Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nearing the Home Stretch

It's no secret that I'm more of a basketball guy. But I have to admit, this has been a very entertaining, exciting football season so far and I'm not quite ready for it to end yet. Fortunately, we still have a good month of football left in front of us.

Here are my thoughts on what has happened so far, and a look ahead at what is to come as the 2010 New Hampshire high school football season enters its stretch run (includes coverage of all 6 divisions).

Games That Are Circled on My Calendar

I'm pumped for the next 2 weekends. There are 4 games that I have circled on my calendar as BIG games heading down the stretch, and I will be covering all 4 of them.

This Friday: Bishop Guertin @ Winnacunnet
Home field advantage, and possibly the #1 seed in D-II is on the line here. Before the season started I think most thought this would be a battle of 2 undefeated teams. But injuries have hit both teams hard, they've both lost some games and as a result this game has lost a little bit of its luster. This should still be a great battle between 2 teams who aren't particularly fond of each other.

This Saturday: Franklin @ Newport
This should be a very good D-VI contest. Both teams head into the game with identical 6-1 records. This is the most wide open division in the state, with 6 teams who all have a legit shot at the title (6 teams in D-VI, catchy huh?). They're Newport, Gilford, Inter-Lakes, Franklin, Newfound and Winnisquam. After this weekend I would have seen all 6 of them play in the last 3 weeks. 2 weeks ago I saw Gilford pound Newfound 40-7, last week I saw Winnisquam squeak past Inter-Lakes 7-0. And this week it's Franklin and Newport going at it. I can't wait! Just a couple weeks ago Newport was considered the clear cut favorite in this division before they lost to Winnisquam by 2 scores. Franklin meanwhile has a winning tradition, and possibly the most consistent program in the division. It was just 2 years ago when they beat Campbell in the first ever D-VI title game. This should be a great game!

Next Friday: St. Thomas @ Kearsarge
Last week, when this game was still 3 weeks away there was already people on here talking about it creating buzz. Will it live up to the hype? We won't know until next Friday night, but my money is on it being the game of the year in D-V. I've seen St. Thomas play already, and am very much looking forward to seeing Kearsarge as well. I'm expecting a hard fought, physical, low scoring contest. Stay tuned!

Next Saturday: Lebanon @ Trinity
The game of the year in D-V and the game of the year in D-IV...on back-to-back days...both games being matchups of undefeated teams...looks like Christmas has come early this year! This weekend is going to be fun, but there's no beating next weekend! Folks have been talking about St. Thomas/Kearsarge on here for weeks, and the same is true about Lebanon/Trinity. Look for a good old-fashioned, smash mouth, physical, run it up the gut game of football between the Raiders and Pioneers. Seeing guys like Cody Patch (pictured above), Andrew Lauderdale, Dylan Drew and Jeff Gratiano line up and hit each other for 4 quarters would alone be worth the price of admission. Let the best team win!

These are the 4 biggest games in the state over the next 2 weeks. And the New Hampshire Notebook is the ONLY media outlet that will have ALL 4 of them covered.

Down Year For Some Powerhouses
When most people think NH football, the programs that come to mind first are Plymouth, Exeter, Pinkerton and Bishop Guertin. Well Pinkerton is the #1 ranked team in the state according to my latest Power Rankings. But the other 3 teams (especially Plymouth and Exeter) are down this year compared to the way they had been dominating their divisions in recent years.

Plymouth won 57 games in a row, and title after title. But earlier this year Plymouth lost 2 games in a row and 3 of 4. All 3 of their losses have been by double digits, including a 39-6 loss to Trinity. 3 losses already and they still haven't played unbeaten Lebanon.

After years of battling BG for the top spot in D-II Exeter was forced to move up to D-I...and boy it couldn't have come at a worse time for the Blue Hawks. They graduated nearly every starter off last year's team, and as a result have a very young, inexperienced team this season. After losing just 1 regular season game all last year, Exeter is 1-6 right now. Is D-I really that much better than D-II? No way Jose. Exeter's just down this year.

BG isn't as down as Plymouth and Exeter are this year, but they did lose to a NH team for the first time in 2 years, and they also lost 2 of 3 games. They've been hit hard by injuries, especially to Mike Kelly, who after the Salem game was looking like the best player in the state. While the Cardinals are a far cry from the dominating force they were last year they actually still have a legit shot at the D-II championship.

