Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hanover Off to Fast Start at 2-0

By: DC
Preseason predictions are fun but they don't mean a whole lot. Friday night in Hanover after just 2 weeks of the season we found out that no one had Hanover in their preseason playoff predictions is a legit play off contender. Unfortunately we also found out that Laconia a team that everyone had going deep into the post season is probably already out of contention.

The Marauders displayed they are a team that has the ability to make big plays and has a stingy defense that hasn't been scored on in 2012. Hanover comes away with a very efficient lunch pale type victory beating Laconia 21-0. The real test comes next week when Hanover travels to Windham for a Saturday afternoon contest.

Hanover on it's very first possession showed that they are a big play team and can score in an instant from anywhere on the field. On a third and eight Hanover's very talented junior quarterback #4 Shawn Cavallaro found his main target and also very talented #10 Cyrus Rothwell-Ferraris behind the Sachems secondary for a very nice throw and catch for a 49 yard touchdown. This quarterback/receiver combination is one of the best in Division 4. Hanover goes up 7-0. Laconia was able to keep this explosive offense in check until midway through the 2nd quarter. Cavallaro and Rothwell-Ferraris connected for another big pass play of 41 yards bringing the ball deep into Laconia territory. Cavallaro showed off his 4.5 speed with a 10 yard run around the right side for a touchdown to go up 14-0.

Laconia last week against Windham just couldn't get anything going. Their all state running back #6 David Mahoney was held in check the whole game. I am sure the Sachem's goal on Friday night was to get Mahoney off to a strong start. Mahoney was held to 4 yards on his first 4 carries but on his 5th carry he finally broke one for 29 yards. Finally the Sachems had something to cheer about but on their very next play they got hit with a five yard penalty and a potentially good drive came to a halt. Mahoney carried the load for Laconia in the 1st half with 102 yards on 17 carries. With a couple minutes to go in the half Mahoney's season and maybe Laconia's season may have come to an unfortunate end. Mahoney made a nice run off the right side and as he was fighting for a couple extra yards his body got twisted and he fell awkwardly with a Marauder on top. He was down on the turf in a lot pain with what seems to be a serious leg injury. He never came back in the second half. We don't know what the total extent to his injury but it doesn't look good and could be season ending?

With Hanover up 14-0 and Mahoney out of action the game was over at halftime. Cavallaro had another 12 yard run for a touchdown in the 3rd quarter to finish the scoring a 21-0. Cavallaro had a real nice game going 6 for 8 and 152 yards passing with one touchdown. He also had 38 yards rushing on 12 carries and 2 touchdowns. Rothwell-Ferrarisis a muti-purpose back but he is the most dangerous when he lines up as a receiver also had an excellent game with 4 catches 140 yards and a touchdown. He also had 47 yards on 9 carries running the football. Hanover mixes in a few other backs #25 Carl Keating, #21 Hunter Simpson and #44 Jack Cavallaro the younger brother of Shawn. If you want to stop Hanover you need to somehow keep Cavallaro and Rothwell-Ferraris roped in they are both explosive and can score from anywhere on the field.

Another big reason that Hanover is off to a good start is their defense has posted 2 shutouts. The big test comes next week when they play a Windham Jaguar team that is averaging 50 points a game.The guys in the trenches that are getting the job done are #80 Addison LaRock, #66 Rob Sabatelle,#74 Skye Cudney, #51 Alex Tariot, #58 Jesse Cutting, #32 Issac Fleming-Steinberg, #25 Carl Keating, #21 Hunter Simpson, and a young Sophomore who spent the whole game in Laconia's backfield causing havoc #44 Jack "Rampage" Cavallaro. Jack doesn't have the athleticism of his older brother but this young man is as tough as nails and the opposing offense needs to locate where #44 lines up on every play!

Two games into the season and things are already taking shape in Division 4. Next weeks games of Hanover at Windham and Trinity at Plymouth will set the pecking order in the Division. It will also gives an idea of who will be still around in November. Hanover win or lose next week will be in the play off race to stay. This is going to be a real tough year for Laconia as I said before they still have some wins in their future but the status of Mahoney will have a huge impact on how many wins they will be able to notch.

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