Friday, April 22, 2011

North vs. South Clash - Girls Juniors Game Recap

The second game of the North vs. South Clash 2011 was the Girls Juniors Game. The top northern players from the Class of 2012 took on their southern NH counterparts. Team South won it in a good one, 44-35.

Here are the game's video highlights, plus the game recap and player evaluations.

Game Recap
This was another fun game to watch. It was a highly competitive battle where both squads played a team game and played hard. It was all Team North early, as they jumped out to a 15-4 1st half lead. The south team was just a step quicker and seemingly was just a more talented unit in the beginning, as Amra Elezovic, Allie Mahan, Anna Sullivan and Ashley Giampetruzzi were all playing well.

Team North took a few minutes to get going, but then they started to make a comeback. Just a few minutes later they were only down 17-14, thanks to a 10-2 run which ended with a nice back door cut and finish by Julia Winn. Kate Gautier made a nice post move and finish as well.

Team South maintained a small lead the rest of the way, while the north hung right in there with them. Sullivan made a very nice pass to Mahan on the break for 2, and Gretchen Anderson also made some nice passes for Team North as the 2 teams continued to battle it out. Gautier made a nice block on Mahan on help side defense. Then Elezovic took over in the game's last few minutes to give team South some breathing room and the 44-35 win.

Player Evaluations

Standout Players

Amra Elezovic, Manchester Memorial HS (2012)
Elezovic really shined in this game, finishing with a game-high 20 points and also getting it done on the defensive end of the floor. She is a tough match-up as a 5'11" player who can hit the outside shot and also go by her defender off the dribble. She did both with regularity in this game. She had a scorer's mentality and Team North had no answer for her. Elezovic was also effective in transition and running the break. She also had 3 steals on defense.

Anna Sullivan, Winnacunnet HS (2012)
Sullivan is a winner, plain and simple. She might not put up big offensive numbers, but she was fundamentally sound, played hard all the time, showed a tremendous all-around game and was very unselfish with the basketball. She's the kind of player you want on your team if you want to win games. She defended and rebounded well, and did all of the little things well. Sullivan is also in terrific shape, which is a testament to hard work and the conditioning program that Coach Beattie has at Winnacunnet.

Other Strong Performers

Kate Gautier, Hanover HS (2012)
Gautier is definitely an underrated player, one that not a lot of people in southern NH know about, but she can definitely play. The 5'10" forward led Team North in both scoring and rebounding, and really gave it 100% on both ends of the floor. She made some nice moves in the low post.

Allie Mahan, Dover HS (2012)
Mahan once again showed why she is one of the best defenders in the state. She is tough as nails, really played hard out there and she can also play either guard position.

Julia Winn, Littleton HS (2012)
One of the fun things about this event was seeing Division IV players going up against D-I high school players and see how they stack up. Winn from D-IV Littleton High was matched up with Mahan from D-I Dover quite a bit in this game, and Winn more than held her own in there. Mahan is one of the best defenders in H, but at one point Winn went right by her off the dribble. Winn is quick, can handle the basketball and played as hard as anyone in this game.

Ashley Giampetruzzi, Manchester Central HS (2012)
Giampetruzzi showed good athleticism and the ability to play the game at a fast pace. She can handle the basketball and was also looking for her outside shot.

Gretchen Anderson, St. Thomas Aquinas HS (2012)
A well rounded player, Anderson has good fundamentals and really made some nice passes in this game. She attacked the basket and showed a good mid-range game.

Aviana Morrison, Winnacunnet HS (2012)
Like Sullivan, Morrison is also in terrific shape, which shouldn't come as a surprise for the Winnacunnet players. Morrison is also becoming known as one of the top shooters in the state, and she showed why in this game, knocking down a pair of three-pointers for Team South.

Jordan Phinney, Newfound Regional HS (2012)
Like Winn and Gautier, Phinney is another player from up north who not many knew about before but Phinney also showed that she has game. In addition to being one of the more athletic players on the floor in this game, Phinney also showed a nice shooting touch from the outside and an above average handle.

Other Notables

Bryanna Bennett, White Mountains Regional HS (2012)
Bennett is a tough, versatile player. She has a good face-up game, and was able to drive baseline past her defender and attack the rim.

Jessica Zabielski, Fall Mountain Regional HS (2012)
Zabielski had a very good junior season for Fall Mountain, and followed that up here with a game where she played scrappy, she played smart and helped to keep Team North in it. She's a perimeter player who played fearless out there.

Katelyn Roeser, Nashua High North (2012)
Roeser was the starting point guard for a winning team in D-I this past season, and you can tell she now has more confidence in her game. Roeser hit a crucial three-pointer in this game for Team South, and also looked to push the ball on the break.

Kaitlin Taylor, Kennett HS (2012)
Taylor is a physically intimidating presence in the paint, and uses her size to gain position in the post for rebounds and put-backs.

Sara Roy, Nashua High South (2012)
Roy is a point guard who showed the ability to see the floor well and distribute the basketball. She defended well, showed a good handle and like usual played very unselfishly.

Christina Milliken, Londonderry HS (2013)
Only a sophomore, Milliken was 'playing up' in this game due to the abundance of players we had in the underclassmen game. She was very aggressive, attacking the basket at any chance and getting out on the break and looking to score. Milliken is a quick wing player who really played hard.

Jenn Allen, Fall Mountain Regional HS
Allen was only able to play in the 1st half, but she is a wing player who made plays and played tough defense.

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