Injuries to Key Players Have Some Teams Hurting (Literally!)
BG has injuries to Kelly, as well as Peter Fucci, Kyle Karaska and other key players as well. Winnacunnet has Mike Trainor and Bryce Paster on the shelf. Keene's Chris Lacroix is out with a dislocated patella. Nashua South has 2 key players currently injured in Nilsson Basora and Alan Odell. Portsmouth back Bill Lane is also banged up, and his injury certainly played a role in the Clippers loss to Goffstown this past weekend. Dover QB Tyler Zabkar missed the Keene game with a concussion. Timbelrane QB Nate Lawrence had to leave the Winnacunnet game early with an injury. And Pinkerton's only loss to a NH team this year came when Luke Somers, who is possibly their best player, was out of the lineup with a leg injury. Plymouth star Taylor Newberry has almost missed time due to injury.

Those are just a few. It has been a tough year for injuries. Best of luck to all of the players in returning to the field.

Brief Thoughts on Each of the 6 Divisions

Division I
Looks like a 2 team race right now between Salem and Pinkerton. The first time the two teams met it was a great battle between 2 very good football teams with the Astros coming out on top. No one would be surprised to see a rematch come November 20 in the title game.

What's impressive about Pinkerton is that they have risen up to #1 in the state status despite the fact that they don't have any major big name guys. They don't have any one leading back, instead they have 5 guys who all tote the rock (Manny Latimore, Kevin Davies, Emmitt Smith, Mike Mazzola and Luke Somers). The defense no longer has stud lineman Ben Proulx, but they do have a group of solid, hardworking players. Pinkerton is also a young team. Of the 5 backs, 2 are juniors and 1 is only a freshman. They have a sophomore quarterback, and many young players on the offensive line and defense. No big name guys, and they're very young. And yet the Astros are #1 right now. Of course it does help when you're the biggest school in the state. But you still have to give this team a lot of credit.

Salem meanwhile has a strong senior class, and plenty of big name star players. Their obstacle that they've had to overcome is on defense, where they have really had some problems this year. But over the last couple weeks they have definitely shown some signs of turning things around on "D". The Blue Devils have the most explosive offense in the state. If they can continue to improve on defense they should make a return trip to the championship game.

Division II
Going into the year it was all about BG and Winnacunnet. This is now a 4 team race though. Keene and Merrimack also have good teams, but seem to be a notch below Timberlane, BG, Dover and Winnacunnet. The Lacroix injury definitely hurts Keene's chances, as with him they could be right in the mix with those other 4 teams.

What's the most fun and exciting about the race in this division is that if you ask 10 people to rank the top 4 teams in D-II every person would probably have them ranked differently. Right now I have them ranked 1) Dover 2) BG 3) Timberlane 4) Winnacunnet. But who knows what order I'll have them in 2 weeks from now? That's what makes this so fun. You just never know what will happen from week to week. 2 big games to watch are BG/Winnacunnet this Friday in Hampton, and Timberlane @ Dover on November 5th.

Division III
Before the season most felt like Souhegan was the favorite with Goffstown and Bedford breathing down their neck. Then Souhegan pummeled Goffstown and Bedford got blown out by Milford while the Sabers rolled right along winning games. Meanwhile Portsmouth emerged as the division's second best team, even earning a ranking in my Week 7 Power Poll. But then last week the Clippers lost to Goffstown...and Souhegan continues to win games. And now it looks like Coach Beliveau's team are the clear cut favorite as we head down the stretch. Portsmouth and Goffstown are the only D-III teams to even remotely give Souhegan a game. Those 2 are likely the only teams that have a prayer of ending their hopes for a three-peat title in Division III. But The Sabers still have to play Bedford on November 5th, which could also be an interesting game.

Division IV
It's definitely looking like a 2 horse race in D-IV, with Trinity and Lebanon. Trinity was supposed to be a top team. But before the season very few people had Lebanon up there so you have to give the Raiders plenty of credit. Jake Woodward was one of the top 10 senior basketball players in the state last year, but he got very little recognition by the media in the southern part of the state. On the football field it's the same story for Lebanon, where Cody Patch leads the team. Again, he could very well be one of the top 10 senior players in NH but he gets very little attention from the southern part of the state. Could it be that Lebanon High is the Rodney Dangerfield of NH high school sports? (Kids, ask your parents if you don't get it). One thing is for sure though, if they can beat Trinity next Saturday this team will get PLENTY of respect (unlike Rodney, R.I.P. by the way).

