Friday, July 9, 2010

BST Southeast Division - Week 4 Recap

In the 3 games I saw last night at week 4 of the BST Summer Madness Southeast Division, all 3 games were decided by 11 points or more. They weren't exactly barn burners. Still some solid basketball was played. Haverhill, Raymond and Dana Barros HS (White) all came away with wins. Here's the recap.

Game 1: Greater Lawrence Tech vs. Amesbury
2 Mass. teams, I didn't see much of this one. I'm guessing Tech won, though. As long as they had Celestin and they're other key guys there, they're a better team. Them and Haverhill are the 2 best teams in this division with all teams at full strength.

Game 2: Campbell vs. Haverhill
After Campbell had a disappointing 20+ point loss to Raymond last week, you thought maybe this week they would really come out firing, especially since they had pretty much all of their key players there (all except Tyler Syphers).

Unfortunately for them Haverhill had the 6'5 Noah Vonleh (ranked by ESPN as one of the top 30 players in the country from the class of 2013) back in the lineup. Vonleh was seeing his first game action in 3 weeks due to a concussion, but he was still impressive.

Campbell played some solid basketball in this game. But the speed and shooting ability of the Hillies was too much, and they won it 59-40.

Jason Paquin did some nice things off the bench for the Cougars, with 2 and-1's in the span of about 3 minutes. Andy Lepine played a solid all around game in the Campbell backcourt, and Max Gouveia did a nice job of breaking the Haverhill press. At one point he was trapped by 3 Hillie defenders, but he broke through it, got to the rim, and got to the line.

Haverhill though had about 6 different players hit three's. They can all shoot it and they're all real fast. #1 for them had a real nice stroke, hitting 4 three's of his own.

The NH teams in this division have had a tough time against the 3 Mass. teams, but it's understandable. Haverhill, Greater Lawrence Tech and Amesbury all return virtually their entire teams from last season.

Game 3: Raymond vs. Dana Barros HS (Blue)
Once again, Raymond plays without one of their top players. Once again, they win a game by double digits. Kevin Paynter was back in the lineup for the Rams, but they played without guard Jordon Richards. Raymond started off this game slow. They were down 8-2 early, and late in the first half it was tied at 13. But they played a good second half, and won it 41-28.

For the Dana Barros coached team, they were once again led by Mike Lombard. Lombard had a tough shooting game in this one, but still did plenty of other things to help the team. Ben Judson did a nice job on the win of getting into the lane and making plays, especially some nice passes down low (he's only going to be in 8th grade next year too). The two kids from Concord also played well tonight, Seth Purtell and Nick Peters.

Raymond came out strong in the second half, and took a 32-20 lead. They were led by Paynter, Joe Morin, Jeff Lang and Dezmen Everett.

Game 4: Sanborn vs. Dana Barros HS (White)
This Dana Barros team was coached by Barros' assistant Eric, who coaches at Xaverian High in Mass. It was the same team that played the previous game, except without Judson. After a tough shooting game vs. Raymond, Lombard really heated up from the outside, hitting 4 or 5 three's all from the same spot on the right wing. Shane Mullins from Timberlane also hit a couple big shots.

Sanborn played a solid game, but it wasn't enough as the Dana Barros team wins it 54-43.


  1. Full strength, you have to look at 4-0 Raymond as a team atop the division also.. I think they look better without Painter..There offense flows much better because he seems to do his own thing and not pass the ball..Richards is a solid point guard for them because he actually passes

  2. jeremy the haverhill vs campbell game who is the kid from campbell with the number 7 he played a good game. haverhill tried to stop him different kids all game but he still had about 18 points 3 or 4 blocks ran the floor well and hade sum nice passes? is that morgan

  3. big tournament at unh this weekend

  4. jeremey are you going to come to the plymouth state king of the mountain tounrey next weekend?

  5. it seems like you respect Raymond a lot this year what do you like about there team.

  6. hey Jeremy what do you find impressive about Raymond, im asking this judging on how you said

    yet again they win by double digits

  7. I saw Bishop Guertin for the first time this summer,WOW, and I heard one of the parents saying they were without 4 or 5 kids,3 that get minutes.That team is something to watch,they went thru teams like a knife thru butter.My son plays class m, we don't see anything like that.

  8. Mignault is going to bed with a big old smile tonight,his squad took home 3 pretty convincing wins.

  9. exeter,some team from portland,oyster river,at they play alvirne,and another team from maine,if they keep winning they keep playing.No Mcclung,Green,Kelly,Holder,Folger,or preskinas and they still were scoring at an impressive clip.South looks good,there is a team from maine named chevryous{something like that}that is really good.Fun tourny , lots of teams,no running clock,so it has more of a regular season feel to it.From a guertin perspective, they didn't do much wrong,it was one of those days where everything was clicking on both ends of the court.That being said they will probably come out flat today and lay and egg.I hope not though, cuz if they win their bracket and south wins theirs they will meet in the semis.That will be a fun matchup.

  10. What happened in BST this week in the central division?

  11. bg beat alvirne by about 25 or 30,then played back to back to back games.They beat sanford maine,by about 25,then beat a team from portland by 20,then lost to chevyrous in the finals by about 25.6 wins 1 loss,lots of hoops,lots of cramping,lots of fun at unh this weekend.

  12. plymouth, next weekend, another fun 1.

  13. Same ole BG basketball, very good, just never quite the best.

  14. mike lombard ppg is 14.25 not 21.5 he hade a 24 a 19 a 9 and a 5 point game that is 14.25 ppg