Monday, September 20, 2010

BST Adanced Academy Recap

It might be football season, but over the last few weeks there has been a group of about 25 kids who have really been working hard on the basketball court.

The BST Advanced Academy recently wrapped up it's 5 week program that was focused on getting talented players in the gym who wanted to work hard and get better. It did so through high intensity, fast paced drills geared towards positional development and preparing the players for the college level.

I attended 3 of the sessions. I was impressed by the program, and it was clear that all 28 of the players there were really improving their games. Here's what I saw from those players.

Class of 2011

Seth Cordts, 6'2", Souhegan HS - Cordts is really playing some tough, hard nosed basketball right now. He is digging in defensively and playing with a purpose. Cordts is shooting it well and also made some strong drives to the rim in drills and scrimmages. He's a threat to score anytime he comes off a screen, but also made some nice passes to teammates for scores.

Jared Fahmy, 6'6", Bedford HS - Fahmy was working out the wing players at this program. Considering he's 6'6" the fact that he has the quickness and skill set to play the wing makes him an attractive option at the next level. Fahmy showed some nice moves around the basket as well as the ability to step out and knock down outside shots. He was able to defend players on the wing as well as down in the post.

Connor Hill, 5'11", Bow HS - Very smart, savvy ballplayer. Showed a good handle and hesitation dribble. Was able to get in the lane and make plays. Very good mid-range shooter and was able to get good looks thanks to a nice crossover. Solid frame for a 5'11" kid and Hill was also a tough defender.

Ezra Hodgson 6'5" Conant HS - Hodgson was one of a handful of this program's breakout players. He flat out does not miss from the 15-18 foot range, and also showed he could hit the 20 footer. Last season he was strictly a big man who could shoot. But he has really expanded his game a lot since then, both defensively and offensively as well. He can now post people up, is effective shooting off the dribble as well as off the catch and he is also a solid defender. His stock raised a lot from these sessions.

Greg Leblond, 6'0", John Stark Regional HS - LeBlond looks primed for a big senior year for the Generals. I said it last season and I'll say it again. His game reminds me a lot of Alex Burt from Dover. LeBlond played solid on-the-ball defense and is also dangerous in transition with his court vision and ability to drain the pull up three. He's in excellent shape right now and played hard every minute he was on the court.

Scott McCallum, 6'4", Milford HS - Another one of the program's major stock risers. I was very impressed by the 6'4" swingman. Few players in the NHIAA have improved as much over the last year than him. He is as good of a shooter as any in the state, and with his height and long arms he is able to get his shot off over pretty much anybody. The game now comes easy to McCallum, and it shows with his decision making in the open floor. Forget the "Big 3" in Milford. They now have the "Big 5" with McCallum and Kyle Nelson included.

Mike O'Loughlin, 6'3", Milford HS - O'Loughlin was the highest ranked player in this program. it might not have shown as much the first 2 sessions I went to, but it definitely showed last Thursday. At multiple points during the the scrimmages he flat out took over the game, making some tough off balanced shots off the dribble, as well as finishing nicely on some hard rives to the rim against contact. O'Loughlin also played well on the defensive end of the floor. He was an exceptional threat to score the basketball, and has also tightened up his handle.

Ryan Redmond, 6'4", Souhegan HS - Redmond showed that he is a strong inside player, especially when posting up and rebounding the basketball. He ran the floor well, is good at passing the ball out of the post as well as knocking down the mid-range jumper.

Class of 2012

Trevor Fahmy, 6'7", Bedford HS - Another big stock riser. The younger Fahmy (pictured above) is a very hard worker and is always in the gym working on his game. With his combination of size and strength he's an imposing figure in the paint. He was also able to step away from the basket and drill the 15-18 foot jumper. Fahmy is a fundamentally sound big man with plenty of upside. His best basketball is clearly still ahead of him.

Brad Holler, 5'11", Bishop Guertin HS - Holler showed a good feel for the game, and is another player who the game comes easy to. Holler is also one of the state's top shooters, and also showed a very quick release which allowed him to get his shot off even when guarded closely. Holler also showed that he is much more than just a shooter, as he displayed some solid passing skills, especially on the break. He was also tough on defense, and if you don't protect the basketball he'll take it from you.

Logan Kesty, 6'2", Bishop Guertin HS - The silky smooth two-guard glided to the basket on some hard drive attempts, and also showed a deadly pull-up jumper from 15-18 feet. Kesty has more strength than most 2's, and this allowed him to finish inside against them in addition to playing on the perimeter. He's another player who's in excellent shape, and looks to have a big junior season. You know he's itching for the season to start after not getting as many minutes as he was hoping for last year at Trinity.

