Sunday, September 25, 2011

Trinity Stays Unbeaten With Comeback Win Over Plymouth

By: DC

A lot of the New Hampshire football programs have converted to the wide open spread offense, which highlights the passing game and spreads the field to open up running lanes. This produces scores that sound more like basketball games than football games.

Saturday up in Plymouth two veteran coaches brought their undefeated teams and their emphasis on the running game and old fashioned smash mouth football. For 3 and half quarters the game lived up to it's billing, but I don't think anyone would have predicted the way the last 4 minutes of the game would be played and the final result.

Plymouth took the opening kick off, established their running attack and dominated play in the 1st quarter. Brandon Goodale scored first for the Bobcats with a run around the right end. The 1st quarter ended with Plymouth up 7-0.

Trinity only had 5 plays and one first down in the quarter but they nearly scored on a halfback option play. Josh Hughes got a pitch out of the double wing and launched a pass to a wide open Adam Chambers 10 yards behind the nearest defender. Unfortunately the pass was to long and Trinity wasted it's only real shot to score in the 1st half.

The 2nd quarter was the same as the 1st. Total line domination on both sides of the ball by Plymouth. I heard one Plymouth player yell from the bench 'we are playing Plymouth football boys!' Bobcat running back Taylor Newberry carried the offense almost the whole game. On a very humid afternoon he had 35 carries for 141 yards. Brandon Goodale had 35 yards rushing until he was removed from the game in the 2nd quarter with a leg injury.

Trinity just couldn't get anything going. They did have what turns out to be a very big goal line stand and a blocked field goal at the end of the 2nd quarter. Andrew Lauderdale (who had a very quiet day up to that point) came up the middle and made the block. Plymouth goes in at half up 7-0, but Trinity has to be happy it could have been a lot worse.

Trinity gets the ball to start the 2nd half and a chance to get back in the game. No luck, more of the same 3 and out. Plymouth's 4 linebackers Cole Brooker, Ryan Farina, John Thomas, and Nick Reisert are not big by any standard. They play the 4/4 defense to perfection holding Trinity to a total of 97 yards rushing the whole game. Trinity has a double wing offense that is accustom to rushing the ball 300 plus yards every week.

With less than 6 minutes to go in the game and Plymouth in complete control, they were moving into scoring position to close out the game. Inside the 10 yard line when Trinity defense made there second crucial stand in the game. They stuffed Plymouth on consecutive plays and on 4th down Plymouth brought out their field goal unit to try a 24 yard field goal. A 5 yard illegal procedure penalty pushes the ball back to a 29 yard final goal.

With 4:22 left the game takes a dramatic u turn. The kick is wide right and Trinity gets the ball on the 20. Up to that point Trinity quarterback Carmen Giampetruzzi had not thrown one pass. Like a bolt of lightning Giampetruzzi hits Josh Hughes running a wheel route down the left side line, 80 yards for a touchdown. Hughes, who is regarded as one of the top running backs in the state had been completely shut down the whole day. Plymouth had him completely boxed in. Once Hughes finally found some daylight he showed his speed that not everyone is giving him credit for. Trinity now down 7-6 makes the decision to go for 2 and the win. Hughes is stopped at the one, no good.

Well everyone knew what was coming next an on side kick. Taylor Newberry (a member of Plymouth's hands team) makes a nice play and recovers the ball. Plymouth needs a couple first downs to run out the clock. Trinity uses all it's time outs but gets the ball back on their 26 with :24 to play and no time outs.

Now Trinity comes out in a shot gun spread, something I am sure Plymouth had not worked on. With time running out Giampetruzzi hits the next 4 out 7 passes. The last one came with big 6'6" Andrew Lauderdale lining up in the slot and running a seam pass down the middle of the field. Giampetruzzi threw a laser that hit Lauderdale in stride 48 yards and a touchdown. Trinity being held to less than 100 yards offense until the last 4 minutes, rack up 156 yards passing to end the game. Trinity wins one with a rabbits foot in their pocket 12-7.

My guess is these two teams will see each other again in November. Trinity has put themselves in great position for some home playoff games. The only advice I could give is keep working on the pass game you are going to need it again. I don't know if I had a 6'6" tight end I would try to get him involved in the offense. As far as Plymouth goes hold your heads high there is a lot of football yet to be played. Start working on your pass defense next week you have Hanover and that Cavallaro kid throws ball all over the place.

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