Other noteworthy things in D-IV...Kingswood continues to have a tough year. It would be interesting to see how they would have fared this year if star QB Tate Jozokos returned to the school instead of going prep...The biggest story in this division besides Lebanon has to be the downfall of Plymouth...Finally, Trinity and Lebanon are locks for the top 2 spots in the playoffs. But there is a 4 team race for the last 2 playoff spots. Laconia is 5-2, while Monadnock, Kennett and Plymouth are all tied at 4-3. I hate to say it, but that crazy new system that the NHIAA has put in place for the standings could definitely play a role in all of this.

Division V
Just like D-I and D-IV, D-V is also a 2 team race. The 2 teams are St. Thomas and Kearsarge, who play each other in North Sutton next Friday night. A couple weeks ago I thought this was a 4 team race, with Stevens and Somersworth being the other 2 teams. Stevens was playing some great football and I saw them throttle Bow on the road earlier in the year. I also Saw Somersworth come very close to beating St. Thomas. But then Stevens got hammered by St. Thomas 28-7, and Somersworth got squashed by Stevens 33-14. Meanwhile Kearsage continued to win ball games and thus you have a 2 team race that will come to a head next weekend. I still don't think you should count out Stevens or Somersworth, but it definitely does look like the Saints and Cougars are a cut above right now. Also don't forget about Campbell. I'm not saying they're title contenders, but if they beat Somersworth Friday night and beat Windham next week (like they should) they could be a playoff team after a rough start to the year in their first season in D-V after moving up from D-VI.

Division VI
See above, where I talk about this Saturday's game between Newport and Franklin for my detailed insight on this division. 6 teams that all have a good chance to win it. The most wide open division in the state.

I would like to make special mention of Gilford. These guys only have about 25 players on the roster. Gilford is a soccer powerhouse, it has no football tradition. And yet the Eagles are sitting pretty atop the standings with a 6-1 record. They've won 5 in a row, and in their last 2 games they've outscored their opponents 87-7. They've done it with a strong running game and a tough, hard hitting defense. The team is led by backs Brendan Murphy and Matt Dean, linemen Brendan Demo and Jake Harper and Dean and Eli Stockwell on defense. With only 25 kids on the team, it's safe to say that coach Mark Brewer is making the most out of what he's got.

How about a little irony to end this article? In NH the southern teams get most of the hype, since all of the teams in D-I, D-II and D-III are from the south. The prevailing notion that many have is that the southern teams play better football than their northern counterparts. However, in D-VI you have 6 northern teams and 3 southern teams. The 3 southern teams (Epping-Newmarket, Raymond and Farmington) are the 3 teams at the bottom of the standings. Meanwhile the 6 northern teams (Winnisquam, Newfound, Gilford, Inter-Lakes, Newport and Franklin) are the ones who all have winning records and are the ones fighting out out for the title. If that's not irony I don't know what is!


  1. are you saying campbell is or is not a title contender? because kearsarge put up 50 on them and saint thomas beat them by 34

  2. Actually, not to pick points, however, Lebanon is not a lock for 1 of the top 2 spots.

    If they were to Lose out to both Plymouth and Trinity...and Laconia were to win both their last two games, this would put Laconia and Lebanon at 7-2. So since leb beat Lac. they are #2 right...nope not this year.

    Even though Lebanon beat Laconia in the regular season, in this situation, since one of their losses would be on the Road they'd have less points than Laconia, so Leb would be 3rd. Hehe and playing at Laconia in the first game.

    This would be one of the point controversies we're reading about. Hope it doesn't happen tho!

  3. Only one thing is a certainty. Pinkerton and Salem will be in the Title game. Since Pinkerton has no challenges remaining, they will clinch home field. Since Salem can not win a big game at Pinkerton no matter how good they are.... conrgats Pinkerton on your 2010 title. Well, sorry to spoil the ending for everyone.

  4. Sorry about the confusion there, 6:41. It was a typo on my part, I just edited in the word "not. Thanks for pointing it out.

