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Week 6 WGAM / Telegraph Power Poll - My Ballot Revealed!

So Winnacunnet is once again the #1 ranked team in NH this week. However the Warriors only barely beat Dover on Saturday afternoon, as the Green Wave took them to double-overtime before falling 31-24. I wonder what this week's Power Poll would look like if Dover had won that game - my head is spinning just thinking about it!

Speaking of Dover, there's some controversy swirling around the Garrison City and DHS might not have football for much longer. I highly doubt it will actually happen, but one school board member is very adamant about the effects of concussions outweighing the positive aspects of high school football.

The other controversy in NHIAA football is the one regarding a sophomore football player's transfer from Central to Memorial. NHIAA director Pat Corbin told the NH Notebook that some of the information in that Union Leader article was off base. I asked him if it was true that Central and Memorial could be banned from tournament competition in all sports for the next 3 years.

"Absolutely not for an infraction of this magnitude" said Corbin. "The potential consequences for this particular issue have been blown out of proportion. It is under investigation and I have not received both schools’ reports as yet."

In other games games involving top 10 teams, Bedford topped Bishop Guertin 27-13 (big win for the Bulldogs), Exeter beat Concord 28-0 (no shocker there) and in a Division IV championship game preview Plymouth defeated Windham 42-25. Portsmouth also had an impressive win, crushing Goffstown 56-22 in D-III action. Keep reading to see how all of these games affected this week's poll.

WGAM The Game/Nashua Telegraph HS Football poll

1. Winnacunnet (7)
2. Exeter (1)
3. Pinkerton (1)
T4. Bedford
T4. Manchester Central
6. Keene
7. Bishop Guertin
8. Souhegan
9. Plymouth
10. Concord

(first place votes)

Others receiving votes: Milford (4), Portsmouth (2), Dover (1), Windham (1)

Here's what my ballot looked like...
1. Winnacunnet
2. Exeter
3. Pinkerton
4. Bedford
5. Keene
6. Manchester Central
7. Bishop Guertin
8. Concord
9. Dover
10. Souhegan

Here's why I voted that way...

1. Winnacunnet
- no question about it. Until they lose, they're the #1 team.

2. Exeter - the Blue Hawks got back to their winning ways on Friday night, blanking a god Concord team 28-0. A close, 3 point loss to #1 ranked Winnacunnet is the only blemish on a season of domination so for for Exeter.

3. Pinkerton - another easy pick here. Pinkerton's only loss was a close, 3 point defeat to #2 ranked Exeter.

4. Bedford - another easy pick. BG was my #4 team last week, but Bedford beat them 27-13 this past weekend. The Bulldogs only loss was a 13-6 defeat to #1 ranked Winnacunnet.

5. Keene - other than playing Bedford, they haven't had a very tough schedule so far. But Bedford is their only loss so far, and the fact is if it wasn't for a couple of missed extra points they would have beaten the Bulldogs. So because of that I can't justify putting them any lower than this.

6. Manchester Central - they get a slight nod here over BG. They'll get a chance to move up when they play Pinkerton in a couple weeks. I am looking forward to covering that game.

7. Bishop Guertin - I definitely can't justify putting the Cardinals any lower than this. They had a tough loss on Saturday to a Bedford team that was simply better than them. Look for BG to regroup though, and at the end of the year they will be right there in the D-II title hunt.

8. Concord - Hello? Concord BEAT Nashua South 20-3, just 2 weeks ago. How anyone could possibly rank South ahead of Concord right now is beyond me. I saw that game and South did NT look like a top 10 team by any stretch of the imagination. Concord did. And just because Concord lost 28-0 to Exeter and South beat North 30-17 this past weekend it doesn't change anything. Exeter is REALLY good. They would beat anyone in the state (outside the top 5 teams) by 28 points at least. Concord should not move down because of that loss. Just like South shouldn't move up in the rankings for beating a struggling Nashua North team.

9. Dover - wow, I cannot believe I am still the only voter in either poll putting these guys on my ballot. Hello? Did you people miss the memo that Dover took #1 ranked Winnacunnet to double-overtime on Saturday? Hello? I don't mind that I'm the only voter putting Dover on my ballot, I've always been one to stray from the pack and blaze my own trail. C'mon people, look beyond just the won-loss records here. Try looking at a little thing called strength of schedule. Besides Exeter, NOBODY in the state has played a tougher schedule than Dover has! The Green Wave have played #1 ranked Winnacunnet, #2 ranked Exeter, #7 BG and a King Phillip High team who is the #11 ranked team in the entire state of Massachusetts (if they were in NH they would easily be a top 3 team, maybe even #1). I'm actually not alone in my belief that Dover is a top 10 team. One of the Winnacunnet assistant coaches came up to me after the Exeter / Winnacunnet game a couple weeks ago and said that he agrees with me - and that was BEFORE Dover took Winnacunnet to double-OT! I rest my case.

10. Souhegan - they were #10 on my ballot last week, and I can't justify moving them down since they beat up on Con-Val. Besides, their week 2 win over Portsmouth looks even better now, after the Clippers crushed a good Goffstown team 56-22 on Saturday. The Sabers only loss so far was way back in week 1. It was a blowout loss, but it came to #1 ranked Winnacunnet, it was a non-league game that didn't count in the standings and Souhegan was playing that game without Coach Beliveau on the sidelines.

Sorry Portsmouth and Plymouth. You just barely missed a spot on my ballot this week.

Oh, and one last thing. For the record, anyone who follows this site knows that I capitalize certain words a lot. I do it simply to put emphasis on those words. I feel like I need to clarify this, because apparently some people think that capitalizing words is the written equivalent to screaming. Well since I capitalize words so often if that were true I must be a pretty angry person! But of course that's not the case. Ok, just wanted to clarify that.

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