Saturday, November 2, 2002


If you have something to say, if you would like to post a comment, then sign your name at the end of it. Stand behind what you say. Don't hide behind anonymity. This should not be a problem. If what you're posting is meaningful and not hurtful to anyone you should have no problem signing your name to your comments.

If you don't sign your name below your comment it will not be posted. And yes, I CAN tell if you are signing someone else's name and if that happens it won't be posted either.

You don't need a login or an account or anything. Just post as anonymous, and then put your name at the end of your comment.

A first name, first and last, first name and city of residence, a username. I will accept any of the above. But from now on I will NOT accept anymore anonymous comments.

I don't care if nobody ever leaves another comment on here. It's the integrity of the site I am concerned about. If this kills my site so be it. If I need banter by anonymous people who are afraid to sign their name to their comments in order to survive then I have a lousy site and it deserves to die.

Thank you.