  5. Wow 9:23 you need a hobby :) just kidding lol. I'm not sure I follow all that though I'll take you at your word.

  6. Jeremy, good blog, good remarks on all divisions which are all pretty exciting. Glad to see all divisions getting noticed and respect, they should, they all deserve it.

  7. Great job jeremy,stuff like this is what makes me keep coming back.

  8. Can anyone help me out and give me the road map to the last 2 playoff spots in division 4? I can't figure all this out. Kennett and Laconia play each other. Plymouth beat Mondanock, Mondanock beat Kennett and Kennett beat Plymouth. Please help

  9. The Upper Valley is the Rodney Dangerfield of NH HS sports......I love it. Couldn't agree more, the next few years the young talent that is in that area will start to be seen, NH Sports are getting better throughout the state but the southern part of the state is still ahead of the pack.

  10. 7:02, you're kidding, right? This year and last year may have been the two weakest years in NH in a long time in football. Early 2000s were the peak with those Central, Pinkerton, and Plymouth teams. In fact, the overall talent level was just so much better. If you don't believe me, check Just a couple years ago NH had 3-4 kids go 1A and 5-7 kids go 1AA a year. Last year nobody went 1A and only 5 went 1AA. In fact, the last kid to go straight from the NHIAA to 1A was Ian White at BC a few years ago. UNH has gone down. I don't mean to hate on the kids of today, but it's true.

  11. Coach Childs, Coach Mayo and the assistant coaches have put together a stellar program beginning at the junior high and feeding Lebanon High School. The junior high has only had 2 or 3 losses in the last four years, two undefeated seasons. Way to go Raiders!

  12. A buddy of mine sent me this 6:54 :)

    First the easy part. 2 things are certain! Trinity and Lebanon will be in the playoffs...and Trinity will have 1 home playoff game.

    Laconia - is at 5-2 which means they are 1 game ahead of Plymouth (who they beat in reg. season), Kennett and Monadnock. Barring a major upset by one of the lower tier teams we should be able to drive all the possible scenarios for 3rd and 4th spot, by looking at Laconia's remaining schedule. This is due to the fact that the Sachems play both Kennett and Monadnock in weeks 8 and 9 and Plymouth will basically NEED to win out to have even a chance at making the playoffs, but even then, they wil need help...I'll cover that below (again this is all barring an upset by Stark, MV or Kingswood in the final 2 weeks which would turn my brain to mud). By that I mean, Monadnock also plays MV while Kennett's other game is Kingswood, so for the sake of my sanity, let's assume they will win those games. With that in mind, let's break this down if we can:

    If Laconia wins out and Plymouth wins out, that will mean Monadnock and Kennet are out with an (at best) 5-4 finish. This will also mean that if Lebanon were to lose to Trinity as well as Plymouth, the Raiders would be in 3rd place and on the road playing at Laconia in the 1st playoff game. While Plymouth would travel (again) to Manchester to face Trinity.

    In the above scenario, if Lebanon were to beat Plymouth but lose to Trinity, it would mean that Plymouth, Monadnock and Kennet would all finish at 5-4. Plymouth would be out since they'd only have 21 points. Kennett and Monadnock would be tied at 22 points, but since Monadnock beat Kennett during the regular season, they would be 4th team in due to the tie break.

    If Laconia were to lose to Kennett this weekend but beat Monadnock, that would mean that Kennett would win out and Laconia and Kennett would both end up at 6-3, BUT Laconia would have 28 points putting them ahead of Kennett's 27 points, since they'd beat Monad. on the road while Kennets final win would be at Home. Now, here even if Plymouth were to also win out, they'd only have 26 points since their 3 losses have all been on the road this year (extra points for road wins ya know). Are you keeping up?

    Aside from that, if Laconia loses both of their final games and Plymouth wins out, that will leave Monadnock, Plymouth and Kennett all at 6-3. However, the odd team out in this scenario is you say? Please do try to keep up :) In this scenario Kennett is in because they'd have 27 points. That would then of course leave Monadnock and and Plymouth at 26 points and since Plymouth beat Monadnock back in Week 1, Plymouth wins the tie break.

    If Laconia beats Kennett but loses to Monadnock, that would leave 1 and 2 as Trinity, Lebanon (or vice versa). Monadnock is 4th with 26 points and Laconia is 3rd with 27.

