Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Player Rankings

I just wanted to clarify a couple things with regards to the Player Rankings on this site. Like I have said time and time again, the rankings are based on how a player projects at the college level. To do this I look at a number of factors, such as size, strength, speed, athleticism, explosiveness and skill set. I only have to see someone play once or twice, maybe 3 times per year to tell this. From watching lots of games I am then also able to get a read on things like who the clutch players are, work ethic and intangibles. I rank based on what I see with my eyes, either in person or on film. I don't use the opinions of anyone else. I do NOT just move a player up or down because someone leaves a comment on here saying that I should. I get to a lot of games, I see a lot of teams and players. I feel like the rankings I put out are pretty darn accurate. Otherwise I wouldn't put them out. I am objective, and have no biases. I don't rank a player higher because I've coached them in the past or because I'm friends with their father. I rank based on what I see on the field/court, either in person or on tape and that's it. It's as simple as that. I feel like the rankings are pretty darn accurate, but their is always room for debate. That's why I encourage feedback and comments.

Having the rankings gives players recognition for their hard work. Many college coaches view them as well, and I am in constant contact with many area college coaches. Ultimately their opinion of how the players rank matters most, but the rankings do give them a good starting point and a reference point when planning which players they want to take a look at. And anything I can do to get NH kids college looks is a positive thing.

Having said that, over the next few days I will be narrowing all of the rankings lists down to 20 players each (I've already done this for football's Class of 2011). So for each class, football and basketball (girls and boys) each list will now have just 20 players each. Yes, I am just one person. But I DO see enough games, teams and players play over the course of a year to be able to accurately rank the top 20 players in each class.

Like always, if there's ever a player who you feel should be ranked that isn't, or if you feel someone should move up, etc. you can feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment (but NOT anonymously). Like I said I will NOT simply move a player based on someone's comment. But I might be more likely to go and see that player play, and then I will form my own opinion on them.

Thank you.