Skyler Mitchell, 6'3", Coe-Brown - Mitchell played extremely hard on both ends of the floor. He's kind of a tweener. Not big enough to play the post, but his game is more like a bigs so it's at times tough for him to play the perimeter. But this also makes him a tough matchup. Put a big on him, and Mitchell will use his quickness to go by them. Put a guard on him and he'll abuse him down on the block. He's not a flashy player, but he is a hard nosed kid who does all of the little things well.

Christian Oweifie, 6'6", Winnacunnet HS - Last year I thought it might be his breakout year, but with so many seniors on the team he had to wait patiently for his chance. His chance to start shining for Winnacunnet is definitely this year, with the Warriors being a much younger team. He is long, athletic and has excellent leaping ability. The upside is there, he just has to continue to work on his skill set and inside play and he could be a scary player pretty soon.

Class of 2013

Phil Boyatsis, 6'4", Dover HS - Another tweener kind of player like Mitchell. Boyatsis though is probably better off as a wing, because of his good shooting touch and slender frame. He has a good face up game, and has solid range out to 18 feet. Smart player and hard worker.

Quentin Bullen, 6'0", Exeter HS - Athletic guard with smooth release on jumper and good range. Was able to routinely knock down shots off the dribble and with a hand in his face. Could see good minutes for an Exeter team that lost a lot of seniors, and had their top returning player (Holler) transfer to BG.

Grant Faustino, 6'3", Dover HS - Faustino is a tough, rugged player whom is also another one of those tweener players. He has a strong frame, and was able to muscle the ball up and in against smaller defenders.

Max Gouveia, 5'10", Campbell HS - Gouveia was the most impressive player from this class. He's a quick, athletic, lefty point guard with good court vision and is very quick off the dribble. He is adept at getting into the lane and making plays for himself and teammates, and really pushes the ball in transition. he best part of his game is a pull-up jumper which he made consistently, even with a hand in his face and even from 20 feet away.

Jarrett Hudson, 5'10", Dover HS - Hudson is a player who is underrated and sometimes gets lost in the shuffle on a deep Dover team, but the kid can definitely play. He has a solid build for a 5'10" kid and is also a good ball handler. Hudson is a fundamentally sound player with a solid mid range game.

Brandon Len, 5'6", Souhegan HS - I liked what I saw from Len. Nowadays everyone likes to score and put shots up. There are not a lot of pure point guards left - it's a dying breed. So when you see a player who is just as happy to make the assist as he is to make the basket it's refreshing. Len did a nice job of controlling the tempo and also made good decisions with the ball in transition.

Zach Simmonds 6'2" Souhegan HS - At 6'2" Simmonds has good size for a wing, and he is only a sophomore. He can shoot it from deep, put it on the floor, and also isn't afraid to go after the offensive boards.

Class of 2014

Jake Capistran, 5'11", Bedford HS - Solid player who works hard and is unselfish offensively. Capistran is a wing who can handle the ball and was able to hang right in there against the older players.

Dawson Dickson, 5'6", Trinity HS - Judging by his knowledge, feel for the game and instincts you would never think he was only a freshman. He just knows how to play the game. Excellent ball handler and one of the quickest guards in the state. Also a good shooter off the catch or the dribble. Tough competitor.

Carmen Giampetruzzi, 6'1", Trinity HS - Giampetruzzi is a very athletic kid (also plays football and baseball) and has a strong frame. The 6'1" two-guard is already a knock down shooter from 18-20 feet away with a quick release. He's in excellent shape and also played solid defense.

Patrick Keefe, 5'10", Trinity HS - Not only was he the best freshman at the program, but he might be the best freshman in the state period. Keefe is a fun player to watch, because his motor is always running. He made the play of the night the first session I went to by coming out of nowhere and jumped up high in the air for a nice put-back all in one motion. Some people knock his shooting form, but he was consistlently hitting 15-18 footers in rhythm when I was there.

Sam Knollmeyer, 5'11", Winnacunnet HS - Knollmeyer made some nifty moves in transition to get his shot off, and also displayed a good mid-range game. Solid all around player who made good decisions on the floor. Very hard worker. Nothing flashy about his game, just a solid ballplayer who can fill up a stat sheet.

Jordan Lates, 5'2", Hollis-Brookline HS - One of the program's breakout players. Yes, he is short. He can't control that. What he can control is his skill set and how hard he plays, and I was very impressed by both from this young man. Despite his size he is fearless going to the basket, and made a number of nice finishes against bigger players as well as drive and dish plays to teammates for layups. He is lightning quick and knows how to run the point. Fun player to watch.

