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Granite Games Recap - D-III vs. D-IV Girls

Next up in our series of Granite Games recaps from Sunday over at NHTI is the Girls Division III vs. Division IV All-Star Game. The best way to describe this game was balanced. 22 different players scored in this game, and nobody scored more than 13 points. The D-III All-Stars scored 71 points and all 12 of their players scored, yet nobody had more than 10. That is the definition of well-balanced. There wasn't just 1 or 2 star players who took over this game. There was 24 players, all on the same level. Both teams played unselfishly and moved the ball well on offense. It wasn't always the cleanest game but it was fun to watch and was a nice way for these seniors to end their careers.

The D-IV team made more free throws (13) than the D-III team even took (8). And Allison Scott of undefeated D-IV champs Hinsdale had a game-high 13 points on a combination of drives and jumpers. But the D-III All-Stars still lead this game by around 10 points for pretty much the whole way, and they won it 71-58.

Scott started strong with a drive and then pull-up jumper. You can bet it was a thrill for Scott to play one more game alongside Hinsdale teammate (And D-IV Player of the Year) Skylar Bonnette, especially since Bonnette's father and Hinsdale head coach Terry Bonnette was coaching the D-IV squad. D-IV kept up the early momentum as Chrissy Valliant (Woodsville) faced up from the perimeter, put the ball on the floor and finished in traffic. Jena Wheelock then made a nice pass to Groveton High teammate Sadie Conroy for a layup - it was the Groveton connection, with their high school coach Tim Haskins looking on from the stands.

The D-III team started to make some nice plays, as Sabrey Montore (Hopkinton) made a strong finish inside, and then Kayla Bosse (White Mountains) hit a 15-footer. Scott hit a 3, but then Riselly Deoleo (Bishop Brady) answered with a 3 of her own from the right wing. Montore made a nice pass to Amber Plummer (Newfound) on the fast break for a layup, but then Biance Verret (Littleton) countered with a nice drive and lefty finish.

Sharp shooter Bethany Aumand (Fall Mountain) started to heat up, hitting a 3 and then a long 2 and then Ella Montminy (Prospect Mountain) hit also hit a 3, as D-III was starting to take control of the game. Sami Bosquet (Wilton-Lyndeborough) is a tough, scrappy player who was working hard on both ends of the floor. But it was 34-23 at halftime in favor of the D-III All-Stars.

The 2nd half was pretty much even. Deoleo made a strong drive and finish, and then Stefani Gauthier (Pittsfield) answered back for D-IV with a 3. Katerina Styles (Franklin) made some smooth moves to the rim, including a nice step-through move for 2, but D-IV was hanging tough as Valliant finished an and-1 and then had an and-1 put-back of her own. That cut the D-III lead to just 6, 48-42.

But then D-III took control of the game right back, as Plummer made a steal, a strong drive to the rim and then right after that Plummer stole the ball again and went in for an easy transition layup. Deoleo then drove and made a nice dish to Hannah Chapin (Winnisquam) for a layup. The D-III All-Stars run continued, as Plummer made a nice block, then on the other end she grabbed her own rebound and finished in traffic for 2.

Again though, D-IV was hanging in there and kept battling. Erika Waterman (Sunapee) made a nice slash to the rim and finish, and then Bonnette made a nice pass ahead on the break to Hannah Menakaya (Derryfield) for a layup. Menakaya then made a nice block on defense coming over from the weak side. Scott made a nice drive and finish inside to cap a nice run by D-IV.

Deoleo just kept making plays though, as her and Plummer were too fast and athletic for the D-IV squad. Deoleo hit a tough leaner, then on the break she made a strong drive and athletic finish. Division IV answered back with a nicely executed 3-on-2 break, with Waterman making a nice dish to Hannah Comeau (Derryfield) for a layup.

Bailey Roberts (Fall Mountain) hit a smooth floater. But then D-IV had yet another perfectly executed fast break. This time it was Bonnette passing the ball up ahead to Scott, who dished it to Waterman who then made a great extra pass back to Scott who was then fouled on the way up. Ball movement like that is a pleasure to watch, and it's a breathe of fresh air in an all-star game like this.

Final score, 71-58 with D-III coming out on top. Here are the rosters for both teams...

Division III All-Stars
Sabrey Montore (Hopkinton)
Kayla Bosse (White Mountains)
Riselly Deoleo (Bishop Brady)
Amber Plummer (Newfound)
Bethany Aumand (Fall Mountain)
Ella Montminy (Prospect Mountain)
Katerina Styles (Franklin)
Hannah Chapin (Winnisquam)
Kristen Bresson (Bow)
Bailey Roberts (Fall Mountain)
Rachel Wilcutt (Winnisquam)

Division IV All-Stars
Allison Scott (Hinsdale)
Jena Wheelock (Groveton)
Sadie Conroy (Groveton)
Chrissy Valliant (Woodsville)
Skylar Bonnette (Hinsdale)
Biance Verret (Littleton)
Sami Bosquet (Wilton-Lyndeborough)
Stefani Gauthier (Pittsfield)
Erika Waterman (Sunapee)
Hannah Menakaya (Derryfield)
Hannah Comeau (Derryfield)
Maggie Hadlock (Littleton)

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