Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stys Transferring to SNHU

Hooksett native and former Manchester Central standout guard Mike Stys is coming home. The 6'1" guard started 25 games as a sophomore this past winter for Division II New Haven University averaging 7.4 points per game in the process. But he has officially transferred to Northeast-10 rival school Southern New Hampshire University.

"I am very excited to be attending SNHU next fall and look forward to helping the team win in whatever way I can" Stys told the NH Notebook.

This news comes just weeks after Manchester resident David Madol committed to SNHU. Madol will be a freshman for the Penmen after playing his high school ball at Trinity and then Manchester Memorial. So Coach Spirou now has two very talented locals coming to play for him.

Stys is a 6-foot-1 guard who can flat out shoot the basketball. He’s a smart player with a good feel for the game, a tough defender and is unselfish on the offensive end of the floor. He always seems to make the right basketball play. New Haven loses one of their starting guards, while SNHU gains a local talent who works hard and can shoot the ball from anywhere on the floor to stretch defenses.

Interview with Mike Stys

Jeremy Leveille: What went into your decision to transfer to SNHU?
Mike Stys: Before I decided to transfer to SNHU I wanted to make sure that New Haven was not the right fit for me because the grass isn't always greener on the other side. However, I am very excited to be going to SNHU next year. I have known Coach Spirou, Coach Dufour, Coach Gore my whole life which also had a big impact on my decision. Coach Dufour was my high school history teacher. In the end, I was just not happy with the daily life presented to me at the University of New Haven and the student life on campus was dull. As far as athletics goes, two coaches in two years is a tough transition to adjust to. I do wish New Haven the best of the luck in the future.

JL: How much did playing so close to home influence this decision?
MS: It's a good feeling playing so close to home because of the support SNHU gets from the Manchester and surrounding communities. The same people who watched me develop into the player that I am today attend SNHU games regularly. Manchester is unique because the basketball community is very close. I did not find that to be the case at University of New Haven. I am very excited to be attending SNHU in the fall and hope to make a positive impact on the team in whatever way I can.

JL: What is most appealing to you about SNHU, academically and also with the basketball team?
MS: SNHU caught my attention academically because of their strong finance and accounting program. The recent expansion of the campus is appealing to any student looking to attend SNHU. The small class sizes have also been very appealing. As far as the basketball team goes, I play with alot of these guys in the summer and have known some of the players for a couple of years just because I'm always using there gym in the summer to workout. I am familiar with the style of play that a lot of there players show and am excited to team up with them.

JL: Fondest memories playing for Central and Coach Wheeler?
MS: I wouldn't have traded playing at Central for anything. The relationship that Coach Wheeler develops with his players is unlike any coach that I know of. As a player I could talk to him about anything relating to basketball but also relating to our personal lives, he was always there to let us voice our opinion and to talk to us as a friend, a coach and a parent. I also want to mention that our assistant coach Bill Krantz also had a big impact of always being there. I remember the long talks after every practice and how everyone including myself used to hate them when we were back in high school. As I look back on them, it is a contributing factor to the person I am today

JL: How did you benefit from playing for the Granite State Jayhawks AAU program?
MS: Without Mark Dunham and the 1 year i participated in the Granite State Jayhawks aau program I would not be where i am today. The development that happened in that 1 year was the best thing that ever happened to me. He pushed us everyday in practice and in games to be the best we could be.

JL: Was there anyone else who has been a role model or major influence for you?
MS: Throughout the college search process after my post graduate year at Proctor Academy and throughout this transfer process my parents have always been behind me in whatever decision I make. They have always asked questions just to make sure I'm seeing all sides of the decision and I thank them for that every step of the way. They have been as influential and supportive throughout this process as anyone could imagine.

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