Andrew Lechner, 6'1", Pinkerton Academy - Another youngster who I really liked what I saw from, especially at the first session I went to. He is a gifted offensive player who takes the ball right at the defender and is able to finish at the rim and against contact. Not only is he a good slasher, but he has a good pull-up game as well in the mid-range area. Not only that, but Lechner's range also goes beyond the 3 point line. Tough kid who plays with a little bit of an edge which I like.

Dan O'Neil, 6'3", Windham HS - O'Neil has a bright future ahead of him. He struggled to get a shot off at times during the drills. But he was going against guys like Hodgson and Trevor Fahmy who are older and bigger than him. Of the players who worked out with the bigs, he was definitely the only freshman and was also the smallest. Playing against that kind of competition will really make him better in the long run. He's an athletic player and a hard worker.


  1. This program and I'm sure the other programs BST runs are outstanding, I was very impressed with the energy and enthusiasm of the entire staff on any given night and it trickled down to the players as well. Over the duration of the program I personally witnessed the level of skill transform higher and higher each week in the gym.One of the best programs around, worth every penny, for the serious basketballer. First time being involved with BST programs and i give it a very high recommendation to all that want to improve, serious baller parent.

  2. Jeremy, thank you for continuing the work you do. It helps those of us who enjoy the game learn about other talent in the state that we may otherwise not see. Although I come from the girls side, when you love the game it doesn't matter the team, good talent is fun to watch and be a part of. There are many of us who appreciate your input and opinions.

  3. Although it may have been a coincidence, it is telling that Cordts is at the top of Jeremy's list. I went to a number of the sessions as well and saw Cordts as someone who really couldn't be stopped out there offensively - and clearly frustrated O'Loughlin on the defensive end, locking him down enough to where he couldn't score. O'Loughlin had trouble from 3 point range in all of the sessions I saw.

    Another highlight week in and week out was Kesty. This kid can clearly get anything he wants offensively and is athletic enough to make plays that get his team into transition. A clear positive addition to any program - can't see how he doesn't become a leader for that BG team

  4. Cordts is listed at the top, because the players are sorted by class, and then wiothin their class they're in alphabetical order.

  5. BST must be really helping then since Mike O had his biggest games last year against Souhegan. Maybe Souhegan is the team that can upset Milford.

  6. BST did a great job with this program. They really taught the kids and took time to explain how and why. It wasn't just a bunch of drills with little or no instruction. My son got a lot out of it. Very worthwhile.

  7. Jeremy,
    great attention to detail with your feedback on these kids. Another purposful writeup.

  8. The only team that can beat Milford this year is Milford - too much talent unless they implode. Cant read much into what happened at BST. When the games matter Mike O. lights up any defender in D2. Player of the year this year.

  9. When the games are for real then we'll separate the players from the playahs.

  10. Thats the trouble with blogs - Seth is such a class act he would never tell you he dominated anyone. Just there to work on his game and be a better player, but someone there to watch is going to make it into a personal thing. No need - just say Seth looked good and Mike as always played well.

  11. Souhegan will not upset Milford end of story. They have talent, but Milford is better.

  12. Great post, 3:44. Its about progressing as players, not about who is better than who, if you take care of self, everything else will fall into place, where it should.

  13. That is not right. The world is a competitive place and if it isn't about who is better then why work so hard? You work hard so you are the best in your town,state and then maybe things work out. I disagree that the BST program is not about being the best. I bet every guy there wants to be the best there.

  14. If the world is so competitive, why are there so many losers, schmucks, and mensches that go no where?

    Most players recognize that there is always someone better. They work hard to improve and to make more plays then they did the last time on the floor. But those that succeed do not compete against the Michael Jordan's of the world, they compete with themselves to demonstrate that they are better tonight then they were last night. They find ways to make more plays, they find ways to make a greater contribution, they find ways to win, they find ways to succeed individually. We often call may of them "glue" guys. But in the final analysis, they demonstrate a critical basketball skill that not all have. It's not the desire to be the best, it's the desire to participate, contribute, and succeed.

  15. The point is, if you work hard and progress as a player, to maximize your potnetial then thats all you can do, hopefully that puts you in the conversation of best players, but maybe not. common nature is to be competitive for athletes, you wouldnt be playing a sport if you didnt want to be the best as a player/team. There is no dount that the bst program is about producing the best players possible, and that confidence that comes along with that is priceless. this program was phenomenal for these kids.

