Monday, December 6, 2010

EBPS Game Recap - Girls 2011 Game

I know what you're thinking. This event was over 2 weeks ago and I'm still doing recaps of the games. Well hey, what can I say? Better late than never! Last but certainly not least is the recap of the Girls 2011 Game.

Game Recap
There are some very good players from this class who have already committed to colleges for next year to play basketball on scholarships. But in this game you had pretty much every good player in the class who is available. As a result this game drew more college coaches than any other game at the event.

This game definitely had one one of the more impressive comebacks of any game on the day. In just a few short minutes, the White Team went from being down 28-20 to being up 42-34 (22-6 run). From there the White Team cruised to a 75-53 win. They were led by Katherine Harris (Pinkerton), Savanna Butterfield (Londonderry), Catherine Cloutier (Londonderry) Olivia Lacroix (Manchester Central), Rachael Carter (Merrimack) and Kayla Janowski (Exeter) who were all instrumental in the fast paced, full court pressing style of play that head coach Scott Hazelton implemented.

"Scott told me to take over the game, so I did" said Harris.

It was a very fun game to watch, with a lot of talent on the floor. There were 19 girls who played in this game, and virtually all of them have a VERY good chance at playing college ball somewhere next season.

Player Evaluations

Game's Standout Players
Katherine Harris, Pinkerton Academy – Harris scored 7 points in this game to help lead the White Team to the win. But the way she impacted the game goes far beyond the scoring column. She completely controlled the tempo of the game and was able to get to whatever spot she wanted to on the court in order to create an open look for either herself or a teammate. Harris also played excellent defense, on the ball and away from it.

Deanna Purcell, Alvirne HS – Purcell is a versatile player who is highly skilled offensively. She poured in a team-high 13 points, including a nice pull-up jumper from long range and also a play where she picked up a loose ball and finished hard at the rim plus the foul. The game comes easy to Purcell, and she is able to play at a fast pace. She also played solid defense.

Jenn Bujnowski, Salem HS – Bujnowski is a 6’2” forward with a strong frame and in this game she ran the floor well and showed some nice moves in the low post. She was also a force on the boards on both ends of the floor.

Sara Romano, Lebanon HS – Romano is a very quick player who did a nice job of playing the game at a fast pace without getting out of control. She was able to push the ball on the break and get into the lane in the half court offense and make plays all game. Romano also hustled after loose balls, drove hard to the rim and made pinpoint passes to open teammates.

Other Stock Risers
• Catherine Cloutier (Londonderry) 6’0” forward played exceptional defense and chipped in with 8 points in the win.

• Savanna Butterfield (Londonderry) versatile forward who rebounded the ball well and had a very nice block in transition.

• Olivia Lacroix (Manchester Central) combo-guard who played hard all game and scored a team-high 13 points.

• Rachael Carter (Merrimack) wing player who excelled in the up tempo game that this game was played in, especially on defense.

• Katie Donovan (Alvirne) excellent all around game, hustling for loose balls, grabbing offensive rebounds and finishing hard at the rim.

Other Contributors
Kayla Janowski (Exeter) was clearly one of the top all-around players in this game, as she hits shots and had some nice put-backs.

Christan Wojtas (Souhegan) solid game for the versatile Wojtas, she had 8 points including a nice baby hook shot in the post.

Megan Hardiman (Merrimack Valley) the 5'10" Hardiman is a tough match-up with combination of size and skill set, she hit a nice bank shot leaner and also lead the break effectively.

Kristen Hrubowchak (Campbell) played tough defense and made some strong drives to the basket.

Katie Matatall (Timberlane) Matatall showed that she is a dangerous outside shooter.

Ashley Gendron (Manchester Memorial) quietly poured in 10 points, including a pair of longe range bombs.

Danielle Kimball (Pinkerton) solid spot up-shooter who played hard on both ends.

Aly Towle (Spaulding) Towle played excellent defense, both in the half court and also when pressing full court. And she also attacked the rim, resulting in 6 points.

Jamie Boyatsis (Dover) The strong and physical Boyatsis was a menace on the boards as she grabbed 7 rebounds to go with 6 points.

Angie Michalski (Inter-Lakes) Michalski showed good basketball I.Q. and did all of the little things well.

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