Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eastern Basketball Preseason Showcase - List of Committed Players

(Last updated 11/19/10)
This list will continue to be updated as players commit. All invites have now been sent out, either by e-mail, facebook or both. The top 20 players for each class have been invited (for boys and girls) and some players have declined and as a result some players outside the top 20 are also getting invited. For details on this event click here.

Grant Faustino, Dover (2013)
Jarell Mejia, Dover (2012)
Mike O'Loughlin, Milford (2011)
Jamie Holder, Milford (2011)
Pat Keefe, Trinity (2014)
Travis Descoteaux, Trinity (2013)
Max Gouveia, Campbell (2013)
Jordon Richard, Raymond (2013)
Jared Fahmy, Bedford (2011)
Logan Kesty, Bishop Guertin (2012)
Brad Holler, Bishop Guertin (2012)
Matt Barr, Exeter (2013)
Mike Colby, Londonderry (2011)
Shomari Morgan, Manchester Memorial (2011)
Seth Cordts, Souhegan (2011)
Devin Gilligan, Souhegan (2012)
Chris Light, Pinkerton (2012)
Zach Stevens, Trinity (2011)
Carmen Giampetruzzi, Trinity (2014)
Dawson Dickson, Trinity (2014)
Kyle Nelson, Milford (2011)
Morgan Faustino, Dover (2011)
Skyler Mitchell, Coe-Brown (2012)
Jordan Lates, Hollis-Brookline (2014)
Trevor Fahmy, Bedford (2012)
Justin Sandberg, Pinkerton (2013)
Ryan Gauthier, Nashua North (2012)
Andrew Lechner, Pinkerton (2014)
Brandon Len, Souhegan (2013)
Greg LeBlond, John Stark (2011)
Mike LeBlanc, Dover (2013)
Joel Mayola, Manchester Memorial (2013)
John Wickey, Manchester Central (2011)
Joe Gallant, Salem (2011)
Kyle DiCesare, Portsmouth (2012)
Anthony Muccioli, Nashua South (2013)
Ryan Alden, Exeter (2014)
Majak Wenyin, Manchester Memorial (2013)
Mike Mitchell, Milford (2011)
Collin Mcmanus, Bedford (2014)
Zach Simmonds, Souhegan (2013)
Gabe LaCount, Manchester Central (2012)
Cam Meservey, Bedford (2014)
David Madol, Manchester Memorial (2011)
Dominic Paradis, Spaulding (2013)
Dan O'Neil, Windham (2014)
Caleb Donnelly, Alvirne (2011)
Alex Patrikis, Pinkerton (2012)
David Hampton, Lebanon (2013)
Joe Morin, Raymond (2012)
Jake Capistran, Bedford (2014)
Matt Cowles, Lebanon (2013)
Sam Knollmeyer, Winnacunnet (2014)
Javon Williams, Nashua North (2012)
Rich Ruffin, Winnacunnet (2014)
Conner Torrey, Mascoma (2011)
CJ Boykin, Bishop Guertin (2014)
Matt Dean, Gilford (2013)
Shaun Munson, Winnacunnet (2011)
Chris Doyle, Winnacunnet (2014)
Wol Majong, Trinity (2012)
Devin Springfield, Conant (2013)
Jim Tomaswick, Alvirne (2012)
Roger Larrivee, Bedford (2014)
Adam Goodwin, Oyster River (2011)
Mabor Gabriel, Trinity (2013)
Jackson Morton, Sanborn (2014)
Damon Doyle, Coe-Brown (2013)
Scott McCallum, Milford (2011)
Tony Beaulieu, Alvirne (2012)
Hunter Viscarello, Trinity (2012)
Joe Scheidler, Exeter (2014)
Aaron Martin, Manchester West (2012)