  16. The educational tools provided by BST for these kids was fantastic. My favorite part was the session in which the Boston College basketball Strenght and conditing coach came in to work with the kids. Not only did he work wiht them on strenght and conditing, agility drills, but he also spent time on educating the kids on proper nutrition and alchol usage, now that is priceless.

  17. The three kids that impressed me the most were Jordan lates, great skill set, and quickness for a young kid, needs to get stronger and a better jump shot, but has a tremendous future in the game.The second was Logan Kesty, definatley has a future at the college level, strong, quick, nice jump shot, and very rarley forces things or makes bad decsisions. Last but not least, the kid that totally took me by surprise, was Ezra Hodgson, big, strong, nice touch, and great feel for the game, was the most complete big man at the academy. I'm pretty sure after the academy, Ezra was awarded a special invitation to the exposure showcase, if this is so, good for bst for recoginzing Ezra for his work ethic, and improved game.

  18. Anyone know of any open gyms going on over the Fall? Anyone?

  19. Jeremy if Zach Simmonds, Jarrett Hudson, and Quentin Bullen do so well why arent they ranked higher?

  20. Brady and Concord High have open gyms. Brady T and Th and Concord M and W all at 6 (double check the times)

  21. Are they open to other players?

  22. Cordts got invited to the exposure showcase after BST elite camp as well

  23. Yes Braday has players from all around comming and so does concord.. Brady is monday and wed 3-5 and concord is Sun, Tues,Thurs 5:30-7:30.. Just want something for the kids all are welcome..

  24. Cordts has progressively improved and will be a solid collegiate player, what he lacks in athletiscm he more than makes up for with his brain, congrats to Seth for all the hard work, it is paying off. Best of luck in the exposure showcase

  25. If Seth chooses to go to MIT he has been assured that their is a roster spot available to him.

  26. If you dont think Cordts can be successful playing basketball at MIT, than you obviously have not been paying attention

  27. I know for a fact that MIT has contacted Seth Cordts and is looking into the possibility of him playing there. So on the question "academics or athletics" the answer to that would be both.

  28. IT is not as simple as that guys. Like I said I dont care if he sits the bench for four years it would be silly to turn down that education to play more at a different d3 school. It comes down to will he play of be a end of the roster guy. I know very little of the basketball program and like I said if you can get in it would be silly not to just to be able to get more minutes some where else but if playing time is a issue for Seth he should be talking to the coaches not about a roster spot but about other guys at the school and what the coaches think his role will be. Lets face it getting a degree from MIT and sitting on the end of the bench for four years will serve you more in your future than getting a degree from a lesser school and playing more minutes. Not knocking anyone or doubting his role just making sure he knows that there are many roster spots on D3 benches. Many more of those than actual game minutes.

  29. Everyone, calm down a little bit. Seth is a verrryyy intelligent young man. I would argue to say he is more intelligent than any of us posting on this site already. He can go to any school he wants based on his academics. He and his family will decide what is the best fit for him academically. If basketball fits into the equation, and according to numerous reliable sources, it does at MIT, then its a plus. There are other high academic schools on Seths list of college choices, this is just one of them...oh, by the way, several have offered him basically the whole thing based on academics. Knowing Seth pretty well, lets just leave him alone and let him enjoy this time of his life. Seth, your a great kid, keep up the hard work!

  30. What position would Spirou play at an MIT or equivalent? His accomplishmnets in HS ball have been phenomenal, but he is what 6'4", 180? Would he be a guard? He won't be playing inside unless he puts on 20 pounds of muscle in a year.

    Whereas Cordts would be a good sized point guard and would play in his logical position that he has prepared his whole HS career for.

  31. Just because you can play basketball at a higher level than Seth does not mean anything at MIT... what matters to them (the admissions office) is that your a well rounded student, that when you leave MIT in 4 years you will go out into the world and be a potential business leader. Getting admitted to MIT is a lot harded than playing ball for them and maybe the coach at MIT does not think any of the others have as good a chance at being admitted. Remember at MIT Education is first Basketball is second. But I wish all the kids applying to MIT Good Luck!

  32. I find it hard to believe that any of these players would come into MIT as freshman and be more than just roster spots the first year. The self discipline these players will need to satisfy the time and physical demands of a college basketball program (including daily physical training AND practice session(s)), combined with the MITs rigorous academic requirements would be a major adjustment in itself... Then add learning to play the game with a shot clock. It would be hard for a NHIAA player to join the MIT team and begin making meaningful contributions right away.

  33. MIT does 'recruit' a large number of kids, they know with an admittance rate that was below 10% last year, that it is hard for any student to be accepted - athletics or no athletics.

