Friday, May 6, 2011

Northeast Prep Showcase - Event Recap

This week BST Basketball ran a showcase event at the Sports Zone in Derry which drew some of the top high school and prep school prospects from all over New England. It was the Northeast Prep Showcase, which was a very well run event and is sure to pay major dividends for each of the 19 players who were on display.

Merrimack College, Southern New Hampshire University, Bentley College, Brandeis University all had coaches in attendance, as well as prep schools Brewster Academy,Proctor Academy and Berwick Academy in addition to the New England Recruiting Report.

The NH players at the event were Dimitri Floras (Merrimack HS), Jamie Holder (Notre Dame Prep), Mike Lombard (Proctor Academy), Devin Gilligan (Souhegan HS) and Zach Stevens (Trinity HS). Here are the event's video highlights, as well as player evaluations for the 5 NH prospects.

Event Recap
The event started at 4 pm and lasted until about 8:30. The first part of the workout was a series of full court drills to get the players loose, including 3 on 2 2 on 1. Then they worked on position-specific drills, as the players were separated into 3 groups - point guards, wings and bigs. As they went through the drills, there was also a strength/conditioning testing station. The station was ran by Boston College Basketball strength and conditioning coach Nick Assermley. Then the kids were broken up into teams for full court games.

This was a very good opportunity for the NH kids in attendance to showcase their skills and also see how they stack up against some of the top talent in New England. Many of the players at the event were prep school kids, and guys like Jesse Chuku, Kahlil Dukes, Jaylen Alicea, Tevin Falzon, Tyler McFarland and Harry Rafferty are all big time players who were at this event. There was a lot of talent in the gym, and the drills and the scrimmages were played at a high level.

Player Evaluations

Dimitri Floras, 6'1" Guard, Merrimack HS (Class of 2013)
During drills and also the scrimmages, Floras went head-to-head with Kahlil Dukes, who plays for CBC, is also sophomore and is ranked ahead of Floras on NERR. Floras played just as well if not better than Dukes throughout the evening. Floras continues to show a tight handle, smooth crossover dribble and a deadly pull-up jump shot. He played hard, played with toughness, and with a chip on his shoulder. He was focused, and showed a nice combination of raw athletic talent and refined basketball skills and fundamentals. He was virtually un-guardable 1-on-1. If he can get better at creating for his teammates, watch out.

Jamie Holder, 6'2" Guard, Notre Dame Prep (Class of 2012)
Holder looked very good at this event. He was extremely explosive with the basketball, blowing right by his defender on the way to the basket, where he made some acrobatic finishes at the rim. He is not only quick and explosive, but he is very crafty with the basketball in his hands, showing a nifty hesitation dribble. You can't teach athleticism, and Holder has that and then some. Yes, he has to get bigger and stronger, but at this event it didn't seem to hold him back much as he was still able to finish at the rim against much bigger players. Holder played tenacious defense and although his jumper still needs work it is serviceable. He also made a very nice pass in transition during the full court games.

Devin Gilligan, 6'4" Wing, Souhegan HS (Class of 2012)
I have to admit, I really liked what I saw from Gilligan at this event. The thing that stood out the most to me was how much better his outside shot has gotten. He was simply on fire from beyond the arc. In one of the full court games he was unconscious, knocking down 4 three-pointers in the span of about 2 minutes. When you're 6'4" and have the strong frame that Gilligan has, when you now add in the lethal jumper it makes him a much better player. He is best known for his spin move off the dribble drive, and while he it did get him in trouble at times it continues to serve as en effective go-to move. I was also impressed by Gilligan's effort and intensity on the defensive end of the floor. Not only was this the best I've see Gilligan shoot the basketball from the outside, but it was also the best defense I have seen from him. He was really playing with a purpose at this event. He forced a number of turnovers by getting into the passing lanes and pressuring the basketball. Gilligan also made plays by taking his man off the dribble and finishing at the rim, and in doing so showed a good combination of speed and power and an effective inside-outside game.

Mike Lombard, 6'3" Wing/Forward, Proctor Academy (Class of 2012)
Will he play basketball or football in college? While that is still up in the air there is no doubt that Lombard can play both sports at a very high level. He is a versatile player who can play the 3 or the 4. Lombard hit the outside shot consistently, with good form and a high release on his shot. He took smaller defenders on the low block and if he had a big defending him he drew them away from the basket and hit the shot in their eye. Lombard showed a high basketball I.Q. and the ability to make the extra pass and play tough defense.

Zach Stevens, 6'1" Wing, Trinity HS (Class of 2011)
Stevens more than held his own out there, knocking down shots and competing against some of the region's premier talent. He might not have been the biggest, fastest or most athletic player in the gym. But he made up for that with hard work, effort, desire and smarts. Stevens thrives when playing on the same team as a guard who can penetrate to the basket, because if his man sags off him to help out on the ball Stevens once again showed he can knock down the three ball at will.

Strength/Conditioning & Agility Testing Results
Name Reach jump VJ Jump w/step VJ w/step 10yd sprint Agile: 5-10-5 Agile: square
Dimitri Floras 96.5 122.0 25.5 125.5 29.0 1.78/1.69 4.53 n/a
Jamie Holder 96.5 125.0 28.5 128.0 31.5 1.55/1.61 4.37 9.79
Zach Stevens 98.5 119.0 20.5 121.5 23.0 1.72/1.80 5.10 12.05
Mike Lombard 97.0 118.5 21.5 120.0 23.0 1.92/1.97 5.22 11.54
Devin Gilligan 100.0 120.5 20.5 124.5 24.5 2.05/1.95 5.14 11.90

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