    In this scenario though if Plymouth were to beat Lebanon and win out, they'd have 26 points as well AND since they also beat Monadnock, Plymouth would replace Monadnock as the 4th playoff team.

  13. I was intrigued when you said Pinkerton has no big stars on their team and especially in their backfield, well here are the stats of the players you mentioned:
    Emmitt Smith- 662yds
    Kevin Davies- 437yds
    Manny Lattimore- 212yds
    Mike Mazzola- 212yds
    Luke Somers- 171yds

    They are pretty deep, but I see Davies and Mazzola as main contributors at Fullback and Smith carrying the load at Halfback... Solid squad though.

  14. While all potential playoff teams in DIV have at least one challenging game left. Laconia has the toughest two final games left to play.

    I am going to make some bold predictions for this weekend; Kennett comes to play and beats Laconia for the first time in three years and Plymouth surprises Lebanon.

  15. The Laconia Citizen is reporting this in an article regarding Laconia and it's remaining games. Is this going to apply to this year? Anyone know?

    "it remains cloudy despite the New Hampshire Athletic Association's decision to drop the points system on Thursday, going back to the old format instead of awarding teams an extra point for road wins."

  16. Respectfully, your analysis of D3 sounds like it was based on reading a few newspaper articles and knowing the reputations of the teams involved rather than having any insight into the capabilities of the teams involved.

    The biggest mistake is that Portsmouth and Goffstown are the only teams to give Souhegan a game. The Goffstown game was over at half, and by midway through the 3rd, the Sabers were playing JV. Goffstown did NOT sub their guys, and ended up mounting a comeback. Souhegan took a knee on the Goffstown goalline at the end to avoid running up the score. Goffstown responded by throwing a TD pass against the JV defense to make the game look tighter than it was. Milford and Hollis/Brookline played far more competitive games against Souhegan. Milford was only down 14-7 at the half, and H/B was leading for a while (and made it a game until the 4th quarter) while putting up a season-high 350 yards against the Saber defense (without the H/B starting TB and two starting defensive backs).

    So, let’s analyze the “media favorites” in D3 and show why they are overrated. Bedford has been a media favorite since they obliterated a West team that probably would lose to Fall Mountain. Sure, the Bulldogs started out VERY impressively, but what have they really done? They struggled to beat ConVal (a one-win team) in 2OT. They got blasted by contender Milford and shut out by contender Hollis/Brookline in a game that was much more in favor of H/B than the score. They’ve lost two in a row, now take on Portsmouth and Souhegan. Prediction: Bedford does not win another game this year.

    Goffstown? The local media is still living off the excitement of the Grizzlies “beating” Salem in the jamboree. Well, “beating” a team in a jamboree is worth about as much as my collection of Carpenters 8-track cassette tapes. Since then, Goffstown has been inconsistent. They were beaten by Bedford, who will NOT be a playoff team this year. They BARELY beat a Pelham team who had been outscored approximately 220-14 at that point. Then, they beat Portsmouth who was without two of their top 2-way players (3 year starter Angus MacDonald RB / LB and Bill Lane SB / DB).

    Here’s my take on the best in D3 when all is said and done:

    Souhegan– I’m not going out on a limb here, but Souhegan is the clear favorite. They can beat you in the air or on the ground. They are big and fast, and they know it. They are used to winning. Even though their defense is not as good as years past, they are the odds-on favorite without a doubt.

    Portsmouth– They may have the best collection of pure athletes in the division, when they are all healthy. Aiden O’Leary has led the state in receiving. Bill Lane is a threat from the WR or RB position. The Portsmouth OL and DL are weaker and less experienced, but they make up for it with speed and ability at the skill positions.

    Hollis/Brookline– Has anyone in the media taken a look at this team? Yes, HBHS has a football program! And, what they lack in respect from the local media, they make up for in talent and strong trench players. They have the 2nd best D in D3, anchored by a strong LB corps who has given up an average of 65 yards / game rushing over the last two weeks. Add to that two of D3’s most productive backs in Brian Liamos and Collin Pellerin, and I’m saying this is one of the most underrated teams out there.

    Milford – Milford is Milford. They are a tough, blue-collar team that is well-coached and has the playoffs penciled in as part of their regular schedule every year. They have a diverse rushing attack featuring one speed guy and one battering ram, both of which have been productive. They play smart defense. They’ve been a bit inconsistent, but they have tradition on their side. John Forte is a difference maker. If they can clean up their fumble issues, they should be fine.

