorial vs. Dana Barros (white)
Black Court - Dover vs. Groton/Dunstable

12 PM
Red Court - Souhegan vs. Bedford
Blue Court - Milford vs. Pembroke
Black Court - Manchester Central vs. Greater Lawrence Tech

1 PM
Red Court - Merrimack Valley vs. Campbell
Blue Court - Hollis/Brookline vs. Concord
Black Court - Raymond(green) vs. Goffstown

Now, here's Saturday's schedule for the girls division:

2 PM
Red Court - Bishop Guertin vs. Campbell
Blue Court - Trinity vs. Nashua South
Black Court - Manchester Central vs. Bedford

3 PM
Blue Court - Bishop Brady vs. Pembroke


  1. Isn't MAdol with the Rivals in LA?

  2. I noticed that Derryfield is the only class S team doing BST. Have they been able to stay competitive with teams?

  3. madol obviously doesn't want his fall plans publicized for whatever reason.

  4. That is a good question - how could Dave Madol have been playing in Manchester this Monday night when the Rivals were on an extended trip to Las Vegas and California? Did Madol not make the trip with the Rivals?

  5. Regarding Jeremy's comment
    ".yikes! With this lack of interest in basketball at Goffstown, it is a good thing they are moving down to Division II (Class I)."

    Goffstown should stay in D1, just because they are bad does not give them the right to drop and play schools that are smaller than them. If you have a lousy program you should get pummeled. Work hard and do well!!!

  6. Madol did not make the trip with the Rivals.

  7. Why would Madol not go to Las Vegas and California? July is the Live Period for Division 1. There are a ton of coaches out in Vegas and LA. Did something happen between Madol and the Rivals?

  8. Not sure about Keefe, but didn't Dixon repeat 8th grade? Wouldn't that make him make him not a true freshman?

  9. dickson did repeat, but keefe didn't

  10. Lots of Rivals stuff going on in these pages. Why did David not go to Vegas or LA and the fact that he didn't should make it more of a possibility for him to be at Vermont?

  11. madol couldnt make the trip because he had some summer classes he had to take care of

  12. doesn't sound right. Too big an opportunity for him during the one month that D1 coaches can come out and watch. Must be something more to it.

  13. Someones doing their best to try and stir something up when there's obviously nothing there? Wonder who that could be? I'm sure David would be laughing at them if he knew.

  14. Maybe school work is more important than going to a tournament. You need to get your priorities straight!!

  15. Well clear it up then? Why was David not needed or allowed to go to the West Coast? I mean if it is personal or a family thing that is fine say that and all will be dropped. It just seems weird that a player like David would be left home during the live period. I mean with the rumors of him going to Prep school maybe they thought that he would be better showcased next year and allowed a actual junior/senior to go in his place. If that was it, fine.

  16. David Madol, Did stay home for School work, let us not all lose a grip here huh? EDUCATION COMES FIRST PERIOD !!! "STUDENT" Athelete doing its finest work, David struggled with his grades last semester and had to attend summer school to get them up. Still with Rivals and Trinity (atleast for now). If not this up coming school year definetely next look for David to go prep and re-classify (no - brainer).Atleast 3 more years of ball in front of him before College, so not going to LA/LV not as significant as you would like everyone to believe, important yes! but not more than his grades,Madol is well known by college coaches believe me, but early..as they will watch his developement as both a Baller and "Student Athelete" over the next couple of years. LA/LV was a great experience for all Rivals players that attended, loaded with college coaches everyday, highest level of competition most of these kids have ever seen,and a maturing process for them as well, but David has been playing at a high level since March up and down the east coast and will be fine, David Madol is a good basketball player that has a long way to go in developement to really impress the mid-majors or higher. need to get out of New Hampshire more often, there are thousands of David Madols out there at his current level of skills and he will need to work hard to develope over the next couple of years to really stick out.He has a bright future ahead of him if he continues to work hard both on the hardwood and the CLASSROOM.........Let it rest.....

  17. I think it has already been said that he had summer school classes that couldn't be missed. Don't see why that is hard to comprehend... Especially if the Prep school rumor is true!! Too often on this site we fault athletes for not making academics a priority..now when they do, they are being faulted again. He didn't go, he had school, end of story.

  18. I really hope some of these better players learn the lesson that grades are as important to their success as playing ball. Madol is obviously struggling, having to take a summer class and missing one of the most important tournaments of his life, and apparently Laguerre and Holder are struggling to meet minimum recruiting standards as well. There are so many talented players out there for colleges to choose from, these players need to realize that grades could become a pivotal factor in terms of their recruitment. Maybe the Rivals staff should be preaching performance in the classroom to their players, as much as they do trying to get an "offer" from a D1 college.

  19. It is no langer that easy to reclassify for D1 consideration. Tougher rules by the NCAA are in place for consideration of core courses, and the number of semesters available to you to complete them. The rules ease up for D2 and D3. So if D1 is your goal, hit the books now and don't just think that any academic issues can easily be settled by reclassing or a PG year.

  20. The AAU tournament is not important good for him getting his summer work done. The good (and bad) thing about AAU is the games mean nothing. There are more next weekend and the weekend after that etc, etc.

  21. it is good that he is focusing on the summer school work, but I think you underestimate how important the July live period is, at least from a D1 perspective. I'm sure David has plans to play D1, and if in fact he is not re-classifying to Vermont Academy, then going to Vegas and LA would have given him alot of valuable exposure with D1 coaches. Maybe Madol is trying to get some last minute academic credits in order to get into Vermont Academy next year and reclassify as a Junior.

  22. If you think the D1 live period is more important than taking the academucs seriously, you are under-estimating a great number of things. He is not that good that bad academics will be overlooked.