Thursday, July 14, 2011

NH Notebook is Seeking Sponsors

The New Hampshire Notebook was founded in July of 2009. It started out as a reporter who just liked to talk high school hoops, but over the last 2 years it has really grown into something special.

The quality of coverage we have been able to deliver has been top notch, and the traffic to this site is at an all-time high.

We want to keep growing, however. To take the site to the next level. We want to cover more sports, more games, put on more events and build it into a site that anyone associated with NH high school sports will be proud of.

In order to take make that happen the site needs funding.

Our mission here at the NH Notebook from day 1 has been, is and always will be: to recognize, promote and cover the high school athletes and teams in NH who work so hard.

This site has done some truly great things for amateur athletics in NH. In just 2 years we have covered over 80 schools, including all geographic areas of the state. We have covered boys basketball, girls basketball, football, ice hockey, baseball and we're looking to cover even more. What we have done so far is only the tip of the iceberg. Show your support by becoming a sponsor, or making a donation.

Sponsorships are very affordable. They are great for:
*local businesses who are looking to get involved in the community and also promote their business
*high school booster clubs
*local colleges/universities
*families involved in the NH high school sports community
*anyone who wishes to support the work that we do!

The New Hampshire Notebook receives thousands of weekly visitors. We also have 1,752 friends on Facebook and 165 followers on Twitter.

These visitors are players, coaches, parents, fans, other media members, college coaches and anyone else who is remotely interested in NH high school sports. Our readership comes from all over the state. Yes, the southern part of the state is much more populated than the north. But I know for a fact that many of this site's most passionate readers come from places like the Upper Valley, Lakes Region and Monadnock Region as well. The site's sponsors really do reach the entire state.

NH Notebook sponsorships include:
*a minimum of 1 article on the site dedicated to your company/booster club/college/family, which will mention your sponsorship/donation
*a logo to appear on the sidebar of EVERY page on the site
*a minimum of 1 mention on the NH Notebook's Facebook and Twitter pages.
*a minimum of 1 mention in an NH Notebook video

Again, sponsorships are VERY affordable. They allow the site to remain alive, and also to continue to grow into something special. Help us take the NH Notebook, and NH high school sports to new heights.

For more information on becoming a sponsor or making a donation to the New Hampshire Notebook, email:

Thank you.