Friday, April 15, 2011

North vs. South Clash - Boys Rosters Released

(Last updated 4/17/11)

With the event just a week away, it is time to release the rosters for the North vs. South Clash 2011. These games will take place at Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester on Friday, April 22. Here are the rosters and game times.

Underclassmen Game - 5 pm

Team North
Drew Francoeur, Somersworth HS (2013)
Matt Cowles, Lebanon HS (2013)
Nick MacGregor, Spaulding HS (2013)
Yiram Villanueva, White Mountains Regional HS (2013)
Zach Grattan, John Stark Regional HS (2013)
Mike Wons, Dover HS (2013)
Nicolas Lloyd, John Stark Regional HS (2013)
Kaleb Marquis, Concord HS (2013)
Grant Faustino, Dover HS (2013)
Christian Iozza, Concord HS (2013)

Team South
Jordon Richard, Raymond HS (2013)
Matt Barr, Exeter HS (2013)
Travis Descoteaux, Trinity HS (2013)
Max Gouveia, Campbell HS (2013)
Troy Pelletier, Manchester Central HS (2013)
Dawson Dickson, Trinity HS (2014)
Chris Doyle, Winnacunnet HS (2014)
Andrew Lechner, Pinkerton Academy (2014)
Carmen Giampetruzzi, Trinity HS (2014)
Pat Keefe, Trinity HS (2014)

Tong Akot, Manchester Memorial HS (2013)

Juniors Game - 6 pm

Team North
Mark Davidson, Lebanon HS (2012)
Kohl Meyers, Kingswood Regional HS (2012)
John Fitzgerald, Mascoma Valley Regional HS (2012)
Allen Komisarek, Profile HS (2012)
Jake Drouin, Berlin HS (2012)
Donoven Emerson, Pittsfield HS (2012)
Josbert Villanueva, White Mountains Regional HS (2012)
Brian Brewster, Sunapee HS (2012)
Justin Abbott, Merrimack Valley HS (2012)
Curtis Arsenault, Berlin HS (2012)

Ryan Perras, Pittsfield HS (2012)

Team South
Brad Holler, Bishop Guertin HS (2012)
Joe Morin, Raymond HS (2012)
Kamahl Walker, Portsmouth HS (2012)
Trevor Fahmy, Bedford HS (2012)
Logan Kesty, Bishop Guertin HS (2012)
Showly Nicholson, Phillips Exeter Academy (2012)
Skyler Mitchell, Coe-Brown Northwood Academy (2012)
Andrew Kahr, St. Thomas Aquinas HS (2012)
Alex Patrikis, Pinkerton Academy (2012)
Kyle DiCesare, Portsmouth HS (2012)

Javon Williams, Nashua High North (2012)
Ryan Gauthier, Nashua High North (2012)

Seniors Game

Team North
Richie Perez, Belmont HS (2011)
Zach Fitzherbert, Stevens HS (2011)
Conner Lane, White Mountains Regional HS (2011)
Dillon Lanctot, Somersworth HS (2011)
Brendon Norton, Hillsboro-Deering HS (2011)
David Gagnon, Inter-Lakes HS (2011)
Ben Hill, Pittsfield HS (2011)
Matt Fauci, Somersworth HS (2011)
Bobby Shatinsky, Somersworth HS (2011)
Pat Lavin, Somersworth HS (2011)

Sean McWilliams, Belmont HS (2011)
Damon Ness, White Mountains Regional HS (2011)
Dan Johnson, White Mountains Regional HS (2011)
Kevin Chagnon, Pittsfield HS (2011)
Kerry Mattson, Newfound Regional HS (2011)
Cayman Belyea, Woodsville HS (2011)

Team South
Zach Stevens, Trinity HS (2011)
Mike O'Loughlin, Milford HS (2011)
Steve Spirou, Pelham HS (2011)
Ezra Hodgson, Conant HS (2011)
Seth Cordts, Souhegan HS (2011)
Mike Colby, Londonderry HS (2011)
Shomari Morgan, Manchester Memorial HS (2011)
Connor Hill, Bow HS (2011)
Riley McCarthy, Portsmouth HS (2011)
David Madol, Manchester Memorial HS (2011)

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