Saturday, December 29, 2012

Milford Wins Day 2 Match-Up vs. Pelham; Pitsas Shines

By: Ross Laorenza
Dina Pitsas deserves some recognition. As do the rest of her teammates; but the senior for Milford grabbed the attention of a few reporters at the 12 pm start inside Nashua North, Friday.

Pitsas (#10) was masterful on the court, as she helped lead her team to a 58-37 win over a younger Pelham team. She led all scorers with 18 points. I had heard whispers of a great player on the Milford squad and the name even rang a bell, but seeing this girl play was worth the $5 dollar admission fee.

Both benches were used to their fullest potential, with a majority of girls for each team frequently coming in and out of the game.

Closing in on History
The star guard is closing in on 1000 points for her high school career. That is a milestone worthy of mention. While it was not eclipsed in Friday afternoon’s game, I am sure the buckets will continue to fall and the points will be there for Pitsas later in the season, if not tomorrow vs. Nashua South.

But Dina is just one star; and there were many of the court Friday.

Promising Player for Pelham
Pelham senior, Rebecca DeBaldo (#21) imposed her will early and often in the low post. She totaled 9 points for her team and was a clear mismatch, size-wise, for some of the smaller Pelham defenders. It was like watching a wrecking ball clear out the paint as Milford defenders seemed to bounce off DeBaldo as she came through with the ball.

She was solid on defense as well, causing numerous turnovers. “See what happens when you go up the middle?” said one Milford coach, “Turnovers!”

Running the O
Both teams showed great fundamentals and both coaches are worthy of commendation for the work they have done with their respective teams. Ball movement was crucial in the Milford offensive attack. Senior Brittany White (#3) assisted Pitsas running the floor on numerous plays.

Big contributions were made offensively by junior guard Brianna Hoffman (#34), sophomore guard Adelle Pitsas (#4), and sophomore forward Rebecca Cleary (#13).

Defending Their Basket
Whenever a big play need to be made it seemed like the #44 was involved, for both teams. Katelyn Surpenant, for Pelham, kept her hands active in passing lanes when she was on the floor and Taylor Steinbach was crucial in slowing down the Pelham attack.

The girls from Milford were trailing 14-11 after one quarter. Proof that records mean nothing, come tournament time…

They rebounded well the rest of the way, outscoring Pelham 47-23 from there. Final score; Milford: 58, Pelham: 37.

From Nashua North; Ross Laorenza: New Hampshire Notebook

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