    There’s your look at D3!

  17. The point system is no longer in place. Roger Brown has the story

  18. How can they do this week 8 into the season? OH BOY!!!! Here we go

  19. NH Football, I have seen many of the teams in D-III play. Thanks for your analysis though.

  20. I personally think someone at the head of NHIAA has to be disciplined or reprimanded for such a dumb mistake. Issues that were brought up now should have been caught before now. This states athletic department is so quick to change things for the sake of change and to complicate an easy process at a whim. I in my 45 years of living have never seen a organization change things so often for no reason what so ever. Who is in charge and why do things like this keep happening year after year?

  21. Couldn't agree more 2:26. My beef is with the six divisions. NHfootball report and others have laid out the plan the NHIAA should adopt: three divisions, two leagues in each. No more extra byes, an extra round of playoffs, less travel costs, championship games at one site, season over before Turkey Day, etc. Rubber stamp it.

  22. Who hires these NHIAA people? I mean do these people actually go to games and talk to the people involved? Seems like someone is making things more complicated than they need to be to justify their own employment. I mean the point system is only to cover for the mistakes they are making within the divisions.
    2:57 is right two leagues,3 divisions and playoffs that coincide and if You want to play on Thanksgiving label yourself an AAU football program so basketball can get started before Christmas.
    Simple solutions...

  23. Why are you people so obsessed with starting b-ball ASAP. Turkey Day games are there anything wrong with that?

    Six divisions is idiotic. Three divisions, three championships...will the NHIAA ever get it right?

  24. Great win BG. It is tough to take down an champion even in a down year.

  25. Chuck is OUT!!!!!

    Leb wins again

    It's coming Trinity

  26. In regards to the PA backs stats, keep in mind that Somers is their blocking back and Latimore is just starting to get more carries, I think Somers has like ten carries on the year, 17 ypc outstanding. I love the depth and youth of their whole team. Seems to me like they have rallied around the fact that they are athletic and decided as a unit to mature under good leadership. This team will be in the mix for the next few years and just might be able to pull it off this year.

  27. Leb defeats Plymouth 28-21 cody patch with 4 tds!!!!

  28. Timberlane will not make the playoffs. Keene just absolutely walked all over them and Keene is not a good football team.

    Div II Playoffs
    1- BG
    2- Winni
    3- Dover
    4- Keene

  29. Which means Timberlane is worse.

  30. keenes gonna beat winny next week and then all these people are gonna keep saying keene hasnt played anyone. stop keene is legit and they show you late in november

  31. how can you say keene is a bad team just curious?

  32. If you say Keenes not a good football team youre delusional. They beat Timby who beat Winni. I guess Winni horrible too huh 1055. Your logic makes me shake my head

  33. Division One has an even wackier Playoff seeding scenario now that Salem lost to South

  34. Well, before all you Keene people get too excited Keene has to play it's last two games against BG and Winny, let's see where they are after Nov 6 before you people start yapping

  35. Did the Lawrence boys play against Keene?

  36. I have nothing to do with Keene, but I have to hand to that team. They proved some people wrong. They earned the right right to point it out.

  37. so lets get this straight in order for keene to be legit they need to beat bg and winni ? so your saying that the rest of d2 are not good teams. all year long keene has had to wineach week witch they have except for dover witch also beat bg and still they get no respect. why are people so down on keene? if keene is that bad i would think you would want them in the playoffs so you could have an easy game and rest all your starter for the championship game. it sounds like keene is in weather they win the last two games anyway so those games dont matter.

  38. Just letting everyone know, Timberlane's "all-state" kicker missed a PAT in the division.

  39. and keenes kicker has only missed one all year. and yes everybody the lawrence brothers did play keene man handled timby when it camw down to it

  40. I'm not putting Keene down, but they had a really bad loss to Dover, I'm just saying lets see where they are after BG and Winny.....the Timberlane win was a really good win, probably got them into the playoffs, I just want to wait and see.

  41. i think keene should just win with class and stop running there mouths how about we just keep playing football and stop running our mouths

  42. You guys make it sound like Timby was awesome. They were aight at best. They beat an injured Winny and were getting trashed by top level teams before that like BG (even after Kelly left), and in the preseason I saw them vs North and Souhegan. They were definitely the third best team on that day. The point is, D-II this year is extremely thin, and until Keene beats or gives a game to BG, Winny, or Dover right now, then it's hard to give them too much credit. I mean, 52-7? C'mon.

