Thursday, March 7, 2013

Quick Note About Prospect Rankings

As everyone knows, here on the NH Notebook we do prospect rankings for boys basketball, girls basketball and football. They are for college coaches to use as a tool when recruiting kids from New Hampshire. It gets the player's name out there, and provides exposure to those athletes looking to play at the next level. With just a couple of clicks these coaches can see who the top players from NH are in a given class, they can see what position they play, their height, what school they're from, which ones have committed to colleges, etc.

Any kid from NH, whether they attend an NHIAA school, a prep school or a private school outside of NH (like Central Catholic or St. John's Prep) is eligible for the ranking lists. Players are ranked in the order of how good of a college prospect they are. They have to be from NH, and they have to be looking to play in college. The point is, a college coach sees the kids name there and is therefore more likely to recruit them. So if the coach calls the kid up only to have the kid say they're not looking to play in college, or they're going to play baseball instead, etc. that coach has just wasted their time and I lose credibility. I want the lists to be as accurate as possible. So if a player commits to a school, if they reclassify, if they now are a different height, play a different position or transfer schools I update it right away.

I go to a lot of games / events, but I can't be everywhere. For this reason, I watch a lot of game tape. There are websites that have game film, and people also send me game tape which I always encourage. If you want to send me some tape, or have any further comments / questions on this feel free to email me at: