Tuesday, March 29, 2011

North vs. South Clash 2011 - Invites Being Sent Out!!

A few weeks back I made a post introducing the "North vs. South Clash 2011" which is a basketball event coming up this spring that will put the best high school and prep school talent from the northern part of NH (north of Concord) against the southern part of the state (south of Concord). Well folks, this event is fast approaching, and invites are currently being sent out to the players!

This event is being run by the NH Notebook and BST Basketball, and will be held at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester on April 21 (girls games) and April 22 (boys games). Here is the current list of players being invited...

Event Info
Once again, this event will have bragging rights on the line. The southern players want to prove that they are indeed superior, and the players from the north are looking for respect and to prove that they're just as good if not better than the south.

Bragging rights are on the line. It's more than your average exposure showcase, which is why we are inviting senior players to participate. Even players who have already committed to colleges for the fall, we still want you to come down and represent your region and play.

And for underclassmen, bragging rights are on the line, but you will also get a chance to gain some exposure. The games will be taped, video highlights of all the games will be posted on the NH Notebook, player evaluations will be posted on the New England Recruiting Report. And college coaches will be invited.

All players get a jersey, plus a chance to play on the college floor in front of a good crowd.

As far as number of games, we are going to see the what the numbers look like, how many players commit, what class they're in, etc. and go from there. We do hope to have 3 games each for boys and girls (senior game, junior game and underclassmen game).

Coaches for the teams will be the BST Basketball coaching staff, which includes former and current players and coaches.

The cost for the event is $30 per player, which goes towards paying for the refs, court rental and jerseys.

Any questions or to RSVP, feel free to email me at: nhnotebook@yahoo.com or Brett Sellingham from BST Basketball at: bsthoops@yahoo.com

Here is our current list of invited players. Invites are going out via email and facebook. if you're a high school or AAU coach of any of these players, make sure they get the info.

North Boys
Marcus Swedberg Moultonbrough
Drew Swedberg Moultonbrough
Patrick Cotter Moultonbrough
Curtis Arsenault Berlin
David Hampton Lebanon
Matt Cowles Lebanon
Conner Torrey Mascoma
Sam Carney Hanover
Daniel Gorman Hanover
Zach Fitzherbert Stevens
Sam Aldrich Berlin
Jeremy Michalik Berlin
Tim Perrier Mascoma
John Fitzgerald Mascoma
Damon Ness White Mountains
Dan Johnson White Mountains
Conner Lane White Mountains
Yiram Villanueva White Mountains
Matt Dean Gilford
Ronnie Bean Gilford
Ben Hill Pittsfield
Donoven Emerson Pittsfield
Ryan Perras Pittsfield
Kevin Chagnon Pittsfield
Kohl Meyers Kingswood
Sam Brammer Littleton
Tyler Griffin Colebrook
Nick Sindorf Moultonborough
Ryan Martel Moultonborough
Kerry Matson Newfound
Jamel Brito Newfound
Mark Davidson Lebanon
Zach Drouin Prospect Mt.
Babacar Kamara Laconia
Hayden Pressey-Murray Hanover
Kaleb Tarczewski St. Mark's
Kevin O'Connor St. Paul's
Tate Jozokos Governor's
Richie Perez Belmont
Cayman Belyea Woodsville
Frankie Beane Hopkinton
Justin Abbott Merrimack valley
Brendon Norton Hillsboro-Deering
David Gagnon Inter-Lakes
Cam Blewitt Stevens
Jimmy Angell Hopkinton
Doug Gregory Kearsarge
Sam Clevesy Kearsarge
Jake Broom Kearsarge
Brian Cronin Spaulding
Justin Slattery Spaulding
Dominic Paradis Spaulding
Nick McGregor Spaulding
Dylan Chase Lisbon
Jake Clement Lisbon
Chad Knighton Lisbon
Logan Chase Pittsburgh
Doug Willey Gorham
Kyle Welenc Mascoma
Codie Wardwell Mascoma
Jake Drouin Berlin
Allen Komisarek Profile
Brian Brewster Sunapee
Nathan Smith Groveton
Jimmy Angell Hopkinton
Sean McWilliams Belmont
Blake Pearson Fall Mountain
Steven Heck Wilton-Lyndeborough
Marlin Heuil Lebanon
Drew Francoeur Somersworth
Matt Fauci Somersworth
Bobby Shatinsky Somersworth
Pat Lavin Somersworth
Dillon Lanctot Somersworth
Brody Hornung Somersworth
Mike Heath Lisbon
Jed St. Pierre Fall Mountain
Travis Baier Moultonborough

South Boys
David Madol
John Wickey
Connor Green
Sean McClung
Steve Spirou
Jamie Holder
Mike O'Loughlin
Ezra Hodgson
Joe Gallant
Shomari Morgan
Kyle Nelson
Caleb Donnelly
Mike Colby
Zach Stevens
Adam Goodwin
Josh Morgan
Riley McCarthy
Adrian Edgerly
Mike Mitchell
Morgan Faustino
Kenaan Al-Darraji
Seth Cordts
Taylor Russell
Javon Williams
Devin Gilligan
Ryan Gauthier
Kamahl Walker
Kyle DiCesare
Gabe LaCount
Wol Majong
Trevor Fahmy
Logan Kesty
Brad Holler
Jim Tomaswick
Tony Beaulieu
Joe Morin
Jarell Mejia
Joe McCarthy
Silvere Aluko
Alex Patrikis
Chris Light
Derek Defranzo
Showly Nicholson
Tyler Gendron
Skyler Mitchell
Andrew Kahr
Dimitri Floras
Kaleb Joseph
Mabor Gabriel
Travis Descoteaux
Matt Persons
Rene Maher
Matt Barr Exeter
Brandon Len Souhegan
Mike LeBlanc Dover
Mike Wons Dover
Majak Wenyin Memorial
Tong Akot Memorial
Tyler Livingston Alvirne
Will Mcinerny Bedford
Max Gouveia Campbell
Devin Springfield Conant
Jordon Richard Raymond
Nicholas Lloyd John Stark
Troy Pelletier Manchester Central
Christiaon Iozza Concord
Kaleb Marquis Concord
Pat Keefe
Dawson Dickson
Carmen Giampetruzzi
Pat Welch
Roger Larivee
Collin McManus
Jesiah Wade Campbell
Chris Doyle Winnacunnet
Andrew Lechner Pinkerton
Cam Meservey Bedford
Eric Gendron Merrimack
Jake Capistrain Bedford
Jake Vaiknoras Pelham
Greg LeBlond John Stark
Steve Johnstone John Stark
Zach Grattan John Stark
Connor Hill Bow
Ryan Hill Bow
Josh Faber Bow
Erik Michaud Bow
Mikey Martel Mascenic

North Girls
Emma Rosen Hanover
Sara Romano Lebanon
Trina Scheie Lebanon
Colleen Taylor Lebanon
Moriah Morton Lebanon
Kelley Collins Groveton
Morgan Church Kearsarge
Allie Wagner Kennett
Melissa Frase Kennett
Sam Meader Kennett
Lauren White Kennett
Shayla Hubbard Laconia
Angie Michalski Inter-Lakes
Marissa Merrill Inter-Lakes
Taylor Friedman Lebanon
Emily Kehoe Lebanon
Aly Towle Spaulding
Issy Glazier Prospect Mt.
Harley Smith Hopkinton
Niki Lawless Hanover
Kate Gautier Hanover
Heather King Lebanon
Jordan Phinney Newfound Regional
Jillian Buckwold Mascoma
Rachel Hill Somersworth
Bryanna Bennett White Mountain
Krista Vincent Somersworth
Mikaela Guertin Belmont
Richelle Dole Stevens
Moriah Arsenault Berlin
Sydney Robertson Prospect Mt.
Casey Blakely Kennett
Petey Kaur Lebanon
Colleen Gilliat Lebanon
Lauren Kidder Kennett
Kaitlin Taylor Kennett
Tiffany Lewis Hillsboro-Deering
Jessica Zabielski Fall Mountain
Megan Hardiman Merrimack Valley
Mary Mullen Merrimack Valley
Jordon Filion Merrimack Valley
Gretchen Anderson St. Thomas
Julia Winn Littleton
Kristen Call Colebrook
Colleen Corliss Pittsfield
Morgan Fuller Moultonborough
Liza Bourdon Sunapee
Alyssa Keefe Littleton
Jill Fiefield Lisbon
Josee Brunault Colebrook
Makenna Burke Groveton
Taylor Glidden Littleton
Corinna Kinder Woodsville
Brittany Page Kearsarge
Monica Torney Fall Mountain
Jen Allen Fall Mountain
Whitney Allen Fall Mountain
Erin Maclean Fall Mountain
Payton Curtis White Mountains Regional
Talia Bedell Groveton
Hannah Champagne Lisbon
Chelsea Payer White Mountains Regional
Meghan Millspaugh Somersworth
Brittany Roy Kingswood
Brianna Tevnan Merrimack Valley
Elisabeth Giegerich Tabor Academy

