Thursday, March 3, 2011

Campbell Girls Thump White Mt. in D-III Semis

The first girls D-III semi-final matchup (Conant vs. Fall Mountain) was a nail-biter. The second game...well, not so much. In a game that was never really in doubt, the Campbell High girls basketball team crushed White Mountains Regional 52-28 on Wednesday night at SNHU to advance to Saturday night's title game.

The Cougars were led by senior guard Kristen Hrubowchak (14 points, 9 assists, 7 rebounds, 5 steals and 3 blocks) and junior forward Becca Arnone (game-high 16 points, 9 rebounds and 3 steals). Junior guard Liz Pettis (who is playing with a torn meniscus) chipped in with 11 points.

Here are the game's video highlights, plus a post-game interview with Hrubowchak (headed to Plymouth St. to play her college ball next year) and Arnone.

Complete Domination by Cougars
Justlike in the first semi-final, the first fewminutes of this game were sloppy as wellm with lots of turnovers on both sides. That is to be expected to a certain extent when you shuft the games to a college floor and are played in front of hundreds of screaming fans.

But soon Campbell would settle into a rhythm and slowly began to dismantle the Spartans. In the 2nd quarter they outscored White Mountains 14-5, and in the 3rd quarter they outscored the Spartans 26-4. After 3 quarters it was 41-15 Campbell and the route was on.

The Cougars were simply a tougher, quicker, more skilled basketball team. Their "Big 3" of Hrubowchak, Arnone and Pettis was good as always. But their role players also stepped up, especially Shannon Savard and the Framarini sisters, Marissa and Aly.

"I expected a close, hard fought game" said Campbell head coach Shawn Flynn. "But we were the aggresor. We were the ones diving on loose balls up 20. The girls want to play Conant, and so do I. They're the best, and we want to play against the best."

For White Mountains Regional, Mercedes Belanger led the team with 12 points to go with 6 rebounds. Bryanna Bennett meanwhile tallied 7 points and a game-high 17 rebounds.

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