  43. LEBANON is for real!!!!!!! Cody Patch took over the game against Plymouth. Can't wait for Sat. nite in Manchester.

  44. Trinity by two touchdowns. Cody Patch will not run free for easy touchdowns like he did against the watered down defenses of Plymouth and Hanover and all the other terrible teams they have played. D4 football is weak this year.

  45. 10:08 It is obvious you were not at the leb-Ply game this past week. Patch's runs were unbelievable, especially the two long ones. He broke tackles, changed direction across the field, stiff arms. See you Sat. I know Patch will be ready, will you?

  46. 10;08 You think d-4 down this year. Lets have the winning teams from D1 to D4 playoff for the state championship. Now that would be interesting.


  48. Player of the Year: Cody Patch
    Coach of the Year: Chris Childs

    Cody's "hurdle" OVER the Plymouth team was a thing of beauty.

    Good Luck Lebanon!

  49. All I'm saying is watch out for monadnock in D IV

  50. Agree with 10:36. Good club. Trinity, Lebanon & Laconia have to be the FAVS but #4 could be a spoiler in the playoffs. Nice competitive division. Looks like seed #4 is up for grabs this weekend. Anyone figure out the tie-breakers yet between Kennett, Plymouth & Monadnock?

  51. If Monadnock loses to Laconia, we have a 3 way tie at 5-4 assumming Kennett & Plymouth win, which they probably will. Monadnock, Plymouth & Kennett split head-to-head, each has a win and a loss to the other 2. What is the 1st tie-breaker if they all finish 5-4?? Obviously, Monadnock is in with a win vs. Laconia @6-3.

  52. I THINK a 3 way tie goes to your overall record against the teams that are in the playoffs including all the tied teams. Heh stay with me here...

    So, in your example that would mean: Since Plymouth lost to Kennet, Laconia and Trinity, but in your example would have beaten Lebanon and Monadnock, they would be 2-3.

    Kennett (in your example) beats Laconia and Plymouth, but has lost to Trinity, Monadnock, and Lebanon. They are also 2-3.

    Monadnock beats Kennett but has lost to the rest (again they lose to Laconia in your example) leaving them at 1-4.

    So Monadnock would be out and you then go back to who won the head to head matchup between the remaining 2 Kennett and the WINNER IS>>>>>> Kennett getting the 4th spot by virtue of their epic streak breaking victory over Plymouth during the regular season. Again, don't quote me but I believe that's how it works.

    Sounds like the point system isn't necessarily as bad as previously reported given the above scenario :p)

  53. To clarify the above guys since he copied that from somewhere else...from a while ago. I think he's right with how it's calculated, but the examples are old.

    If all 3 are tied, it's record against the playoff teams including the tied teams.

    Kennett is 1-4 (losses to Leb, Trin, Lac, and Mon).

    Plymouth is (1-4 also, beating only Mon.).

    Monadnock would be (1-4)beating only Kennet.

    The ruling states if all the records of the 3 are tied, you go to road wins over the playoff bound teams. Which means...if Monad loses to Laconia, I think Plymouth is in, since they beat Monadnock at Monadnock.

    Kennet's victory over Plymouth came at home as did Monadnocks over Kennet. Pymouths was on the road. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  54. Sounds correct. Thanks!! If that is the case, then Monadnock has a lot to play for this weekend. Win and get a 3 Seed. Lose and go home in 6th place in the division and season over. A win gives them an all expense paid trip to Lebanon or Gill Stadium.

    I'd say it's a very competitive Division. Regardless, the playoffs should be fun to watch. Good luck to all of the teams this weekend.

  55. I think if Monadnock loses, all 3 teams would be 1-4 vs. the Pool of 6. Plymouth lost to Lebanon, and Kennet lost to Laconia. What is the next tie-breaker?

    I know it doesn't matter if Monadnock wins this week. Win & In.

  56. AS I said on 10/26/10 @ 10:53, Patch would be ready. 230 yards rushing (168 in 2nd half) and both Leb. TD's. Leb. 14 Trinity 6.....Enough said. RAIDERS ARE FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!