    As others have stated, you may want to look up some info on the guys that are there this year. They have become a powerhouse program and are getting very high level players now.

    9:09, MIT did indeed have many freshmen contribute in a big way last year. While I have not seen Cordts play, I did see Mitch Kates while he was a Phillips Exeter, and as a senior there, he was light years ahead of ANY NHIAA guard in the 2010 or 2011 class. He was handed the reins of the MIT team as a true freshmen and led them to a conference title and only the 2nd NCAA tournament appearance in school history.

  34. Once again people in NH show ignorance about how competitive D3 basketball really is. People hear MIT and they assume a bunch of nerdy kids who happen to play basketball. If they did their research, or attended a game, they would realize that MIT is now a nationally ranked D3 program, and recruit kids from all over the country. MIT can beat many of the NESCAC schools, and will be one of the top teams in the NEWMAC conference this year, which also includes schools like WPI, Springfield, Clark, etc.

  35. Thats a great, informed post 12:13 thank you.

  36. No one is saying anything bad about their program. Its a fantastic program. The fact of the matter is, if Seth chooses to attend, he will be on their team. Great job on your academic and athletic achievements Seth.

  37. I think I learned more about MIT basketball in 5 minutes than I did in the last decade. Lucky me.

  38. Spirou would play 2 or 3. His quickness has increased this summer and he looks like he already put on 10 to 15pds from last year. Not to mention his shot looks really good as his range has really extended. I am still waiting to see how cordts handles quickness he really struggled against Pelham last year with the speed of Defranzo Defensively. Point Guards at that level will be much more physical and quicker than Defranzo.

  39. It is unfortunate that so many people here assume they understand basketball at the college level. I disregard things like he has heard from or has been contacted by, etc. If you have any amount of talent and play well in front of a member of a coaching staff, you will be "contacted".

    If you get invited to go to the school, work with some of the players, do an overnight stay, then you are being looked at in a serious matter.

    At this point, you MUST start to factor in a few other things:

    1. D3 coaches ALWAYS, ALWAYS over-recruit. Until you sign papers to attend the school and actually make that bill payment, you can go anywhere you choose. That is the truth of the situation when you do not have to commit with athletic scholarship money.

    2. Even after getting to school, come mid-October when official workouts begin, you still face competition for a uniform at many schools. It is not uncommon for a coach to cut players in the month from Oct. 15 to Nov. 15. This is why no matter what your being told, you had better do some serious research into the program. How many players has the coach historically carried? Does he typically bring in 18-20 guys to compete and then cut some players before the season.

    3. Right now in your senior year or in the summer before your junior year, ask to attend a team workout. Be honest with yourself in evaluating if your a good fit in the program. This includes understanding who you will be competing with for playing time. Even in the summer, most teams have unorganized pickup games and many teams play together in summer leagues, so there are plenty of opporunities to see and assess for yourself if a program is indeed a good fit for you.

    4. In the end, another very big factor will be the financial aid package you get from the school. This is why you see many kids not making a final decision until the April/May time frame of their senior year. It is also where your grades become a huge factor in the process. If your a high end student, the coach can make a pitch for you to get additional aid. If your academic resume is suspect, it becomes hard to get more than what the school decides you need based of the FASFA.

    Bottom line - for both parents and players - Do your research and be honest with yourselves.

  40. I think I learned more about MIT basketball in 5 minutes than I did in the last decade. Lucky me.

    Monday, September 27, 2010 7:57:00 AM EDT

    Indeed Lucky for you, if you think you have a clue about an NH kid moving on and playing at the next level, it might help to have some actual knowledge of the D3 teams in our part of the country - Since there are over 70 of them in the the Northeast Region.

    MIT was a doormat for many years, but they have made the NCAA's each of the last two years and have formed an extremely talented team. They are now pulling in very high level players, not just great students who can play some ball. To make that roster in the next couple of years will be a great accomplishment by ANY NHIAA player.

  41. FYI things change year to year drastically. Mit could be a doormat this year and next for all you know.

  42. Well, Ty for that incredible piece of insight.

    Now, if you understand anything about the college game at all, you would realize this is not D1 with the top teams being full of "1 & Done" guys.

    Now i'll tell you what I DO know.

    MIT graduated only one significant player last season and if you took some time to look at the forums, you would know that Noel Hollinsworth is 2nd team pre-season all-american pick by the Sporting News (after earning 2nd-team post-season honors last year). How many D3 teams are you aware of that will start 6-9, 6-8, 6-8, 6-5, and 6-1?

    They had 2 freshmen and a sophomore average over 30 min/g last year in going 22-5.

    Yeah, they are going to just fall off the cliff!