Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lauderdale Signs NLO to Play Football at UNH

Trinity High's Andrew Lauderdale is one of the best 2-sport athletes in New Hampshire, as he's a star player for the Pioneers in both football and basketball. But it's no secret that football is his main sport. When you consider he's 6'7", over 240 lbs., he's built like an ox, runs like a deer and can catch passes with ease it's no wonder Lauderdale has been widely regarded as a Division I prospect.

There were rumors a few weeks ago when he was WMUR's 'Hometown Hero' that he had committed to play football at the University of New Hampshire, but Lauderdale said those reports were premature. However Wednesday was National Signing Day, and that is when it became official, as Lauderdale signed a National Letter of Intent to play D-I football for the UNH Wildcats.

Lauderdale is an all-state caliber play in both football (as a TE on offense and DE on defense) and basketball. He helped the Trinity football team win the Division V championship as a sophomore in 2009 and they won the D-IV title this past fall with him as a senior (both of those years they went undefeated). The day after officially signing on to play for UNH he took time to do an exclusive interview for the NH Notebook.

Jeremy Leveille: What led you to choose UNH over the other schools you were considering?
Andrew Lauderdale: There are a few factors that lead me to decide to pick UNH. one reason is that it is close to home. It's nice because my parents and grandparents will always be close by supporting me. I can also go see them since i only like about 45 minutes from campus. In my thoughts i believe that is the best part about choosing UNH.I've met all of the coach's and they are nice guys and i feel like they could make me feel like I'm at home.

JL: What do you see your role being on the team at UNH?
AL: I hopefully see myself on the offensive side playing tight end. I've played it for 6 years and i enjoy catching the ball and scoring touchdowns. I'm going to red shirt freshman so that I can get bigger. Then from there I just hope to make an impact in the program.

JL: Are you looking forward to playing in a UNH offense that passes much more than you guys did at Trinity?
AL: I'm excited by the fact that UNH throws the football more. Trinity threw the ball a little bit, but not nearly as much as UNH. I loved Trinity's offense, and passing the ball more is going to take a little while to get use to.

JL: How has playing basketball in addition to football helped you out on the gridiron?
AL: Playing basketball helped me a lot on the field. I usually played basketball during the summer, so it kept me in shape for the up coming season. It helped me with become faster and having a quick first step off of the line.

JL: Fondest memories playing high school football at Trinity?
AL: Winning two state championships had to be the best part of playing football at Trinity. Playing with the kids on my team was great. My senior class kind of help build the program back up and that is something that the other players and I will always remember.

JL: What do you plan on studying at UNH?
AL: I'm not to sure what I want to study. I am going in undeclared and I've had thoughts about doing something with mathematics or business.

Congratulations to Andrew, and best of luck at UNH!

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