Monday, September 5, 2011

Football Player Highlight Videos - 2011

(Last updated 9/9/11)

Creating a highlight video for yourself, putting it on youtube and sending it out to college coaches is a great way to market yourself during the recruiting process. It gets your name out there and is good exposure. And here at the New Hampshire Notebook we're all about recognizing and promoting the hard working athletes of this state. That's why we make it easy for recruiters by putting all of the highlight videos for the NH football players in one place.

I made a similar post to this one around this time last year, and it was one of the most viewed post's in this site's 2+ year history. So without any further ado, here they are. If I missed anyone, feel free to email me the youtube link.

Class of 2012 Prospects

Tom Cifrino, OL/LB, St. Thomas Aquinas HS

Codey Dalton, QB, Manchester Memorial HS

Jerickson Fedrick, RB/LB, Salem HS

Josh Hughes, RB/LB, Trinity HS

Jake Kiley, QB/DB, New Hampton School, Committed to Penn State University

Michael Lombard, LB, Proctor Academy

Armond McRae, RB/DB, Nashua High South

Alexander Morrill, OL/DL, Lebanon HS

Derek Paradis, RB/DB, Nashua High South

David Rogers, RB/DB, St. Thomas Aquinas HS

Emmitt Smith, RB, Pinkerton Academy

Class of 2013 Prospects

Dylan Drew, FB/LB, Lebanon HS (Class of 2013)

Ryan Monette, RB/DB, St. Thomas Aquinas

Tolbert Nemo, RB, Concord HS

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