Monday, January 21, 2013

Cannone to Play Alongside Brother at Bates

As if it wasn't good enough that Windham High's Danny Cannone is going to get an education at one of the best schools in the country and play on the football team there, he will also be able to play alongside his brother.

Cannone attended Windham. His older brother Matt attended and played quarterback at Salem High. They'll play together for the Bobcats for the next two years. Bates is located in Lewiston, Maine and competes in the NESCAC.

"Playing with Matt next year will be a new experience for the both of us, as we didn’t get the chance to play in high school together" Danny Cannonne told the NH Notebook in an exclusive interview. "That was definitely something we both wanted to do, and so we are both very excited for that. Being able to play football with him at one of the best academic schools in the country really pulled me in. He used to always tell me to decide on a school that you feel most comfortable with and with all the good things he told me about Bates, I knew it was a place I could see myself for the next four years."

There were also other factors in Danny Cannone's decision to commit to Bates.

"I really liked Bates because of the combination of academics and athletics that it offers" said Cannone, who is undecided on a major but is considring studying economics. "It is a liberal arts college, which will allow me to explore different areas of study. Bates plays in the NESCAC, a highly competitive Division III conference, which was where I pictured myself playing college football. I really like the Bates coaching staff also, which allowed me to feel comfortable making my decision. I was considering some of the other NESCAC schools as well such as Bowdoin and Tufts."

The Windham High football program has only been around for four years, and for such a new program they have had quite a bit of success. Danny Cannone has been a BIG reason for that success, as he emerged as one of the top players in Division IV this fall as a senior.

"The Windham Football Program has already had a lot of success in its early years" Cannone said. "This year we made it to the semi-final game vs. Trinity after moving up a division. In the previous year, we made it all the way to the D5 championship game. This year’s team was a very special group of kids. The seniors are going to be the first grade to have experienced the first four years of Windham Football. We have all watched it grow as we built the foundation and the tradition that will stay with the team for years to come. Part of the reason for my own success and the whole Windham football programs is having Coach Raycraft as the head coach. Along with the other coaches, they push us to our limits always expecting more and wanting us to be the best we can possibly be. Throughout the year, they would always put Windham’s players in the best situation to be successful."

Cannone's best attribute as a player is his versatility. At Windham he played offense, defense and special teams. In 2012 he made the transition from tight end to running back, and has been an all-state caliber player at both positions. He has also moved around on defense, playing both outside linebacker and defensive end.

"Bates recruited me for offense, but anything can happen when I get there" Cannone explained. "Next year, I would honestly love any role that will get me on the field."

Football is clearly in the blood of the Cannone family. Not only will Danny and Matt be playing together at Bates, but their cousin David Cannone (from Bedford High) was also one of the top players in the state (at FB and LB).

"Having a brother who plays quarterback obviously benefits me tremendously as we can play catch in the yard and work to become better athletes together" Cannone concluded. Our families all go to each other’s games in support and allows wish each other the best of luck. Unfortunately for Dave and myself, we weren’t able to get our hands on a State Title, but at least we can say we came close. Dave and I are very excited to play each other in this years CHAD game."

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