Jamie Sherburne, Bishop Guertin (2014)
Rachel Collins, Bedford (2014)
Meghan Green, Bishop Guertin (2013)
Madison Gibbs, Bishop Guertin (2013)
Nikki Hayner, Bishop Guertin (2013)
Maggie McGown, Bedford (2013)
Allie Hartford, Manchester Memorial (2013)
Emily Rose, Timberlane (2012)
Kayla Stacy, Manchester Memorial (2014)
Marissa Merrill, Inter-Lakes (2013)
Kelsey Brown, Oyster River (2013)
Ashley Giampetruzzi, Manchester Central (2012)
Morgan Church, Kearsarge (2014)
Samantha Gauthier, Manchester Central (2014)
Gretchen Anderson, St. Thomas (2012)
Kayla Stacy, Manchester Memorial (2014)
Deanna Purcell, Alvirne (2011) (pictured above)
Sandi Purcell, Alvirne (2014)
Morgan Church, Kearsarge (2014)
Dina Pitsas, Milford (2013)
Clairee Putnam, Windham (2014)
Christan Wojtas, Souhegan (2011)
Phoebe Collins, Portsmouth (2014)
Bailey Marshall, Bedford (2014)
Gigi Piercy, Bishop Guertin (2014)
Danielle Fletcher, Manchester Memorial (2013)
Megan Hardiman, Merrimack Valley (2011)
Sarah Cote, Pinkerton (2013)
Katie Matatall, Timberlane (2011)
Jamie Boyatsis, Dover (2011)
Savanna Ruth, Bow (2012)
Megan Hartnett, Winnacunnet (2012)
Aly Towle, Spaulding (2011)
Katie Donovan, Alvirne (2011)
Brenna Walczak, Oyster River (2014)
Aliza Simpson, Londonderry (2014)
Lia Nawn, Trinity (2012)
Ashley Hugh, Pinkerton (2014)
Becca Arnone, Campbell (2012)
Ashley Clough, Keene (2012)
Kayla Janowski, Exeter (2011)
Mary Mullen, Merrimack Valley (2014)
McKenzie Brown, Bedford (2014)
Ali Glennon, Bedford (2014)
Taylor Cuomo, Pinkerton (2014)
Amra Elezovic, Manchester Memorial (2012)
Jenn Bujnowski, Salem (2011)
Jenn Gaudet, Nashua South (2013)
Katie Stopera, Hollis-Brookline (2012)
Ceara McNamara, Souhegan (2012)
Lauren Cordts, Souhegan (2011)
Katie Prothro, Bedford (2012)
Olivia Lacroix, Manchester Central (2011)
Jane White, Souhegan (2012)
Sara Roy, Nashua South (2012)
Katherine Harris, Pinkerton (2011)
Dominique St. Pierre, Portsmouth (2014)
Bethany Kalliel, Derryfield School (2012)
Katelyn Roeser, Nashua North (2012)
Katherine Johnson, Manchester Central (2013)
Kristen Hrubowchak, Campbell (2011)
Brandi Bonneau, Pinkerton (2014)
Mariah Bonneau, Pinkerton (2012)
Moriah Morton, Lebanon (2013)
Angie Michalski, Inter-Lakes (2011)
Aviana Morrison, Winnacunnet (2012)
Allie Mahan, Dover (2012)
Savanna Butterfield, Londonderry (2011)
Trina Scheie, Lebanon (2013)
Ashley Gendron, Manchester Memorial (2011)
Ari Dimou, Manchester Memorial (2012)
Colleen Taylor, Lebanon (2012)
Danielle Kimball, Pinkerton (2011)
Brianna Stoyle, Goffstown (2012)
Sara Romano, Lebanon (2011)
Kerry White, Windham (2012)
Anna Sullivan, Winnacunnet (2012)
Rachael Carter, Merrimack (2011)
Catherine Cloutier, Londonderry (2011)
Caitlyn Perry, Nashua South (2013)
Summer Choate, Nashua North (2013)
Emily Martin, Trinity HS (2011)
Christina Milliken, Londonderry (2013)


  1. Jermey i like what Bst is doing with diffrent states you should do that or at least have like mass and nh play each other that will always be a good game. Kind like what you did last time i think that was outsatnding i personnaly would like to see that again.

  2. Jeremy are you going to be at the tournament at the Rockingham Athletic Club this weekend hosted by the Eastern Basketball AAU Club

  3. Will you have updates on the tournament that just happened at the RAC this weekend

  4. Majak is in the class of 2013 his a sophmore

  5. Jeremy- 1st,thumbs up for having to sign your name to all posts. Second, a plug for a player who lives several hours off your radar, but who has successfully gone head to head with a couple players on your girls list of invitees- keep an ear out for senior guard Kelley Collins of Groveton. She outdueled Hardiman when we beat MV at the NHTI jamboree this summer, and in last year's finals vs. Derryfield had 20 pts. to B. Kalliel's 6, along with a bunch of rebounds. She doesn't have the press or AAU exposure because of location, but a nice player who's matched up well when we play bigger school at summer events. Tim Haskins Groveton NH