Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Basketball DVD's Are Available

Over the course of this past winter's high school basketball season, you probably saw the NH Notebook at a game and I wasn't just taking notes but also doing a live video broadcast. Well, those broadcasts are now being made available to the public.

We posted highlight videos for select games on the site throughout the season, but now you can have DVD's which have video and play-by-play of entire games, yours to watch whenever you want. Whether you're a player, a parent, a college coach, high school coach, official or just a fan, you'll want to take a look at these.

What exactly do the DVD's include?
Each DVD has the game in its entirety, in HD quality video, with play-by-play and color commentary by Jeremy Leveille of all the action. Plus pre-game, halftime and post-game reports, and a post-game interview with the "NH Notebook Player of the Game."

Who are the game tapes for?

Players...see you and the rest of your teammates in action. Whether it was a big game for you personally, or for your team, or maybe a game where your team won a championship. Maybe you want to get DVD's of multiple games that you played in or use them to put together your own personal highlight tape to send them to college coaches to be recruited. Or maybe you'd like a copy of a game where you didn't play particularly well, so you can review the tape and see what you need to work on.

High School Coaches...coaches are always looking for "tape" on other teams in their division so they can look at what type of sets they run, how often they switch up their defense, etc. in order to gain an advantage. The off-season is a great time to get your hands on some tape and study your rivals in preparation for the upcoming season.

College and Prep School Coaches...looking for a player to fit your system? Is there a player or players who you've heard good things about but just haven't got the chances to see play yet, either in person or on film? Check out some of these tapes.

Officials...would you like to critique your own performance? Maybe one of the games we have is one that you officiated, and you'd like to take a second or third look at some of the close calls in the game so you can perfect your craft. Or maybe you would like to take a look at tape from a game which was officiated by someone known to be one of the best in the business.

Parents, Grandparents, etc...these tapes make great keepsakes. 20 years from now when your son or daughter is all grown up you'll still be able to look back and relive their high school days by watching them play on tape. Or give the DVD as a present to your son or daughter.

Fans...was there a game you attended this past season that was particularly exciting, and you would like to watch it again? Maybe your alma-mater finally won a title for the first time ever and you'd like a copy of the game tape. Or maybe you have a friend who just got their first high school head coaching job and you'd like a copy of one of their games.

These are the games you can choose from:

Boys Basketball

Regular Season
Raymond vs Somersworth (2/13/11)
Trinity vs Manchester Memorial (from Queen City Tournament)

Post-Season Tournament
Trinity vs Bishop Guertin, Division I Championship
Portsmouth vs Milford, Division II Championship
Bow vs Somersworth, Division III Championship
Lisbon vs Derryfield, Division IV Championship
Manchester Central vs. Bishop Guertin, Division I Semi-finals
Alvirne vs. Trinity, Division I Semi-finals
Souhegan vs. Portsmouth, Division II Semi-finals
Milford vs. Pelham, Division II Semi-finals

Granite Games
Division I All-Stars vs. Division II All-Stars

BST Basketball/NH Notebook's North vs. South Clash 2011
Boys Seniors Game
Boys Juniors Game
Boys Underclassmen Game

Girls Basketball

Regular Season
Timberlane vs Alvirne (1/20/11)
John Stark vs Hanover (1/10/11)

Post-Season Tournament
Lebanon vs. Souhegan, Division II Championship
Campbell vs. Conant, Division III Championship
Winnacunnet vs. Manchester Memorial, Division I Semi-final
Alvirne vs. Londonderry, Division I Semi-final
Lebanon vs. Kennett, Division II Semi-final
Souhegan vs. John Stark, Division II Semi-final
Campbell vs. White Mountains, Division III Semi-final
Conant vs. Fall Mountain, Division III Semi-final

BST Basketball/NH Notebook's North vs. South Clash 2011
Girls Seniors Game
Girls Juniors Game
Girls Underclassmen Game

To order your full game DVD, or for more information, email:

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