South Girls
Brooke Springfield Conant
Savanna Butterfield Londonderry
DJ Purcell Alvirne
Daniele Crutcher Londonderry
Catherine Cloutier Londonderry
Rachael Carter Merrimack
Susie French Portsmouth
Ashley Gendron Memorial
Katherine Harris Pinkerton
Jenn Bujnowski Salem
Kristen Hrubowchak Campbell
Emilee Marro Trinity
Samantha Corcoran Winnacunnet
Christan Wojtas Souhegan
Kayla Janowski Exeter
Jamie Boyatsis Dover
Kendra Toellner Bow
Marissa Framarini Campbell
Ali Beauregard Portsmouth
Katie Donovan Alvirne
Danielle Kimball Pinkerton
Kim Daniels Conant
Katie Matatall Timberlane
Caitlin Ackerman Nashua South
Emily Martin Trinity
Allie Mahan Dover
Emily Rose Timberlane
Jane White Souhegan
Kerry White Windham
Becca Arnone Campbell
Liz Pettis Campbell
Lia Nawn Trinity
Amra Elezovic Memorial
Kirsten O'Neil Winnacunnet
Anna Sullivan Winnacunnet
Aviana Morrison Winnacunnet
Lindsey Bolduc Londonderry
Ashley Giampetruzzi Manchester Central
Katie Stopera Hollis-Brookline
Kelsey Berry Hollis-Brookline
Bethany Kalliel Derryfield
Sara Roy Nashua South
Mariah Bonneau Pinkerton
Sarah Goodwin Pinkerton
Maya Desfosses Alvirne
Taylor Carbone Alvirne
Savanna Stanley Bow
Lindsey Nerbonne Bow
Meghan Green Bishop Guertin
Allie Hartford Memorial
Carly Gould Winnacunnet
Kelsey Brown Oyster River
Dina Pitsas Milford
Madison Gibbs BG
Nikki Hayner BG
Katherine Johnson Central
Sam Breslin Pinkerton
Kate Cole Merrimack
Danielle Fletcher Memorial
Bernadette Connors Windham
Kelsey Scheibel Windham
Caitlyn Perry Nashua South
Christina Miliken Londonderry
Aliza Simpson Londonderry
McKenzie Brown Bedford
Ali Glennon Bedford
Sandi Purcell Alvirne
Jamie Sherburne BG
Mickenzee Larivee Souhegan
Kayla Stacy Memorial
Jamie King Londonderry
Clairee Putnam Windham
Veronica Moceri Alvirne
Paige Parkinson Nashua North
Dominique St. Pierre Portsmouth
Phoebe Collins Portsmouth
Rachel Collins Bedford
Gigi Piercy BG
Colleen Fortier Pinkerton
Brandi Bonneau Pinkerton
Taylor Cuomo Pinkerton
Taylor Marston Bishop Brady
Mimi McLeod Winnacunnet
Katie Cullerot John Stark
Jillian Gilman John Stark
Erica Vaillancourt John Stark
Rebecca Titcomb John Stark
Allison Harris John Stark
Lyndsay Davis St. Thomas
Ashley Clough Keene
Alex Cohen Tilton School
Samantha Brenner New Hampton School
Kaley Marston Tilton School
Katharine Fogarty Governor's Academy
Yvonne Dean-Bailey Portsmouth Christian Academy
Katelyn Roeser, Nashua High North

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