Saturday, December 4, 2010

EBPS Game Recap - Boys 2012 Game

On Sunday, November 21 the best high school basketball players in NH were on display in Plaistow for the Eastern Basketball Preseason Showcase. I am in the process of re-capping all 8 of the event's games. Next up is the Boys 2012 Game.

Game Recap
For this game there was only 6 guys on each team, so everyone got plenty of playing time. The game was played at a fast pace and was fun to watch. There was some explosive moves offensively, outside shots were being made all over the place. At the same time though, both teams played hard on defense, as this was one of the lower scoring games at the event. In the end, the Black Team won it, led by Javon Williams with a game-high 18 points. Raymond's Joe Morin (pictured above) led the White Team with 16.

Player Evaluations

Game's Standout Players
Javon Williams, Nashua High North – Williams continues to impress with his combination of athleticism, explosiveness and skill. He was clearly the best prospect in this game, finishing with a game-high 18 points. To take his game to the next level he will have to get better at creating for his teammates as well as himself. But you have to be impressed with a 5’10” kid who can play above the rim. One of the game’s highlight’s was when Williams got a steal and then exploded to the rim and finished against contact for the and-one.

Trevor Fahmy, Bedford HS – You have to like the way Fahmy’s game has developed over the last few months. He’s gone from a 6’6” big with a raw inside game, to a 6’7” kid with an improved inside game, to now being a 6’7” big with an improved inside game plus an improved face-up game. Fahmy showed both on this evening, knocking down the three as well as the 18 footer while facing up, and he also went down low and battled for rebounds.

Joe Morin, Raymond HS – Morin is another one of the more underrated players in the NHIAA. He comes from a small school, and this one of the first times he’s played in a high level event like this. But you wouldn’t be able to tell from his performance, as he poured in a team-high 16 points, including 4 threes. Morin was on fire, especially in the 1st half. He also showed a very tight handle.

Other Stock Risers
• Chris Light (Pinkerton) scorer’s mentality, effective on the break as well as the half court.

• Tony Beaulieu (Alvirne) strong frame, uses it well as he goes hard to the rim and up for boards.

• Hunter Viscarello (Trinity) one of the state’s top defenders also made some strong drives offensively in this game.

• Logan Kesty (Bishop Guertin) ran pick and roll effectively, was always under control with the ball and showed nice touch on outside shot.

Other Contributors
Jarell Mejia (Dover) the athletic and explosive Mejia was tough to cover off the dribble and was also one of the game's better defenders.
Jim Tomaswick (Alvirne) the 6'5" Tomaswick worked hard on the boards and showed versatility.
Skyler Mitchell (Coe-Brown) the hard working Mitchell rebounds extremely well for a 6'3" kid and does all of the little things well.
Wol Majong (Trinity) played tough defense and was good in transition.
Jake Hamel (Trinity) continues to be one of the top spot-up shooters in the state, Hamel also hustled for loose balls and took a charge.

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