Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nerbonne Commits to Syracuse

Anyone who has followed the girls basketball coverage on this site for the past couple of years knows the name Lindsey Nerbonne. She is a 4 year varsity player at Bow, where she was an all-state player for the past 2 years including her junior year in 2011-2012 when she was a first team all-state selection and led the Falcons to the Division II semi-finals. This year the Bow girls basketball team is the preseason favorite to win it all, and Nerbonne is the D-III preseason Player of the Year.

Those are some pretty impressive accomplishments. They are even more impressive when you consider basketball is not even Nerbonne's best sport. Not only is she better at field hockey, but she is so good at field hockey that she is going to be playing it in college - at Syracuse. Nerbonne has verbally committed to Syracuse, which is currently the #1 ranked field hockey team in the entire country.

For Nerbonne the college decision came down to playing for the #1 team in the country or staying close to home.

"I was mainly deciding between Syracuse and UNH" Nerbonne told the NH Notebook. "I decided on Syracuse because I love the campus / sports atmosphere there, I love their field hockey program and I felt like I could connect with the team. It was definitely a tough decision because I liked both programs a lot and UNH is a great school but in the end I decided the whole atmosphere at Syracuse was more for me."

Nerbonne also credits UNH field hockey coaches Meg Shea and Ross Gorham with as two of the coaches who have been the most helpful with her development as a player.

Not only are there no women from New Hampshire on Syracuse's current roster, but there are no players from New England. What's even more interesting is that the Orangemen have a whopping 7 international players on the team, including players from Ireland, Germany, England and Scotland. The bottom line is head coach Ange Bradley and her staff will go all over the world to recruit the best players for their program, so the fact that Nerbonne is going to play there is a BIG deal.

"The National Field Hockey Festival event during every Thanksgiving break was the major event that helped me" Nerbonne explained. "Also my club team tournaments and some USA field hockey Futures Elite tournaments helped me."

Nerbonne has always been a standout player in both field hockey and basketball. But at some point you have to choose one or the other to focus on a little more.

"I play basketball (in addition to field hockey) and I am running track this year" said Nerbonne. "I started getting recruited around sophomore year for field hockey. I decided sophomore year that field hockey was definitely the sport I wanted to play in college."

2) At what point did you start to get recruited by Division I schools for field hockey? What other sports do you play at Bow? At what point did you decide that field hockey was the sport you wanted to play in college?

Some people might think that it's better to specialize in one sport to maximize your potential. However playing 3 different sports has actually helped Nerbonne to reach the next level.

"The other sports I have played have all helped me in huge ways" Nerbonne explained. "Basketball especially has helped me a lot with field hockey. Because I am a guard in basketball, I had to really work on my communication skills and confidence and those really transferred over into my field hockey game. Playing these other sports also helps with conditioning and footwork for field hockey."

As a result Nerbonne has become one of the top field hockey recruits in the nation.

"I play midfield or forward" said the 5-foot-6 Nerbonne. "I believe that I am a pretty good communicator and can see the field well. I also think I am a good team player and work very hard."

Last season as a junior, Nerbonne led the Bow field hockey team to the Division II state championship. The Falcons are currently 5-3 and hope to make it back-to-back titles this year.

"It was amazing!" said Nerbonne. "It’s a really unique experience to win a high school championship and it will be one of my best memories forever. I think it will take a lot of hard work and drive for us to win it this year. I think we have the skills to do it but we need to dig deep in every game to win it."

Congratulations to Lindsey on all of her success and best of luck at Syracuse!

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